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SPJ Leads | 5/16/2012
Photos on Facebook, student opportunities

By Abby Henkel, SPJ Communications Department


EIJ PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK. If you attended Excellence in Journalism in New Orleans last year, you might enjoy the photo albums we posted on Facebook, including the Opening Night Reception and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards banquet. Please enjoy the photos, and feel free to tag familiar faces.

Speaking of the Opening Night Reception, CNN NewSource will once again sponsor the event. Please join us in Ft. Lauderdale on Sept. 20 to kick off the greatest journalism event since, well, the last Excellence in Journalism conference.

WEIRD JOBS IN MEDIA: WEBINAR. Even in this economy, there are still good jobs for journalists but in places you might not think to look. In this webinar, students and recent graduates will learn how to find jobs, apply for them, and separate themselves from the competition.

Join us on Wednesday, June 13 at 11 a.m. ET for SPJ's first webinar, hosted by SPJ board member Michael Koretzky. Register by June 1.

Koretzky is Region 3 Director and a former at-large SPJ director. He is a former hiring editor at a Top 50 newspaper company, national website, and international magazine. For the past 15 years, he's also run a weekly media job list in one of the nation's largest markets. Learn all the lessons he had to discover the hard way.

WILL WRITE FOR FOOD. Labor Day weekend will mark the fourth annual Will Write for Food event, when 20 student journalists spend a long weekend reporting on a homeless shelter in south Florida and assembling an entire 24-page newspaper in 36 hours. For more information, including links to last year's staff blogs, click here. Registration information is at the bottom of the page.

PARTIAL VICTORY IN RECORDS CASE. In 2010, SPJ provided the Freedom Foundation in Washington state with a $1,000 grant to support a case the Foundation brought against the Washington State Department of Transportation. In 2009, a large, state-run passenger ferry collided with its landing dock. The Freedom Foundation requested records of the ferry employees' drug and alcohol tests, and last week the Washington State Court of Appeals ruled that the state had improperly withheld 90 percent of the records requested. More information about the case is here.

SCHOLARSHIPS TO EIJ12. SPJ and the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation offer several scholarships to help people attend the Excellence in Journalism 2012 conference. Deadline for all scholarship applications is June 11.

Terry Harper Memorial Scholarships: Terry Harper, former executive director of SPJ, passed away in 2009 after a two-year battle with brain cancer. In honor of Terry's efforts to improve SPJ and the entire journalism community, the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation set up a memorial fund following his death. This scholarship is available for up to five recipients.

Diversity Leadership Fellows: The goal of the Diversity Leadership Fellows program is to increase the diversity participation of SPJ members within national committees and on the national board of directors. As part of the program, we bring fellowship recipients to EIJ12 to begin a year-long immersion and education program.

Robert D.G. Lewis First Amendment Award: From the generosity of the Lewis family, the award is given each year to a student SPJ member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the First Amendment through the field of journalism. The award assists a student with his/her attendance to EIJ12.

SPJ BLOGS NETWORK. Latest updates from the SPJ blogs network:

Pinterest and Instagram get married by Digital Media Committee member David Sheets
Balancing family and freelance journalism by Freelance Committee member Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
New chapters: SPJ welcomes and (re)welcomes you! by Membership Committee Chairwoman Holly Edgell
Choice words for harsh times by Digital Media Committee member David Brandt
Can I Pique Your (P)Interest? by Digital Media Committee member Victoria Reitano

LAST WEEK'S QUIZ. Two journalists from a small-town paper watched their investigative story revealing a corrupt sheriff propel to the big-time, appearing on NPR's "On the Media," and "60 Minutes." Name the small-town newspaper.

Answer: The Times-Tribune from Whitley County, Ky. More from Nieman Reports.

And the winner is...Gena Asher, a member of the Indiana Pro chapter for more than two decades. Gena also happens to know the new editor of the Times-Tribune. Congratulations, Gena! Expect a fabulous prize to arrive in the next few days.

THIS WEEK'S QUIZ. Who announced this week that he will step down as editor-in-chief of a national non-profit news outlet?

Submit your answer to Abby Henkel.

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