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SPJ Leads | 12/1/2010
Creating new opportunities to grow


By Andrew M. Scott
SPJ Communications Department

PAID INTERNSHIPS ARE THE BEST KIND. SPJ's Pulliam/Kilgore Freedom of Information Internships are incredible ways to spend your summer. One intern works at SPJ headquarters in Indianapolis while the second works with SPJ's First Amendment legal counsel in Washington, D.C. The internships expose students to freedom of information issues, advocacy efforts, journalism legislation and a variety of other SPJ programs and initiatives. Get hands-on experience that is sure to boost your resume. Apply soon! The deadline is Jan. 14, 2011.

The Chicago Sun-Times is pleased to offer a minority college student or recent minority college graduate the opportunity to spend the summer working at in the Sun-Times newsroom. The paid 10-week internship is a wonderful opportunity for budding journalists to experience the hustle and bustle and excitement of a big city newsroom. To be eligible, applicants must be a junior, senior, graduate student or recent graduate. Applications must be postmarked by March 11, 2011. To learn more about the internship, contact Chicago Headline Club board member Rummana Hussain at

SPJ MASTERCARD. Applying for the SPJ-Sigma Delta Chi Platinum Plus MasterCard credit card with WorldPoints rewards is smart, simple and a great way to earn rewards. Choose the rewards that are right for you. Redemption options include unlimited cash rewards, airline travel with no blackout dates, brand-name merchandise and gift cards.

Learn more about this credit card's benefits and apply securely online. For information about rates, fees, other costs and benefits associated with the use of this credit card, read more about its Terms and Conditions.

Follow this link to learn more about the great affinity programs that come with your SPJ membership!

SPRING CONFERENCES. Save the date for the SPJ Spring Conference in your area! These daylong professional development meetings bring area journalists, students and journalism educators together for networking and professional development opportunities.

Visit this link to find information on the conference in your area. A contact person is listed for each conference so you may obtain more details if you have specific questions.

REPORTERS INSTITUTE. Are you in years 1-3 of your professional career? If so, apply now to attend SPJ's Reporters Institute! Graciously funded by the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, the Reporters Institute brings 36 reporters together for three days of training, networking and camaraderie. SPJ will hold two Reporters Institute programs during summer 2011. The June 12-15 program is geared toward video/broadcast journalists, and the July 10-13 program is for journalists who primarily write. Follow this link for details and contact Heather Porter at with questions.

PAST EDITOR, SPJ MEMBER DIES. SPJ member Alfred Balk, 80, died Thursday of cancer at his home in Huntley, Ill. During his career, Balk served as an editor for four publications including the Columbia Journalism Review. He founded the World Press Review where he worked from 1973 to 1986.

As a reporter, his work on "Confession of a Block-Buster" for the Saturday Evening Post revealed a speculator's methods of taking advantage of segregated housing by buying properties from white families and then selling them at inflated prices to black families. The article became part of a civil rights case that reached the Supreme Court.

Balk was a member of the Society since 1950 and won the Wells Memorial Key, SPJ's highest honor, in 1967.

CULTURE THROUGH JOURNALISM. The East-West Center works to promote better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through cooperative study, research and dialogue. Journalism fellowships and exchanges for working American and Asia Pacific journalists promote understanding of the complexities of the Asia Pacific region through study tours.

The Center is now accepting applications for the following three programs:

Japan-U.S. Journalists Exchange: For Japanese and American journalists. Japanese journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to three cities in Japan.

Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange: For Pakistani and American journalists. Pakistani journalists travel to the United States; American journalists travel to Pakistan. All journalists meet at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii for dialogue sessions before and after the program.

Senior Journalists Seminar: For Asian journalists (from select countries) and American journalists; Asian journalists travel to three cities in the United States; American journalists travel to two or three cities in Asia; to enhance understanding between the United States and the Asian Muslim world.

ARE YOU ON THE NETWORK? One of SPJ's resources is the SPJ Blogs Network. The network ranges from chapter development, ethics, collegiate development, digital trends, education and more written by SPJ committee members. Here is a look at some of the latest entries this week:

The SPJ Garden Center
"Drive Membership with Innovative Programming"
The Membership Committee is overflowing with great ideas for chapter programming. One of the best, and perhaps most obvious ways to gain new members and retain old ones, is to over rock solid... (Read more)

"Writeboard: A free web tool that makes it easy to collaborate on a project"
Working on a project with another reporter in another part of the country or maybe on the other side of your city? No need to get together at the coffee shop or exchange long emails. (Read more)

Journalism and the World
"South Asia dangerous to independent journalists"
Journalists in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have freedoms few in the region can enjoy. And at the same time, the threats to their lives is ever-present. Mustafa Qadri reports in the Sunday Guardian (In south Asia, independent journalism is a real risk) that journalists are heavily restricted from independently reporting India's continued crackdown on... (Read more)

To take a glimpse at all the other blogs in the SPJ network, click here.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR EXCELLENCE. Annually, SPJ recognizes the best in student journalism. That time is upon us, so mark your calendars to enter your best work in the Mark of Excellence Awards by the deadline: Jan. 26, 2011.This competition honors student journalism in print, radio, television and online categories. Our easy-to-use online submission format makes all the difference in time, mailing expenses and convenience.

All work must have been published or broadcast in 2010. With an entry fee of $9 for SPJ members, getting your work recognized won't necessitate another student loan.

See all the categories, rules and information on the submission process at the MOE Awards page.

FREE WEBINAR. Knowledge Webb is hosting a free webinar titled "There Are No Stupid Questions," answering all the online media technical questions you didn't feel comfortable asking before. The webinar will be held on Dec. 7 at 2:30 EST.

Knowledge Webb is also including a digital goodie bag filled with great resources to download and try. Come prepared with all of the burning questions you have you'll get to ask them anonymously and have answers in the second half of the webinar.

Register here!

LAST WEEK'S QUIZ. What is the relevance of Mark Kellogg in journalism history?

A. Mark Kellogg was the first AP reporter to die in the line of duty, at Little Bighorn in 1876. His final dispatch to reach the outside world declared: "I go with Custer and will be at the death."

And the winner is...

Lee Bailey of Gahanna, Ohio. Congrats, Lee!

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ. What late 19th and early 20th century journalist was born November 30th? During his career, he wrote for many publications including The Buffalo Press, The New York Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Submit your answer to Andrew M. Scott.

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