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SPJ Leads | 10/23/2013
JournCamp deadline, #Journoween and member stories

By Ellen Kobe, SPJ Communications Department



Hey Twin Cities residents (and those nearby), we're coming your way for JournCamp on Saturday, Nov. 2. Hurry and register online - the Oct. 28 deadline is quickly approaching.

At JournCamp, you'll spend a full day sharpening your skills and learning about informing a self-informed public, data visualization, JavaScript, web coding, narrative storytelling, digital tools and copyright. Read more about the programs and speakers in detail.

Register yourself (and maybe some colleagues, too) - $35 for members, $55 for nonmembers. Questions? Contact Scott Leadingham at 317-927-8000 ext. 211 or


Halloween is coming up, and we want to see how you celebrate in your newsrooms, on the job or at home. If you or your fellow journalists are doing something fun to celebrate the holiday, post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #journoween. All photos will be posted on our JournoDays blog, and whoever has the most likes will receive a prize from SPJ headquarters.

Bonus: If you're wearing a journalism-related costume, you'll get a like from @spj_pics. We know you're creative - document those costumes, newsroom decorations and pranks on Instagram.


Awards season is coming up, and that means you'll get a chance to receive renowned honors from SPJ that give you the recognition you have earned in 2013. Get your clips together - submissions for the Sigma Delta Chi awards, Mark of Excellence awards, New America award and high school essay contest will be accepted beginning Nov. 5. If you know a non-SPJ member who should receive information about submitting awards, please send their contact information to Awards Coordinator Chad Hosier at or 317.920.4791.


Are you or another SPJ member you know doing something cool? Maybe you recently...

published a book
tackled a particularly tough assignment
guest lectured at a university
traveled elsewhere to report a story
won an award
raised money for a journalistic cause
improved newsroom morale in a creative way
or something better!

Whatever it is, we want to hear about what you and your SPJ friends are doing in your journalism community. Don't be shy - email information about yourself or another SPJ member to Communications Coordinator Ellen Kobe at


The blog has recently published a helpful guide to online resources for journalists, and SPJ's Journalist's Toolbox was listed No. 7 among "The New Media Landscape: 105 Vital Sources for Journalists." What they have to say about it: "The Journalist's Toolbox is an informative site that is incredibly dense with tools for those working in print or television news." Check out Journalist's Toolbox -- and all the other great resources in this post -- for yourself!


This weekend, journalists will have the chance to interview zombies in New Orleans. Yes, zombies. Here's how the night will go:

1. You'll receive a free white T-shirt - your uniform for interviewing the zombies.
2. If you ask a bad question, a zombie will spread fake blood on you.
3. The more blood on your shirt, the more likely you are to be disqualified. But if your shirt stays clean, you can win the grand prize: getting made up as a zombie for the evening.
4. And what good event doesn't end with a pub crawl?

If you'd like to participate in this FREE SPJ program on Oct. 26, email Michael Koretzky at For more information, visit the Zombie Stories webpage.


The English language International Herald Tribune changed its name to what this week?

Answer: International New York Times

And the winner is ... Chuck Biedka from the Pittsburgh Pro Chapter. Congrats!


In what year was the first issue of SPJ's Quill magazine printed?

Submit your answer to Ellen Kobe.

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