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FOI Committee
This committee is the watchdog of press freedoms across the nation. It relies upon a network of volunteers in each state organized under Project Sunshine. These SPJ members are on the front lines for assaults to the First Amendment and when lawmakers attempt to restrict the public's access to documents and the government's business. The committee often is called upon to intervene in instances where the media is restricted.

Freedom of Information Committee Chair

Jonathan Anderson
Public issues investigative reporter
Marshfield News-Herald
Marshfield, Wisc.
Phone: 920-676-5399
Bio (click to expand) picture Jonathan Anderson is a public issues investigative reporter for the Marshfield News-Herald in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Before joining the News-Herald, in 2015, Jonathan was a reporter for a pair of newspapers in northern Wisconsin for nearly two years. He has held internships at the First Amendment Center, Wisconsin Law Journal, Wisconsin Public Radio and WISN-TV, and was also editor in chief of his college newspaper, the UWM Post.

Jonathan is an avid requester of public records, and his work in the FOI arena has also entailed advocacy and research. He has been the plaintiff in two lawsuits challenging improper government secrecy. He helped obtain a legal opinion from the Wisconsin attorney general that found University of Wisconsin System student government groups subject to the state’s open meetings law. His master’s thesis, “Resolving Public Records Disputes in Wisconsin: The Role of the Attorney General's Office,” investigated how the Wisconsin attorney general reviews and sometimes intervenes in access disputes. And he has volunteered for the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council.

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SPJ Reading Room: Archives

September 2015
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief in New Jersey public records case
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief in Texas biker shootout case
• SPJ News: SPJ joins letter in 'right to be forgotten' internet order
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief in NYPD public records case

August 2015
• Quill: From the President
• Quill: Ten with Fiona Macleod
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• SPJ News: More than 50 journalism groups again urge President Obama to stop excessive controls on public information

July 2015
• SPJ News: The Columbus Dispatch, Student Press Law Center receive Pulliam First Amendment Award
• SPJ News: One organization, four individuals honored by SPJ with Sunshine Award
• SPJ News: SPJ is against McKinney, Texas charging $79,000 for public records

May 2015
• SPJ News: SPJ: Common-sense approach should be used in body-worn camera recordings, public records laws
• SPJ News: SPJ Legal Defense Fund assists student journalist in winning open records lawsuit

April 2015
• SPJ News: SPJ contributes $5,000 for lawsuit to get college newspaper adviser reinstated
• SPJ News: Journalists Often Face Stonewalling at Science Agencies, New Survey Finds
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

March 2015
• SPJ News: SPJ, NFOIC combine war chests to fight for Freedom of Information
• SPJ News: U.S. Forest Service ‘wins’ 2014 SPJ Black Hole Award for interfering with flow of important public information
• SPJ News: Survey: Public not receiving information it needs due to PIO restrictions
• SPJ News: SPJ supports AP in lawsuit seeking to force the State Department to release Clinton emails

February 2015
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief in West Virginia coal mine case
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief in Montana open records case
• SPJ News: SPJ urges Virginia lawmakers to reject execution secrecy bill
• SPJ News: Statement by SPJ President Neuts on latest FOIA reform bills
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

January 2015
• SPJ News: SPJ’s Black Hole Award is open for nominations through Feb. 27

December 2014
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• SPJ News: Statement by SPJ President Dana Neuts regarding Sen. Rockefeller’s hold on FOIA bill

November 2014
• SPJ News: SPJ FOI Chair Cuillier urges public to contact senators as FOIA bill hits home stretch
• SPJ News: Statement by SPJ President Dana Neuts urging lawmakers to vote “no” to Ohio’s proposed HB663

October 2014
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Generation J Toolbox
• Quill: Ten with Jason Leopold
• SPJ News: SPJ mourns loss of journalism great Ben Bradlee

September 2014
• SPJ News: SPJ applauds City of Tupelo, SPJ member, for bringing electronic public records into compliance with law
• Quill: From the President

