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SPJ Leads | 4/7/2010
Training Opportunities and Much More


By Karen Grabowski
SPJ Communications Department

OLE MISS HONORED BY SPJ. SPJ is proud to announce that it has named the campus of the University of Mississippi as the 2010 National Historic Site in Journalism. The university was chosen last year by the SPJ Board of Directors to honor the reporters who covered the civil rights integration riots that consumed the campus in 1962, particularly journalist Paul Guihard who was killed within minutes of arriving to report the enrollment of James Meredith. The university will celebrate the honor on April 14 with two guest speakers, former "CBS Evening News" anchor Dan Rather and investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell. Read the press release here.

MINNESOTA ANSWERS "WHY?". The Minnesota Pro chapter had such a good time at their "Freelance Love" event, a speed networking program, that they recorded the experience and posted it on YouTube! Watch the video to see how they put "fun" into the fundamentals of SPJ. The video explains in a light-hearted way why every journalist should be a member of the organization. It also shows how a creative chapter had fun with SPJ recruitment and its educational outreach efforts.

APPLY FOR CHAPTER GRANT BY APRIL 12. Be part of the grassroots series of interactive public forums that bring together news consumers and journalists in a meaningful dialogue. The goals of the series, funded by chapter grants from SPJ and the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, are to allow journalists and citizens to come together and discuss the role journalism plays in our democracy; to address the public's concerns about perceived loss of credible, reliable journalism; and to provide the public with tools to understand how to discern between commentary and credible news. Help inspire and create this discourse by organizing an event that can be part of the series. Proposals for the grants are due by midnight, Eastern, on Monday, April 12. Click here to learn more. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. For more information, please contact Andy Schotz.

ATTENTION: CAMPUS ADVISERS AND STUDENT LEADERS. If you are a campus adviser or a student chapter president, you should have received an e-mail from Sue Kopen Katcef, SPJ National Campus Adviser At Large, that contains a questionnaire. You received this e-mail because we need your help! SPJ is reviewing the requirements for student chapters and would like your input. Please take just 10 minutes to take the survey! Your feedback will help us serve you better. Please complete the survey by Monday, April 12. If you have any questions, e-mail Sue Kopen Katcef.

CAMPUS REPORTS DUE APRIL 26. This is another friendly reminder that the SPJ Chapter Annual Reports are due Monday, April 26. All chapter annual reports should be submitted online. Click here to find the appropriate submission forms and to submit your report. If you have questions about the report, contact Linda Hall at 317-927-8000 ext. 203, or contact your regional director.

TRAINING IN OKLAHOMA. Join fellow journalists in Oklahoma City May 1 from 10 a.m. to noon for hands-on training focused on making your online writing effective. "Writing that Works Online" will be hosted by the Oklahoma Pro chapter and is $10 for SPJ members and $20 for non-members. Please click here for details and to register. The deadline to register is April 19, and space is limited.

TRAINING IN OHIO. The Central Ohio Pro chapter is hosting "Social Media Training" from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 1. In the morning session, participants will learn about the newest search engines, the latest social media communication tools, the reasons for using certain tools in specific situations, and techniques for letting technology do some of the work. The afternoon session will cover the latest tools being used to break stories and communicate with readers. Click here for complete details. The deadline to register is April 19, and space is limited.

NARRATIVE WRAP UP. On Saturday, April 3, 45 people attended a writing workshop at the Marriott Inn & Conference Center in College Park, Md. The Narrative Writing Workshop, sponsored by SPJ, focused on storytelling with Pulitzer-winner and longtime SPJ member Tom Hallman Jr. These programs are funded by a grant from the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation. For more information on SPJ's Narrative Writing Workshops, including a sample video, please click here.

Remember: The next available workshop will be in Santa Clara, Calif., on May 8!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. The March/April issue of Quill magazine is out and full of great analysis on the current state of journalism ethics. But more than that, it's a great teaching resource for all in the industry, from students to professionals to educators. See the fully functional digital "e-magazine" here. And be sure to check out the Quill Web site, complete with online-only content, including an examination of an ethical quandary involving the St. Petersburg Times an Church of Scientology.

INSTANT RESOURCE. Have you seen the recent updates to SPJ's Journalist's Toolbox? Check out what's new online and follow Toolbox manager Mike Reilley on Twitter. Reilley works hard collecting resources for reporters so they don't have to!

