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Advertise with Quill
Display Advertising Rates | Advertising Deadlines by Issue | Requirements

Display Advertising Rates
Per Insertion

Black & White

width x height (inches)




Full page

8.25 x 10.75




2/3 page vertical

4.875 x 9.75




1/2 page vertical

4.875 x 7.25




1/2 page horiz.

7.375 x 4.75




1/3 page square

4.875 x 4.75




1/3 page vertical

2.3 x 9.75




1/6 page vertical

2.3 x 4.75




1/6 page horiz.

4.875 x 2.25





Full color is available for 1/2 page and larger for an additional $650 per insertion.

Cover positions (one time rates)

Cover 4: $4500
Cover 2: $4200
Cover 3: $4000

Special placement

Add 10% to advertising rate.


Ad Space Reservation Deadlines by Issue

The deadline for reserving space in any issue of Quill is six weeks prior to publication date. Camera-ready materials are due by the dates below.


Insertion order deadline


December 19


February 20


April 24


June 16


August 7


October 23


Advertising Requirements

Mechanical Requirements

— Publication Trim Size: 8.25-by-10.75 inches
— Column Width: 2.3 inches
— Bleed Ads: Acceptable in spreads and full page units. No extra charge.
— Bleed minimum: 0.125 inches on all sides.

Printing Specifications

— Printing: Web offset
— Binding: Saddle-stitched


Digital submissions: Submitting digital files is preferred and encouraged. Digital files can be EPS, PDF, TIFF, JPEG or AI formats. Please send all type either outlined or rasterized to avoid font problems.
Camera-ready submissions: Quill accepts film positives.
Film Requirements: Positive film should be right-reading, emulsion side up. Progressive proofs required on all four-color (CMYK) ads. Standard process inks are to be used.
Color rotation: Black, cyan, magenta, yellow. Maximum film dot density (total) must not exceed 300 percent. All film must comply with SWOP specifications.

Copy Protective Clause

By issuance of this rate card, the Publisher offers, subject to the terms and conditions herein, to accept insertion orders for advertising to be published in Quill and by their tendering such insertion order the advertiser or agency shall indemnify and hold Publisher, its employers, agents and its subcontractors free and harmless from any expenses, damages and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) resulting in any way from Publisher’s compliance with such insertion order (including but not by way of limitations, from claims of libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement or otherwise) and Publisher shall have full right to settle any such claim and to control any litigation or arbitration as to which it may be a party at all cost of the agency and the advertiser who shall be deemed joint and several indemnitors and agency warrants that it is authorized to bind, and does bind, advertiser to such indemnity jointly and severally with agency.

Publisher reserves the right in its sole discretion to discontinue publication at any time with or without notice, or to defer or cancel the printing, publication or circulation of any issue or of the tendered advertising, and shall not be liable for any failure to print, publish or circulate all or any portion of an issue or of the tendered advertising because of labor disputes involving the Publisher, the printer or others, transportation delays or embargoes, errors or omissions of employees or sub-contractors, or circumstances beyond its control. Publisher’s sole obligation as to any failure or default on its part shall be limited to a refund of its charges which may have been paid to it or, at its option, to publish the tendered advertising in the next available issue. The Publisher reserves the right to reject or omit any advertising for any reason. No advertising will be accepted which simulates Quill editorial material.


For Advertising Information and Quotes

Contact Holly Rose via e-mail or by phone at 856-380-6890.

Or write to:

Advertising Sales Manager
Society of Professional Journalists
3909 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208


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