August 2014
• SPJ News: SPJ statement about alleged execution of American photojournalist James Foley
• SPJ News: Journalism, science groups decry EPA move to muzzle national science advisers

July 2014
• SPJ News: Two organizations, two individuals honored by SPJ with Sunshine Award
• SPJ News: Letter urges President Obama to be more transparent
• SPJ News: More than 40 journalism groups urge president to stop excessive controls on public information

June 2014
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

May 2014
• SPJ News: SPJ calls for journalist protections in the Ukraine

April 2014
• SPJ News: SPJ opposes restrictions on intelligence employees speaking to journalists
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

March 2014
• SPJ News: SPJ surveys: Reporters say PIO controls getting worse
• SPJ News: SPJ President David Cuillier to address U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee about FOIA issues

February 2014
• Quill: From the President
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• SPJ News: SPJ’s FOI committee restructures the Black Hole Award

December 2013
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

October 2013
• Quill: There Goes the Sun
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Generation J Toolbox
• Quill: Member Profile: David Cuillier
• Quill: Ten with Jim Avila and Lucy Dalglish

September 2013
• SPJ News: SPJ condemns Illinois Circuit Court ruling that reporter Joseph Hosey disclose sources or face jail, fines
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

June 2013
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Remembering Robert S. McCord

May 2013
• SPJ News: SPJ president denounces Connecticut’s attempt to cover up public information about Newtown shootings
• SPJ News: SPJ president condemns government’s seizure of AP phone records
• SPJ News: Board approves 3 Legal Defense Fund grants

April 2013
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief urging oversight of Executive Branch classifications
• SPJ News: University of Ky. should release records to journalist, says SPJ president
• Quill: From the President
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• SPJ News: Winter should not be compelled to reveal sources

March 2013
• SPJ News: SPJ announces winner of 2013 Black Hole Award
• SPJ News: PIOs regularly monitor interviews with government officials, report says

February 2013
• SPJ News: SPJ letter urges Wyo. governor to support government transparency
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

January 2013
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief opposing Va. FOIA residency restrictions

December 2012
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

October 2012
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief supporting court independence
• Quill: Good Night, GRAMA
• Quill: Is There a Fundamental Right to ... Information?
• Quill: Lessons from the GRAMA Fight
• Quill: Profile: Utah State Ombudsman Rosemary Cundiff
• Quill: Ten with Kristinn Hrafnsson
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

September 2012
• SPJ News: Nine SPJ chapters recognized for exceptional programming
• SPJ News: Northern California Pro, St. Louis Pro named SPJ Chapters of the Year
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief seeking freedom of information in Bradley Manning court martial

August 2012
• SPJ News: Three organizations honored by SPJ with Sunshine Award
• SPJ News: Miami Herald staff writer receives Pulliam First Amendment Award
• Quill: Shields Up In Indian Country
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

July 2012
• SPJ News: San Diego State student wins First Amendment award

June 2012
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

April 2012
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

March 2012
• SPJ News: SPJ announces ‘winners’ of Black Hole Award
• SPJ News: Survey: Journalists Report Impediments by Federal Public Information Officers

February 2012
• Quill: 10 from Ten
• Quill: For Love of Community
• Quill: Quill at 100
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Government Relations Toolbox

January 2012
• SPJ News: SPJ seeks nominations for 2012 Black Hole Award

December 2011
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: When Bad is Good: 10 Improbable Champions of the First Amendment

November 2011
• SPJ News: Public data bank file restored, but with major restrictions

October 2011
• SPJ News: SPJ supports Project Vote in freedom of information case
• Quill: A Decade Later: 9/11 and Freedom of Information
• Quill: Blowin’ the Whistle, Rollin’ the Dice
• Quill: Ten with Jesse Eisinger
• Quill: Tip Sheet: Working with Whistleblowers
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

September 2011
• SPJ News: Journalism groups object to health officials removing publicly available database

August 2011
• SPJ News: SPJ supports Chicago Tribune in freedom of information case
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Obituary – Lily Pagratis Venson
• SPJ News: SPJ honors one individual and one newspaper for First Amendment Award

June 2011
• Quill: Ethics Toolbox
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

April 2011
• Quill: Chapter News
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Obituary - Richard Goehler
• SPJ News: Editorial: Where's the transparency Obama promised?