GET KNOWLEDGE. Have you taken advantage of the SPJ partnership with Knowledgewebb? Knowledgewebb was created for people working in all areas of media who are trying to reinvent themselves and either reinvigorate or save, as the case may be their careers. Now, SPJ members will receive all Knowledgewebb has to offer at a discounted price! Instead of paying the full price to access all training for 12 months originally $129 SPJ members will receive all the training they desire for just $89! Just use the discount code SPJ2010 (all caps). Students can also benefit; Knowledgewebb is offering a student membership of $75 for SPJ students, which can be accessed with the coupon code ACADEMICSPJ. Visit Knowledgewebb for more information about the resource.

MEMBER HONORED. Kenn Venit, a longtime member and past president of the Connecticut Pro chapter, has been selected as the Outstanding Faculty Award winner for 2009-10 by the Quinnipiac University Student Government Association. Venit is an adjunct associate professor at Quinnipiac's School of Communications. He is a former anchor and reporter at WTNH, the ABC affiliate in the Hartford-New Haven market. A native of Philadelphia and a Temple University alumnus, Venit serves as an instructor for QU's annual High School TV News Institute and for its Sports Broadcast Workshops for Professional Athletes. He also serves on the university's Academic Integrity Board. In addition to teaching, he also runs his own media-training business, Kenn Venit & Associates, which he started in 1998.

STUDENTS: INTERN AT SPJ CONVENTION. Student journalists: It's never too early to consider the incredible internship and real press experience you'll receive by covering the SPJ Convention, Oct. 3-5 in Las Vegas. Twelve positions are available for hard-working student journalists to staff The Working Press, a daily tabloid newspaper that covers the convention activities. Writers, photographers and designers are invited to apply for these select positions. The deadline to apply is April 16. for more details and how to apply. Contact Heather PorterClick here if you have questions.

SPJ REMEMBERS JERALD F. TERHORST. Jerald F. terHorst died March 31 of congestive heart failure at the age of 87. An SPJ member, terHorst was born in Michigan where he worked at the college paper at Michigan State University, graduated from University of Michigan and worked as a journalist at Michigan papers. He was a political reporter and columnist, and he is remembered for the brief month he spent as press secretary to President Gerald Ford. TerHorst resigned from the White House position after Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon, a decision with which the journalist did not agree. He received the first Conscience-in-Media Award in 1975 for his act of resignation. Contemporaries remember terHorst as a man who stuck to his principles and had, as Sen. Donald Riegle, D-Mich., wrote in 1990, "high ethical standards."

BIG NEWS FROM THE BIG APPLE. Last week, the SPJ Region 1 Spring Conference in New York City sold out! Please e-mail Rebecca Baker at if you have any questions.

CAREER SEMINAR DISCOUNT. Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Journalism School professor and Dean of Student Affairs, will host the seminar "Advance Your Career and Get Beyond Job Hunting: Tools for Journalists and Media Professionals" on April 21 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sreenivasan, who is also contributing editor at, is a tech evangelist and skeptic who specializes in explaining technology to the masses. In this seminar, he will illuminate how the climate shift has affected job searching, what you need to be doing to get ahead, and how digital and social media will facilitate the process of getting your next job. SPJ members can receive a 15% discount off the $60 fee for the event by using the promotional code SPJGURULOFT. Click here to learn more and to register.

THE FUTURE OF FREELANCING. The Future of Freelancing conference at Stanford University helps freelancers explore their evolving careers and stay inspired to do their best work. The two-day event, June 18-19, will bring together assigning editors from leading traditional and digital publications. The first 30 registrants will be eligible for a private meeting with an editor. Confirmed editors include David Zalewski of The New Yorker, Sydney Trent of The Washington Post Magazine, Clara Jeffery of Mother Jones, Jonathan Weber of the Bay Area News Project and many more. Registration starts Friday, April 9, for American Society of Journalists and Authors members; Friday, April 16 for other experienced journalists. Click here for more information and e-mail questions here.

LAST WEEK'S QUIZ. Q. This April, astronaut Clayton Anderson will embark on one of the final Space Shuttle missions. When he goes, he will be taking two illustrations by a cartoonist who hails from his home state of Nebraska. Name the cartoonist.

A. Jeff Koterba.
Koterba caught Clayton Anderson's eye when he first drew a cartoon of the astronaut in 2007. Anderson e-mailed Koterba from the International Space Station to let him know he enjoyed the cartoon and correspondence continued from there. Anderson asked Koterba to draw two cartoons that he could take on his next mission one cartoon to be given to the Omaha World-Hearld and the other for his personal use.

Congratulations to Bob Simpson from Largo, Fla. Bob, keep an eye on your mailbox for a package of SPJ goodies that's coming your way! Thanks for playing, everyone! Here's another chance to win and see your name right here...

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ. Q. What newspaper insists that news is not all "gloom and doom" and encourages its readers to share happy headlines and photos to be posted on its "Happy news" Web page?

Submit your answer to Karen Grabowski for a chance to win a prize.

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