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Nominations Committee Chair

David Cuillier
Assistant Professor
Department of Journalism
University of Arizona
Marshall Building, Room 323
Tucson, Ariz. 85721-0158
Work: 520/626-9694
Fax: 520/621-7557
Bio (click to expand) David Cuillier, Ph.D., is director of the University of Arizona School of Journalism, where he researches and teaches access to public records, and is co-author with Charles Davis of "The Art of Access: Strategies for Acquiring Public Records." He served as FOI chair 2007-11 before becoming a national officer and serving as SPJ president in 2013-14.

Before entering academia, he was a newspaper reporter and editor in the Pacific Northwest. He has testified before Congress on FOI issues twice and provides newsroom training in access on behalf of SPJ. His long-term goal is to see a unified coalition of journalism organizations fighting for press freedom and funded through an endowed FOI war chest.

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Call for Candidates

The 2014 One Member, One Vote election poll closed shortly before the Closing Business Session began at Excellence in Journalism 2014.

The results are as follows:

Paul Fletcher

Lynn Walsh

At-Large Director
Alex Tarquinio

Campus Adviser At-Large
Mike Reilley

Student Representatives
Brett Hall
Jordan Gass-Poore

Region 1 Director
Rebecca Baker

Region 4 Director
Patti Gallagher Newberry

Region 5 Director
Deborah Givens

Region 7 Director
Rob McLean

Region 8 Director
Eddye Gallagher

Region 9 Director
Tom Johnson

Region 11 Director
Matthew T. Hall

Run for office | Participate as a voting SPJ member | Meet the candidates

Delegates at the 2011 national convention approved a bylaws change that transforms the way SPJ elects members of its national board. In the past, candidates were selected by chapter delegates. Now, elections are inclusive of all members — one member, one vote.

Below, find everything you need to know to participate in this process — both as a voting SPJ member and a candidate for office.

The information provided on these pages focuses on the election of officers. The Society’s processes for bylaws amendments and resolutions have not changed. The chapter delegate voting system is still in place for such actions.

For candidates and prospective candidates

Positions up for election

— President-elect (elected every year)
— Secretary-Treasurer (elected every year)
— At-Large Director (two-year position)
— Campus Adviser At-Large (two-year position)
— Student Representative (two positions, elected every year)
— Directors for Regions 1, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9
— Director for Region 11 (one-year term to fill vacancy)

For more information and to find out how you can run, follow this link.

Board members help define the Society. As an organization that values diversity, SPJ is looking for candidates who represent and encompass differing backgrounds based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, geography, media discipline and professional status. SPJ is branded as the nation’s most broad-based journalism association, which is a statement to the professional and personal attributes of our membership.

Additional information
Special Qualifications
Campaign Guidelines
How to run

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How to participate as a voting SPJ member

In the past, chapter delegates elected officers and board members. Now all members can cast their own vote via an online voting system.

How you’ll hear from them

Because each member, near and far, has the ability to vote for officers, candidates have a few ways to spread their message:

— SPJ Headquarters will send an email introducing all your candidates and directing you to their online information (if applicable).
— Candidates may have blogs or social media accounts where members can connect with them.
— During EIJ14, members can view candidate speeches online.

You'll find most of this information in the Meet the Candidates section, which will be available shortly.

How you’ll hear from us

Because the system requires electronic voting, we need to make sure we can reach every member via email. Make sure your email address is current by logging on or by contacting Tara Puckey, Chapter Coordinator.

Then what?

Over the next few months, you'll be able to learn about the candidates through the Meet the Candidates section (coming soon), which will contain bios, video speeches and links to blogs or social media accounts where you can connect with them further.

Voting will take place electronically during the Excellence in Journalism 2014 conference, Sept. 4-6. Additional instructions will arrive via email, so make sure that information is up to date!

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Call the Election Hotline, 317-920-4784, or send us an e-mail.

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