March 2011
• SPJ News: SPJ joins fight for national access to records in Va.
• SPJ News: SPJ president urges Maryland senators to amend Bill 740
• SPJ News: Cuillier: Utah is 'darkest abyss in the U.S.'
• SPJ News: SPJ gives Utah national “Black Hole Award” for egregious anti-transparency law
• SPJ News: SPJ reaction to Utah law restricting public records: ‘This is not how democracies function’

February 2011
• SPJ News: SPJ signs on to letter requesting greater access to Congressional Research Service reports
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: From the President: Shield vs. SHIELD

January 2011
• SPJ News: SPJ supports Mississippi TV station’s fight to air detention center video
• SPJ News: SPJ supports Maryland defamation requirements protecting journalists and lawyers

December 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief to fight restrictions on N.J. shield law
• SPJ News: Journalism and First Amendment groups ask Tarleton State to stop stifling open records
• SPJ News: SPJ supports Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s battle for public records
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: From the President
• SPJ News: SPJ statement on ethical journalism in response to latest WikiLeaks release

November 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ supports FCC fight against public access limitations

October 2010
• Quill: From the New President
• Quill: From the Outgoing President
• SPJ News: SPJ supports NAACP access to Maryland police records
• Quill: Accessing America from a Chevy Impala
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: More Than Pretty Words (Hopefully)
• Quill: Ten with Smári McCarthy
• Quill: Then vs. Now
• Quill: This American Snapshot
• Quill: Where are the Watchdogs?
• SPJ News: SPJ continues fight for federal shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ sends letter to senators urging vote on federal shield law

September 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ to Congress: Delay on shield law hurts the American public

August 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ supports The Denver Post in bid for governor’s phone records
• Quill: Covering the Spill
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief supporting National Law Journal in prior restraint case
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

July 2010
• SPJ News: Editorial: Time to Pass Federal Shield Law
• SPJ News: SPJ president to senators: pass the shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ calls for unfettered press access stemming from recent incidents in Gulf region

June 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ urges Florida Atlantic University administration to lift threats against student press

May 2010
• Quill: Chapter News / People & Places
• Quill: Freedom of Information Toolbox - May/June 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ condemns censorship of Wyoming newspapers

April 2010
• SPJ News: SPJ Legal Defense Fund supports travel blogger in libel suit
• SPJ News: SPJ announces the winners of the 2010 High School Essay Contest
• SPJ News: SPJ is outraged by police raid of student newspaper in Virginia

March 2010
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: Chapter pushes for open meetings in D.C.
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief supporting Prison Legal News’ FOIA request

January 2010
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• SPJ News: SPJ urges Illinois court to quash subpoena of former student journalists

December 2009
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

November 2009
• SPJ News: SPJ supports shield law compromise

October 2009
• Quill: Conducting FOI Audits on Campus
• Quill: FERPA Foibles
• Quill: No Money to Fight
• Quill: President Obama: Opaque Transparency?
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: 10 - with Heather Brooke

August 2009
• Quill: FOI Toolbox
• Quill: States may pull public notices from newspapers

July 2009
• Quill: FOI Toolbox

May 2009
• Quill: Shooting ourselves in our feet
• SPJ News: SPJ joins case supporting open records in West Virginia Supreme Court

April 2009
• Reading Room: FERPA: Murphy’s Law
• SPJ News: SPJ encouraged after Shield Law passes House, shifts focus to less-certain Senate

March 2009
• SPJ News: SPJ member pioneers use of Twitter in federal court
• Quill: Watch out for privacy creeps

February 2009
• SPJ News: SPJ supports appeal of Prison Legal News to keep records open in Tennessee
• SPJ News: SPJ encourages journalists to support Shield Law after introduction in Congress

