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SPJ Leads | 3/2/2011
Extended deadlines, Studio SPJ and outstanding programs


By Andrew M. Scott
SPJ Communications Department

REPORTERS INSTITUTE DEADLINE EXTENDED. We've extended the deadline for the Reporters Institute until next Tuesday, March 8. Since 2007, the program has brought many early career journalists together for three days of training, networking and camaraderie.

The Institute was developed by industry trainers and young journalists who were dealing with the same challenges participants face every day. Those in years 1-3 of their career are invited to apply for the June 12-15 program for broadcast and video, or the July 10-13 program for print and online. Learn more about each program and submit an application!

SPJ LEADERSHIP IS IT IN YOU? Professional and student SPJ chapter leaders from around the country will meet in Indianapolis June 4-6 to participate in the Ted Scripps Leadership Institute. Funded by the Scripps Howard Foundation, the weekend is a chance for incoming chapter leaders to meet and develop their leadership skills.

Learn more about the program by checking out some of last year's highlights, and read what participants had to say about how SPJ has helped them. Apply by March 16.

NEXT ON STUDIO SPJ. Studio SPJ, the series of half-hour Internet radio programs devoted to journalists talking on topics of interest to other journalists, is back! The upcoming program on March 5 at 12 p.m. ET will feature former SPJ President Fred Brown discussing the most recent edition of the SPJ ethics book. The program will be moderated by former SPJ President Irwin Gratz.

Hosted by SPJ national Secretary-Treasurer John Ensslin, Studio SPJ features authors and newsmakers. The show's companion blog, Liner Notes, where you can read more about the March 5 program, serves as a guide for the show.

Studio SPJ is one of two shows, including Your SPJ Membership, that members can listen to on SPJ's BlogTalkRadio channel.

10 OUTSTANDING CHAPTER PROGRAMS ON LINER NOTES. Speaking of Studio SPJ's companion blog, Liner Notes, John Ensslin recently posted a list of 10 outstanding SPJ chapter programming ideas that are happening this time of year from all across the country. Read more about these programs.

PUT A SPRING IN YOUR STEP WITH TRAINING AND NETWORKING. SPJ's Spring Conferences are quickly approaching! Be sure to register soon for the conference in your area. Training and professional development sessions abound. Enhance yourself and your journalism career by attending a Spring Conference in your area.

Find a Spring Conference near you. Not sure of the region in which you live or work? Click here for a map.

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS WITH #SPJCHAT. This week's #SPJchat Twitter chat will be (in Twitter hashtag speak) a #freeforall. When: Thursday, 8 p.m. ET. Topic: Twitter and Social Media Tools for Journalists. The chat will encourage sharing tips, links and suggestions for each question posed.

SPJ DePaul University chapter adviser and Journalist's Toolbox editor Mike Reilley will moderate. For details on how to participate in the weekly chats and a schedule of upcoming topics, see the DePaul chapter website.

AWARDING OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Annually, we recognize students, advisers and professional members who play a vital role in the Society's fight to improve and protect journalism. Nominate a deserving member today for one of the following honors:

Wells Key
SPJ's highest honor, a member is judged each year to have served the Society in the most outstanding fashion during the preceding year or over a period of years. That individual is honored with a jeweled key.

Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Pro Member Award
The award salutes individual professional members who have made significant contributions to their SPJ chapter.

Julie Galvan Outstanding Graduate in Journalism Award
The award honors a graduating student in journalism who is outstanding in his or her class on the basis of character, service to the community, scholarship, proficiency in practical journalism and significant contributions to his or her SPJ chapter.

David L. Eshelman Outstanding Campus Adviser Award
The award honors individuals who have done an outstanding job serving as SPJ campus adviser and who have contributed to their chapters and the national organization over an extended period of time.

Regional Director of the Year Award
Honors a regional director for outstanding service and contributions to his or her region and the Society during the preceding year.

FACEBOOK GROUP FOR CAMPUS ADVISERS. SPJ recently started a Facebook group for campus chapter advisers. Participation is by invitation only. We encourage all chapter advisers or co-advisers to join. If interested, e-mail Neil Ralston, Vice President for Campus Chapter Affairs.

CHAPTER HOSTS WORKSHOPS FOR HS STUDENTS. In February, students from the Harding University chapter hosted journalism workshops for students at a local high school. The chapter plans to continue these workshops for another high school in the area. The chapter first visited the classroom of Harding Academy's yearbook students over the course of three workshops, instructing the 19 students on topics including design, interviewing, and ethics through lecture and one-on-one interaction. The group's next series of workshops for CrossPointe Preparatory will focus on interviewing techniques and using these skills to create a dynamic story.

Read more on the Harding website.

LAST WEEK'S QUIZ. The International Press Institute was recently awarded $2.7 million to foster innovation in journalism through its IPI News Innovation Contest, which will fund both non-profit and for-profit projects related to the development of digital news platforms, new business models for journalism and training in
digital reporting throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. What corporation donated the funding?

A. Google. Read the article here.

And the winner is...

Andrew Seaman of New York, NY. Congrats, Andrew!

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ. Who was recently confronted by company security while reporting on a hydrofluoric acid story at a refinery in the Northwest? For what news organization was the person reporting?

Submit your answer to Andrew M. Scott

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