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SPJ Leads | 8/21/2013
We're headed to California!

By Ellen Kobe, SPJ Communications Department


For your information, SPJ Headquarters will be closed from Aug. 22 to Aug. 29. We're off in sunny Southern California organizing some amazing journalism training at the Excellence in Journalism conference.

If you have an urgent concern, please contact SPJ Communications Coordinator Ellen Kobe at


Can't make it to Excellence in Journalism? You can still hear about all of the networking, education and fun happening in Anaheim.

This year's organizers - the Society of Professional Journalists, the Radio Television Digital News Association and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists - are all over social media.

The best way to hear all about EIJ is by following the Twitter hashtag #EIJ13.

But you can also click the links below to engage with us on...

Facebook: Excellence in Journalism, SPJ, RTDNA, NAHJ

Twitter: @spj_tweets, @rtdna, @nahj

Instagram: @spj_pics, @rtdna_pics, @nahj_pics

Pinterest: @spj_pins
...and follow EIJ coverage through our student news teams.

EIJ News


Twitter: @eij_news

Rebel Mouse:

NAHJ Student Project


But everyone will be talking about #EIJ13! To follow trainers, speakers, exhibitors and recruiters coming to EIJ, check out our EIJ lineup Twitter list.


Which newspaper ended its online paywall this week?

Answer: The San Francisco Chronicle

And the winner is ... Amy Kovac-Ashley of the Washington D.C. Pro Chapter. Congrats!


In what city was SPJ's fifty-year convention held?

Submit your answer to Ellen Kobe.

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