January 2009
• Quill: Public’s right to public records
• SPJ News: SPJ applauds President Obama for recognizing importance of open government
• SPJ News: SPJ joins amicus brief supporting appeal to open death records at Nebraska mental hospital
• SPJ News: SPJ asks members of Congress to hold hearings on restrictive Department of Education rule change

December 2008
• Quill: Ireland native brings sunshine to Utah, U.S.
• Quill: Public's business is public

November 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ encourages Nevada court to release public records to newspaper
• Quill: Celebrating 100 years of SPJ

October 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ Supports Petition to Supreme Court Asking for Openness in Civil Cases

September 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ: Wall Street Bailout Proposal Grants too Much Unchecked Authority to Executive Branch

August 2008
• Quill: Chilling Free Speech
• Quill: Concealed Weapons, Concealed Records?
• Quill: Context Clues
• Quill: FOIA requests challenge freelancers
• Quill: Investigative insights
• Quill: Leap the Native American journalistic divide
• Quill: Learning ethics as a second language
• Quill: Parting the Clouds
• Quill: Public Information Theft
• Quill: Toward a more transparent government
• Quill: Wrangle that wiggle room away from agencies
• SPJ News: SPJ honors professional chapter excellence
• SPJ News: Detroit Free Press writers to receive Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award for reporting on mayor
• SPJ News: SPJ honors Breanne Coats with Julie Galvan Outstanding Graduate in Journalism Award
• SPJ News: SPJ honors Elvia Malagon with Robert D.G. Lewis First Amendment Award
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders: Opponents to shield law off target
• SPJ News: SPJ honors acclaimed writer, Illinois center with First Amendment awards
• SPJ News: SPJ Honors Robert Faturechi, Teri Henning and Laurie Roberts with Sunshine Awards
• Quill: FOI: New FOIA amendments speed records requests

July 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ disappointed that shield law stalls in Senate
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders call for public action in Senate push
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders take Shield Law case to the Hill
• Quill: Winner: David Johnston, Mark Mazzetti, James Risen & Scott Shane, The New York Times
• Quill: Winner: The Center for Public Integrity
• Quill: Winner: The Center for Public Integrity
• Quill: Winner: The Dallas Morning News
• Quill: Winner: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists at the Center for Public Integrity
• Quill: Writing about denials

June 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ to host Citizen Journalism Academy in Los Angeles
• SPJ News: SPJ to host Ethnic Media Training in Idaho
• SPJ News: SPJ signs letter of support to protect whistleblowers

May 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders say latest grand jury order demonstrates need for federal shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ to launch Citizen Journalism Academy in Chicago
• Quill: Use the Internet effectively to find data

April 2008
• SPJ News: Chamberlin wins FOI Award from SPJ, NFOIC
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders pleased with Democratic hopefuls’ support of a federal shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders pleased with Sen. John McCain’s support of a federal shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders urge Bush Administration, Department of Justice to forego shield law legislation opposition

March 2008
• Quill: 10 great FOI programs for chapters, newsrooms
• SPJ News: Leaders of the Society of Professional Journalists appoint Scott Maben to national board
• Reading Room: Freedom of Information needs naming overhaul
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders sign amicus brief in support of former USA Today reporter
• Quill: Collector offers insight to getting info you need
• SPJ News: Society of Professional Journalists pleased over judge’s ruling in WikiLeaks case

February 2008
• SPJ News: Society of Professional Journalists signs amicus brief in support of Web site
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders: Latest contempt ruling demonstrates need for federal shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ signs letter opposing Bush Administration’s attempt to shift critical FOIA funds to Department Of Justice

January 2008
• SPJ News: Letter of support to Montclarion editors and staff
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders send letter of support to Montclarion editors amid SGA freezing paper’s funding
• SPJ News: Postmark deadline approaching for Sigma Delta Chi Awards competition
• Quill: Empower readers, viewers with FOI advice
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders praise adoption of Utah shield rule
• Quill: SPJ Sunshine Network to identify FOI problems, candidate positions for 2008
• SPJ News: SPJ effort leads to improved prison access
• SPJ News: SPJ-endorsed letter grants increased space to print news reporters in Capitol Visitors Center
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders pleased over FOIA bill signing

