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Home > Excellence in Journalism 2014 Call for Programs and Ideas > Call for Programs

Sept. 4-6, 2014 | Nashville, Tenn.

Excellence in Journalism 2014 Call for Programs Submission

Deadline for Submissions: January 2, 2014

The Radio Television Digital News Association and the Society of Professional Journalists are accepting program proposals for their Excellence in Journalism 2014 Convention. If you have an idea for a conference session and are interested in taking part in the convention, please submit your proposal.

General Information

The person submitting the proposal:
— does not have to be a speaker at the program at the conference.
— must serve as the liaison between the RTDNA and SPJ staffs and any session participant(s).
— will be responsible for the coordination and execution of the session.

Conference Schedule

RTDNA/SPJ will determine the time that programs are presented. Programs will be scheduled for September 4-6 in Nashville, Tenn.

Speaker Expenses

RTDNA/SPJ does not provide honoraria for speakers at the conference. Speakers are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses. Speakers are also responsible for their conference registration fees. The only exception to the registration fee for speakers is for the speaker who is attending for their program only. In that situation, the speaker’s registration is complimentary (no meals are included).

Review and Notification Process

After the proposal review process is complete, e-mail notifications will be sent no later than the end of February 2014 to those who submitted accepted proposals. E-mail notifications for the declined proposals will be sent no later than the end of February.

Guidelines for Selecting Proposals

RTDNA/SPJ will not select proposals which are attempting to promote a product or issue.

Guidelines for preparing your proposal
We are seeking proposals that:
— contain leading-edge information
— emphasize training, learning and performance
— are “how to” and hands-on
— focus on skill-building
— provide personal development strategies
— comprise no more than two presenters

RTDNA/SPJ is not seeking sessions that involve panel discussions.

Please follow this link to submit your proposal.

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