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Home > International Journalism > Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions

Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions

Geneva Conventions:
A Reference Guide

About the Guide
Alphabetical Index
Conventions Texts
     I | II | III | IV | PI | PII

Author's Note
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Image of original document of the first Geneva Convention from 1864 courtesy Kevin Quinn, Ohio, US; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license

Use the alphabetical index on this site (or click on a letter of the alphabet below) to find out what the Geneva Conventions say about everything from access to grave sites to wounded prisoners of war, fully linked to the original treaties.

You can also read about the history of the Geneva Conventions, see the full texts of the Conventions, or glance at the author's note written by Maria Trombly.

This guide is also available in print form as a softcover handbook. You can order a copy by calling the Society of Professional Journalists at 317/927-8000. Paperback editions are available for $12;  special waterproof editions are available for $25. Shipping is $6.

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