December 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders commend passage of amended FOIA bill in House
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders commend passage of amended FOIA bill, hope House will take similar steps
• Reading Room: Act now to prevent leaders from rewriting their own history
• Reading Room: Revised OPEN Government Act: Complete details and analysis
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders call Minnesota Police Department’s administrative subpoenaof reporter phone records an abuse of public power
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders endorse letter supporting Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007
• SPJ News: Call for entries announced for SPJ’s New America Award

November 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ Sunshine Network to identify FOI problems, candidate positions for 2008
• SPJ News: Call for entries announced for annual Sigma Delta Chi Awards competition
• Quill: Shame on them
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders applaud chapter advocacy efforts
• SPJ News: SPJ signs letter opposing Senate Agriculture Committee’s attempt to keep livestock information secret
• SPJ News: SDX Foundation gives $20,000 to Oakland journalism collaboration
• SPJ News: Society of Professional Journalists leaders send letter to Utah judge, ask that reporter contempt charge be dismissed

October 2007
• SPJ News: Letter to 5th District Judge James Shumate regarding KUTV Reporter Katie Baker
• SPJ News: Society of Professional Journalists signs letter opposing Department of Interior commercial filming proposal
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders call FEMA-staged news briefing an abuse of public trust
• SPJ News: Denver Press Club Designated Historic Site in Journalism
• SPJ News: SPJ President, National FOI Chairman issue letter to Pennsylvania lawmakers to oppose state's open records bill
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders call arrests of Village Voice Media executives ridiculous, unnecessary
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders praise House Representatives for passing the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders commend House vote of H.R. 2102, call upon representatives’ support for passing
• SPJ News: Entangled journalists discuss ethical implications of Scooter Libby trial, CIA leak
• SPJ News: Former White House press secretaries discuss a day in the life
• SPJ News: Media Bloggers Association president addresses changes to media landscape
• SPJ News: NBC News president to discuss Virginia Tech massacre
• SPJ News: SPJ honors Betsy F. Ashton with 2007 Wells Memorial Key Award
• SPJ News: Washington Post editor speaks about future of the news business
• SPJ News: Watergate legends discuss historical media event during 2007 SPJ convention
• SPJ News: Panel debates need for federal shield law that would protect journalists, sources
• SPJ News: U.S. Comptroller urges journalists to report numbers with greater clarity, transparency
• SPJ News: USA Today editor says journalists must teach public about the duty of the press
• SPJ News: White House press reporters debunk lap dog myth
• SPJ News: Sen. Cornyn urges journalists to help in passing a strong federal shield law
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders elated over federal shield law’s passing by Senate Judiciary Committee

September 2007
• Quill: Documents of death
• SPJ News: Peoples’ rights, taxes to be discussed during the 2007 SPJ National Convention & Journalism Conference
• SPJ News: Society of Professional Journalists honors professional chapter excellence
• SPJ News: SPJ to host panel on federal shield law
• SPJ News: Duke Cunningham case to be discussed during 2007 SPJ Convention & Journalism Conference
• SPJ News: SPJ Honors The Seattle Times, The Connecticut Network and Bill Chamberlin With Sunshine Awards
• SPJ News: Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak to discuss CIA leak, Scooter Libby trial
• SPJ News: Joe Adams to receive Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award
• Quill: Beating Down Secrecy
• Quill: Database Denials
• Quill: Governments Fight Back
• Quill: State of FOIA
• Quill: Ten FOI stories you can start today

August 2007
• Quill: Getting Past 'No'
• SPJ News: SPJ signs onto an amicus brief in support of David Paul Hammer (Hammer vs. Ashcroft)
• SPJ News: SPJ commends Senate for passing OPEN Government Act
• Reading Room: It's just too important not to get involved
• SPJ News: SPJ commends committee’s approval of Federal Shield Law

July 2007
• Reading Room: DC Chapter honors journalism legends at annual dinner
• Quill: Blue-ribbon documents

