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SPJ Leads | 3/27/2013
Top-notch journalism training, leadership and programming

By Christine DiGangi, SPJ Communications Department



You may have noticed that Excellence in Journalism 2013 (EIJ13) is a month earlier than last year. That means the early bird registration deadline is a month earlier, July 25.

It's important to think and plan ahead, especially for students and advisers who need to finalize their plans before the end of this term.

Consider this: More than 1,000 journalists will be in Southern California for EIJ13. Not only will you have access to dozens of valuable training sessions, you can have pros critique your clips, résumés and social media profiles.

In short: meet people, learn things and have fun. Register here.


When you go to EIJ13, you'll spend a lot of time in the Journalism Expo, aka J Expo. You'd be crazy not to — it's where all the recruiters and exhibitors will be. A wealth of resources and connections await you.

Who's exhibiting, you ask? ESPN, Gannett, NPR — the list goes on, and you can view it as more organizations join. See

Your company could be among that group and enjoy exposure to the flood of journalism pros at EIJ13. Those interested in exhibiting, recruiting or advertising should visit the website, as well.


EIJ13 scholarship applications are due in about a month, on April 29. As much as you all love deadline pressure, take the time now to apply. Give yourself the best chance to win one of these competitive scholarships:

Terry Harper Memorial Scholarships

Diversity Leadership Fellows Program

Robert D.G. Lewis First Amendment Award for students

The scholarships cover your registration fee and some travel costs. Other benefits vary by program. We're eager to give these awards to awesome people! What are you waiting for?


The Ted Scripps Leadership Institute offers SPJ members the opportunity to develop their teamwork and management skills. We're trying a new format, in which the program travels to four regions each year in order to connect with more SPJ leaders.

Region 9, you're up. If you're an SPJ member in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming, make sure you apply for Denver Scripps! It's a wonderful program — see for yourself in this video. The deadline to apply is April 12.


The New York Deadline Club has great news for SPJ students: you get a discount! The board voted to offer students a reduced chapter membership rate of $20. Professional chapter dues remain $30.

The chapter will also award up to $10,000 in scholarships for journalism students at NYC schools. Read more about the scholarships, and apply by April 19.


If you've considered going to the National Summit on Plagiarism and Fabrication in St. Louis, don't delay your plans any longer. The event is April 5, and you won't want to miss this discussion about the "Summer of Sin" and ethical practices in the industry.

Here's an interesting article on the topic, posted today by Roy Peter Clark.


You can never have too much journalism training, which is why you should attend your regional conference. You get the benefits of professional development without having to travel too far. Region 3's MediAtlanta was a smashing success, and regions 4 and 12 hold their conferences next weekend.

Learn more about the Spring Conferences and see if you can fit an event into your busy schedule. You'll be glad you did.


Oklahoma State University received the dishonorable Black Hole Award for its failure to notify students, the public and its police department of an alleged serial sex offender's presence on campus.

The Student Press Law Center nominated Oklahoma Sate for its egregious violation of the Clery Act, an open-government law. Read more about the 2013 award.


SPJ-FIU wants you to tell the story of Generation Y through an image. Read more details of the national contest online, but take note of the prizes:

— Have your photo posted on the South Florida News Service website, a professional publication that allows you to enter your photo in national competitions

— Have your photo published in the SPJ Quill magazine

— Have your photo featured on the SPJ South Florida Website and the SPJ Region 3 website

There will also be a South Florida contest winner, who receives an additional prize: a day at The Miami Herald shadowing a professional photographer. You will have the chance to take your own photos and maybe even pitch them to the Miami Herald editor.

Be creative, but adhere to ethical photojournalism practices. The deadline is April 7.


Given its vast resources, the Journalist's Toolbox is more of a tool chest. And another month brings more tools!

Highlights: FOIA Shaming, infographic tools, and verifying social media content.


What publication received a lot of media coverage this week when it announced paywall plans?

Answer: Washington Post.

And the winner is ... Ken Hedler of the Valley of the Sun chapter. Ken works for the Daily Courier in Arizona.


Anthony Lewis, who died this week, won two Pulitzer Prizes, the second for his Supreme Court coverage while working at the New York Times. At which publication did he win his first Pulitzer, and what was he covering?

Submit your answer to Christine DiGangi.

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