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SPJ Leads | 4/3/2014
Recognize Ethics Month + Join us in San Diego

By Ellen Kobe, SPJ Communications Department



April is Ethics Month, a time to recognize journalists that seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently and are accountable. Read about how you can get involved with Ethics Month:

Give ethics code feedback
As you've probably heard by now, the ethics committee is working on revising the Code of Ethics. We've released a draft online, and we'd like your input. Read the changes, and let us know what you think should be added, deleted, changed, questioned, debated, etc. Place comments below the blog post or email Ethics Committee Chairman Kevin Smith at Ethical journalism is vital to our society - let's hold all journalists to high standards.

Ethical chapter events
Is your chapter doing something to celebrate Ethics Month? We want to hear about it! Send us your program recaps and photos, and we'll share them with the entire SPJ universe. Need some inspiration? Check out Campus Representative Lindsey Cook's step-by-step guide to holding a conversation about ethics with your chapter.


From May 16 to 18 we're visiting San Diego for a double dose of SPJ fun: JournCamp and the Ted Scripps Leadership Institute.

It all begins on May 16 with JournCamp -- a daylong workshop that will give you practical, skills-based professional development to help you to become a better journalist. Register online before May 12. More details about sessions will be posted soon. In the meantime, check out our most recent JournCamp in Nashville, Tenn., for a glimpse of the program.

The rest of the weekend (starting the evening of May 16), members can participate in Scripps, an SPJ boot camp designed to identify your leadership skills and help you better work with those around you. Our most recent graduates of the program left with great ideas and a new outlook on leadership after our event in Kansas City, Mo. Check out our website to see a detailed schedule of events, plus information on how to apply. Don't wait -- the deadline is April 6!

Go to JournCamp. Go to Scripps. Or even better, go to both! We can't wait to see you in San Diego.


SPJ is accepting nominations until April 18 for the following member awards:

Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Pro Member
David L. Eshelman Outstanding Campus Adviser
Julie Galvan Outstanding Graduate in Journalism
Regional Director of the Year
Wells Memorial Key

Take a moment to read the descriptions, and if you know someone who deserves the award, nominate them for the SPJ Honor. Peer recognition means a lot to hard-working journalists.


Giving to the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation (SPJ's supporting foundation) has never been easier. Members can now set up automatic, recurring, monthly contributions. No more wondering if you have already donated for the year. No more concern about the contribution amount. Just divide your desired contribution by 12, and you are off and running. These contributions are tax-deductible and more importantly, they support the educational programs of both the Society and the Foundation. Click here to read how to join the Monthly Giving Program.


April 1 is the deadline for applicants to apply for the Scripps Howard Foundation Semester in Washington 2014-2015 post-graduate, multimedia fellowship.

The fellowship includes a $22,155 stipend, plus free housing in a furnished apartment.

The fellow manages and maintains the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire's website. He or she creates multimedia projects for our website, works with undergraduate interns to develop multimedia projects and provides leadership to a team that produces news stories and projects.

Qualified applicants must have professional-level expertise in HTML, content management systems and CSS. Applicants must also have high-level skills in reporting and writing, shooting photos and video using a DSLR camera and editing video. Applicants must have either a bachelor's or master's degree.

The application form is here:


An AP Stylebook change was announced last week, and it caused quite a bit of controversy. What was this change?

Answer: The AP Stylebook removed the distinction between "over" and "more than." Using the word "over" to refer to a quantity is now permitted.

And the winner is ... John Kuhn! Kuhn is a student at Northwestern University. Congrats!


What did a Columbian press association send to three struggling Venezuelan daily newspapers?

Submit your answer to Ellen Kobe.

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