June 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ leaders respond to’s investigative report concerning journalists’ political contributions, offers journalism ethics resources
• SPJ News: SPJ signs on to an amicus brief in support of National Geographic in Faulkner v. National Geographic Society
• SPJ News: SPJ Supports S. 595, the Toxic Right -to-Know Protection Act

May 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ unmasks Kyl as 'Senator Secrecy'
• SPJ News: Letter to The Honorable Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations
• Reading Room: Don’t Expect the Feds to Enforce FOIA
• Reading Room: So How Did George W. Bush Celebrate Sunshine Week? Sorry, That's Classified
• Quill: FOI: Journalists should demand prison access
• Reading Room: Federal shield would protect public's right to know

April 2007
• SPJ News: Finalists named in 57th annual Green Eyeshade Awards
• SPJ News: Josh Wolf freed from federal prison, SPJ leaders are pleased
• Quill: Getting personal

March 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ Legal Defense Fund grant aids photographer’s defense
• Quill: 8 simple rules to getting the documents you need
• Quill: A Lifelong passion

February 2007
• SPJ News: SPJ urges Connecticut officials to drop charges against photographer
• SPJ News: SPJ defends jailed journalist at rally [Updated 2/7/07]
• SPJ News: SPJ defends jailed journalist at rally
• Quill: Six ways to accentuate access
• SPJ News: SPJ Briefs: Army drops Olson subpoena

January 2007
• Reading Room: It’s time for school boards to televise their meetings — and skip the lame excuses
• SPJ News: SPJ, Student Press Law Center partner to support Grambling State journalism students
• SPJ News: FOI Alert: Journalist objects to testifying before military tribunal
• SPJ News: Letter to U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Dubik Supporting Sarah Olson
• SPJ News: SPJ Briefs: SPJ Helps Fight for Access [UPDATED 1/9/07]

December 2006
• SPJ News: Letter to Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, RE: Bipartisan Caucuses
• SPJ News: Remarks to Federal Communications Commission, Nashville, Tenn.
• SPJ News: Society of Professional Journalists president-elect offers public comment at FCC hearing
• Quill: Government outsourcing leads to cloaked figures

October 2006
• Reading Room: 10 tips to help reporters with stealthy government
• Reading Room: Maryland ruling strikes at heart of press freedom
• Reading Room: Public records unearth dangers with carnival rides
• Reading Room: States revisiting reporter’s privilege laws
• Reading Room: University’s FOI project yields scary results
• SPJ News: Letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter regarding CNN punishment
• SPJ News: SPJ urges Rep. Duncan Hunter to withdraw his Pentagon request to punish CNN
• Quill: The art of access

September 2006
• Quill: Balancing the power of privacy
• Quill: FOIA after forty
• Quill: FOIA Fruits
• Quill: In the Dark
• Quill: Military Muckrackers
• Quill: Senator: Administration obsessed with secrets
• Quill: Senator: Work remains to preserve open-government principles
• Quill: Uncovering 'The Hidden Cost of Tenure'
• Quill: Use public records to cover candidates and contributors

August 2006
• SPJ News: FOI Alert: Indiana Supreme Court Asked to Review Serial Meetings Abuse Case
• SPJ News: FOI ALERT: Whois Database: Critical Public Access to Web Domains
• SPJ News: SPJ supports release of Paul Salopek
• SPJ News: SPJ applauds federal judge’s ruling in warrantless surveillance program
• SPJ News: SPJ condemns ruling to force San Francisco reporters to divulge sources
• SPJ News: SPJ honors Miguel Morales, Kevin Mimms and The Campus Ledger staff with First Amendment Award
• SPJ News: Terry Francke, Peter Scheer, the California First Amendment Coalition to receive Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award
• SPJ News: SPJ Honors Ryan Nees, Nancy Conway and John Hughes With Sunshine Awards
• Quill: How to crack the DNA code of public records

July 2006
• SPJ News: Under pressure from SPJ, Federal Emergency Management Agency revamps media relations policy
• SPJ News: Letter to David R. Paulison, Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency
• SPJ News: Governments may restrict access to birth records
• Reading Room: Frequent Filers: Businesses Make FOIA Their Business

