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Electronic products: Web Site | Digital Quill | E-Newsletter
Print Products: Quill display rates
National Convention: Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Web Site advertising
(monthly rotation)

Advertising on the SPJ website provides exposure to a professional group of media and opinion leaders, as well as decision makers. Just a click of your logo or graphic links visitors instantly to your website.

Unit width x height (pixels)
Monthly Cost
Top banner
850 x 90
160 x 600
Medium Rectangle
300 x 215
Anchor Banner
720 x 80
SmallTop Banner
250 x 90
Small Rectangle
195 x 195

Sponsorships available within special sections. Please contact Holly Rose via e-mail or by phone at 856-380-6890 for specific rates and details.

Discounts: 10% for a three-month campaign, 20% for a six-month campaign, 30% for a 12-month campaign.

Specifications for online advertising: See pixel size next to unit. Banner ads can be static or standard animated GIF or JPEG at the above dimensions. All GIFs should be designed at 72 dpi and be kept under 10k in size. Materials are due one week prior to the month your ad will run. Ad must be sent as it will appear.


Digital Quill Sponsorship

When you read Quill, SPJ’s national magazine, you have your finger on the pulse of American journalism — its challenges, opportunities and responsibilities. For more than 100 years, Quill has been a respected and sought-after resource for journalists, industry leaders, students and educators on issues central to journalism. Digital Quill will be the same high-quality publication as the printed version, however available online, anytime, anywhere with the capability to be sent on to your colleagues and contacts.

Rates are per issue. Digital Quill is published six times per year.

Per Issue
Video cover sponsorship
Insert card, gatefold, specialty ads
Sponsorship logo on loading page

Discounts: 10% for a three-month campaign, 20% for a six-month campaign and 30% for a 12-month campaign.


E-newsletter Sponsorship

E-newsletters are a cost effective advertising opportunity, useful in reaching a targeted audience. This has become one of the preeminent ways to market products or services on line. Take advantage of our ability to deliver advertising messages directly to our members’ inbox.

Per Issue
(published weekly)
SPJ Leads top banner (published weekly)

Discounts: 10% for 12 weeks, 20% for 24 weeks, 30% for 52 weeks.


For additional sizes, inserts, and other advertising opportunities, contact Holly Rose via e-mail or by phone at 856-380-6890.

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