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SPJ Leads | 7/27/2011
Bylaws amendments, New Orleans attractions


By Abby Henkel
SPJ Communications Department

PROPOSED BYLAWS AMENDMENTS. Delegates to the Excellence in Journalism 2011 conference, Sept. 25-27 in New Orleans, will vote on several proposed amendments to the SPJ bylaws. Click here to learn more about the proposals and read the full text of amendments. Read the current SPJ bylaws.

A quick summary of the proposals:

1. One Member, One Vote: Permit all members of the Society to cast ballots for national officers and directors (proposed by 10 chapters). Discuss the proposal on the SPJ Works blog.
2. Students in Pro Chapters: Make clear that students may join Pro chapters when the student's school does not have a campus chapter (proposed by the board of directors). Discuss the proposal on the SPJ Works blog.
3. Technical Corrections: Fix typographical errors, missing words and formatting inconsistencies (proposed by the board of directors). Discuss the proposal on the SPJ Works blog.
4. Quill Endowment Fund: Remove Section 11 of the bylaws to correct the conflict that currently allows SPJ board members to effectively remove a Sigma Delta Chi Foundation board member, via the SPJ board's authority to remove trustees of the Quill Endowment Fund (proposed by the board of directors). Discuss the proposal on the SPJ Works blog.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE NEW ORLEANS. You're probably planning to spend every waking hour of Excellence in Journalism 2011 in breakout sessions and pre-conference workshops, but here are some other things in New Orleans that you won't want to miss during a break in the conference schedule:

National WWII Museum: The National WWII Museum tells the story of the American Experience in the war that changed the world why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today so that all generations will understand the price of freedom and be inspired by what they learn.
New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park: Located in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter, the park's temporary visitor center at 916 N. Peters Street offers diverse opportunities to learn about the history and culture of New Orleans jazz.
Experience the French quarter, full of art, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
For a long list of things to do in New Orleans, click here!

When you get to the conference, don't forget to flip through the program guide for more great suggestions!

IN THE NEWS. SPJ supports D.C. paper in SLAPP case:The Society has joined the ACLU in an amicus brief challenging a complaint filed by the owner of the Washington Redskins that alleges he was defamed in a Washington City Paper cover story.
ABC bans checkbook journalism: "After taking a public-relations hit in several high-profile cases, ABC will no longer be buying photos or video as a way of getting a news subject to cooperate." Related links: SPJ President Hagit Limor's blog post on the move by ABC (join the conversation in the comments section!), and SPJ's statement applauding ABC's move.
Public health officials and journalists release emergency reporting guidelines: The Association of Health Care Journalists has released a new set of guidelines for reporting information about individuals who have been affected by public emergencies.

DONATE TO THE LDF AUCTION. Annually, SPJ's Legal Defense Fund Auction raises money to offset legal fees of journalists and news outlets who are faced with subpoenas that hinder their rights. Of course, any auction requires items on which to bid, so we need your help!

The auction will be held during the Excellence in Journalism 2011 conference in New Orleans.

If you, your chapter or other organizations in your area can help, we hope you'll consider donating to the LDF Auction by sending items to SPJ Headquarters. When doing so, please include the donation form, which you can download here.

WHAT'S NEW ON SPJ BLOGS. Keep up with the SPJ blog network to get the latest information on Freedom of Information wins and failures. Some recent highlights:

Freedom of the Prez: SPJ President Hagit Limor shares her thoughts on ABC's new ban on checkbook journalism
Transparency Triumph of the Week: Open Government Partnership making first forays into open government promotion
FOI Tip of the Week: New open government podcast provides transparency updates
FOI Fail of the Week: Judge's secrecy leads to order for new mental competency trial in Idaho child murder case.

JOIN SDX IN SUPPORTING JOURNALISM EDUCATION. This year, the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation has granted nearly $300,000 for journalist training, education and professional development. As the fiscal year comes to a close on July 31, we invite you to join us in supporting journalistic excellence through a tax-deductible gift. Click here to learn more about the SDX Foundation and donate today!

LAST WEEK'S QUIZ. Is the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation responsible for awarding and/or administering the Sigma Delta Chi Awards? Explain your reasoning.

A. No, a board of judges selected by SPJ administers the Sigma Delta Chi Awards.

And the winner is...Sue Kopen Katcef, faculty adviser at the University of Maryland, bureau director at Capitol News Service TV, and DC Pro Chapter corresponding secretary. Congratulations, Sue! Watch your mailbox for the coveted Leads Quiz Prize.

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ. What Western-hemisphere leader won a libel lawsuit this week against media executives and a journalist?

Submit your answer to Abby Henkel.

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