June 2006
• SPJ News: Government out of line in condemning press that reported on surveillance activities
• Quill: Sedition laws continue to stir debate, fear
• SPJ News: SPJ president commends news organizations’ decision to expose secret banking surveillance activities
• SPJ News: Letter to Sheriff Michael Hunt
• SPJ News: Media Expulsion From Guantanamo After Suicides Inappropriate, Counterproductive
• SPJ News: SPJ Letter to Kansas City Royals and Commissioner Bud Selig Urges Reinstatement of Radio Personalities’ Credentials
• SPJ News: Letter to UN Secretary General, Kofi A. Annan

May 2006
• SPJ News: Letter to Sens. Bill Frist, Harry Reid and Trent Lott: Re: Broadcast Equity
• SPJ News: SPJ Gives Support to Federal Shield Law Legislation
• SPJ News: Government tracking of reporters’ calls “outrageous, frightening”
• SPJ News: Letter to Gov. Mike Huckabee, Re: The Arkansas Times Exclusion
• Quill: University’s FOI project yields scary results

April 2006
• SPJ News: Private Campus Police Records Opened By Georgia Legislature

March 2006
• Quill: Maryland ruling strikes at heart of press freedom
• SPJ News: Minnesota Governor Seeks to Limit Access to Public Records
• SPJ News: Public Access to Vital Records Threatened by Terrorism Prevention Act
• Quill: 10 tips to help reporters with stealthy government

February 2006
• SPJ News: Danish Cartoon Coverage Should Be Guided By SPJ Code of Ethics

January 2006
• Quill: Public records unearth dangers with carnival rides
• SPJ News: SPJ joins in calling for Jill Carroll’s safe return

December 2005
• SPJ News: Adviser’s contract termination causes concern
• SPJ News: Knightstown's secret insurance settlement examined by Indiana appellate court
• Quill: States revisiting reporter’s privilege laws

November 2005
• SPJ News: Senate seeks to create cradle-to-grave exemption
• SPJ News: EPA seeks to cut off information about pollution

October 2005
• Quill: Pentagon seeks to hide more Abu Ghraib photos
• SPJ News: Judith Miller to speak at SPJ Convention & National Journalism Conference
• SPJ News: First Amendment Expert Wants to Know What You Think: Journalists Join Las Vegans to Discuss the News Media

September 2005
• SPJ News: SPJ applauds release of Judith Miller

August 2005
• Quill: A trip through the FOI process: federal prisons
• Quill: A trip through the FOI process: state prisons
• Quill: Federal FOI Resources
• Quill: Giving FOIA a face lift
• Quill: Lack of training in agencies at core of FOI blunders
• Quill: Mystery behind the meat
• Quill: Promoters of public access
• Quill: State Sunshine Chairs
• Quill: Under fire

July 2005
• SPJ News: The Case for a Federal Shield Law
• SPJ News: Help SPJ Raise Support for a Federal Shield Law

June 2005
• Quill: Groups finally join forces to battle FOI issues
• SPJ News: SPJ disappointed by Supreme Court failure to hear Miller and Cooper cases
• SPJ News: SPJ disappointed in Hosty v. Carter ruling
• SPJ News: Georgia Supreme Court Ends Mercer Lawsuit Over Private College Police Records

May 2005
• SPJ News: Sigma Delta Chi Foundation awards $217,000 in grants to improve journalism
• SPJ News: SPJ task force investigates Marquette

March 2005
• SPJ News: An American Freedom Threatened
• SPJ News: SPJ Joins Call for Federal Shield Law Legislation
• Quill: Lawmakers should let sun shine on quasi-public groups

February 2005
• SPJ News: Free Press Takes Hit With Recent Court Rulings

December 2004
• SPJ News: Beverly Kees Fund for Journalism Established to Perpetuate Her Work
• SPJ News: SPJ condemns military subpoena in Air Force rape story

