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SPJ Leads | 6/12/2013
JournCamp D.C., #EIJ13 and summer reading

By Ellen Kobe, SPJ Communications Department



We know making deadlines is a challenge. But we don't want you to miss June 17 - the last day to register for JournCamp D.C. You could soon be in our nation's capital, setting aside your daily duties for a day of fun and practical journalism training.

Join us for JournCamp at the Westin D.C on June 22, and you will learn how to break down complex data and use digital tools to make your ideas more powerful. Also, Elise Hu, multiplatform reporter at NPR, will introduce you to apps that will make you a more well-rounded reporter.

Sign up now - $35 for SPJ members and $55 for non-members. With breakfast and lunch included, it's a steal. See session details and register at Questions? Email Scott Leadingham.


Don't miss out - deadlines for some of the pre-conference workshops at the Excellence in Journalism conference are quickly approaching. Register by June 28 to ensure your slot in the following bootcamps:

From Local Broadcast Reporter to National Correspondent (Aug. 24): The way people consume news, information and entertainment is continuously changing. With so many options at the fingertips of consumers, correspondents must be effective and versatile storytellers. This full-day training, sponsored by CBS News, will provide participants with the necessary tools to build on existing skills in order to go from local reporter to national correspondent.
New U Loft (Aug. 23-24): Do you have a business that is ready to reach new heights? Are you ready to learn from business and media start-up leaders? Apply for this two-day experience that uniquely increases the number of diverse idea-makers in media.
Minority Leadership Institute (Aug. 23-24): The Minority Leadership Institute will provide leadership and management training to 15 mid-level editors and business executives from news organizations. Topics covered will include foundational leadership, personal growth, getting the best from others, leadership in time of increased diversity, and more.

These programs have an selection process, so apply today! Visit the Conference Highlights page to view additional details about and application instructions for each camp.


Have you been itching for some explanatory or narrative journalism pieces? If you have time to indulge in longer reads rather than breeze through your RSS feed, consider adding "The Best of Longform Journalism" to your eBook pile. And here's the best part: It's FREE! Click here to download the book, and in a moment's time, you'll read about a con man ruining lives from behind bars, a woman who won huge after taking on a health insurance company and a producer who lost everything on an epic coke binge.


Since 1909, SPJ has been improving, protecting and discussing journalism. And now that we're living in the 21st century, we can blog about our favorite topic.

Here are the latest updates to the SPJ Blogs Network:

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Lyman J. Noordhoff, SPJ member since 1946, died May 26, 2013, in Hendersonville, N.C., according to an online obituary, Noordhoff had a masters' in agriculture journalism from the University of Wisconsin and was an editor at the Cooperative Extension Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture until 1977.

Nathan A. Shaw, SPJ member since 1960, died recently. He was living in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., at the time. According to a PRPD News for Programmers blog, Shaw was the founder of DEI, a national non-profit providing development and marketing expertise to public radio stations.


Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times laid off their entire photo staff. Approximately how many journalists were let go?

Answer: 28

And the winner is ... Tim Sullivan from the San Antonio Pro chapter. Congratulations!


What's the name of the reporter who broke the story about the Obama administration's phone surveillance program?

Submit your answer to Ellen Kobe.

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