November 2004
• SPJ News: SPJ: Gutting Disclosure Provisions for Top U.S. Officials is Bad Idea
• SPJ News: SPJ asks that charges be dropped against North Carolina reporter

October 2004
• Quill: Ban on photos of war dead prompts important history lesson
• Quill: Courtroom Cameras: Issue moves in and out of focus
• Quill: Curley pledges AP's resources to help stem the tide of the public's right to 'no!'
• Quill: DOE ruling helps public crack into campus courts
• Quill: Florida watchdogs bark up right tree
• Quill: Hung up on HIPAA
• Quill: Journalists should get into the lobbying game through coalitions with access advocates
• Quill: Legislation needed to put a stop to SLAPPs
• Quill: Privacy trumps right to know
• Quill: There's no 'accounting' for government -- unless you do an audit
• SPJ News: 2004 SPJ Convention Resolutions

September 2004
• SPJ News: Marquand Awarded Wells Key, Society’s Highest Honor
• SPJ News: SPJ Honors First Amendment and Sunshine Award Winners

August 2004
• SPJ News: SPJ calls judge’s decision detrimental to newsgathering process

June 2004
• SPJ News: SPJ asks transit authority not to ban photography and videotaping

May 2004
• SPJ News: Newspaper Adviser’s Removal Prompts SPJ Task Force Investigation
• Quill: National coalitions may help fight expanding secrecy

April 2004
• SPJ News: SPJ says Scalia should not limit journalists’ coverage of his public appearances
• SPJ News: SPJ calls on journalists to assist Wakefield
• Quill: Calendar puts open records to good use

March 2004
• Quill: Cyberspace discussions may violate open meetings laws
• SPJ News: Virginia House Votes to Exempt Itself from FOI Act

February 2004
• Quill: Access fights in 2004 will require solidarity

January 2004
• SPJ News: Judge orders private university to release police records
• SPJ News: What if they had voted? SPJ conducts its own $87 billion voice vote on Iraq spending

December 2003
• SPJ News: Secret Settlement Undermines Public’s Right to Know Says SPJ
• Quill: Time for access checkup on nation's courts

November 2003
• SPJ News: SPJ Condemns $87 Billion Voice Vote; FOI Committee Seeks Each Senator's Stand on Iraqi Appropriation

October 2003
• SPJ News: Disturbing Trend, or Widespread policy?

September 2003
• Quill: Advancing the public’s right-to-know
• Quill: FOI audits continue to bring positive changes
• Quill: Privacy and the ‘fear factor’
• Quill: Project aims to create state FOI law maps
• Quill: The right way, and the ‘Clint Eastwood’ way
• Quill: How did we get a health privacy law?
• Quill: Letting fingers do the walking
• Quill: Medical regulations raise new questions
• Quill: Opening juvenile courts
• SPJ News: Ashcroft speeches should be more accessible to the public and media

August 2003
• SPJ News: A New Version of SLAPP -- Lawsuit Could Chill Reporter-Source Relations
• SPJ News: SPJ pushes for open hearings in Enron case

November 2001
• SPJ News: Groundbreaking Bill Supporting Cameras in Federal Courts Takes First Critical Step
• SPJ News: High school newspaper faces possible censorship challenge
• SPJ News: Bush Order Allows Former Presidents to Withhold Records Scheduled for Disclosure; Congress Holds Hearing, SPJ Cries Foul

October 2001
• SPJ News: Assault Begins on State FOI Laws: Florida SPJ Issues National Call for Help
• SPJ News: Bush FOIA Policy Stresses Privacy; New Info Exemption Possible

November 1998
• SPJ News: SPJ announces sunshine and first amendment awards
• SPJ News: American journalists call for Serbian freedom of information
• SPJ News: Society recognizes work on behalf of first amendment and open records

February 1997
• SPJ News: New bill will provide access to campus crime information

June 1996
• SPJ News: SPJ representative to testify at house open campus police logs hearing

May 1996
• SPJ News: FOI and First Amendment issues headline SPJ board meeting

October 1995
• SPJ News: SPJ First Amendment winners announced

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