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SPJ Leads | 8/16/2007
Withdrawing National Geographic support, NFL cover-up


A change in plans. After much debate, SPJ leaders last week decided against lending the organization's name to a legal brief in support of National Geographic Society in Faulkner vs. National Geographic Society. In this case, Faulkner, a freelance photographer, is suing the publisher for copyright violation after it repackaged in a CD-ROM some of his once-printed photos.

Take cover. Responding to the National Football League's policy, which requires journalists working on the sidelines during NFL games to wear logo-emblazoned red vests, SPJ leaders issued a statement Tuesday encouraging journalists to cover sponsor logos.

Top of the class. SPJ leaders visited with campus chapter advisers during the national convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication last weekend in Washington, D.C. What we heard and saw is that the work of an SPJ chapter adviser is never complete. Advisers are equal parts recruiter, motivator, schedule keeper, encourager, administrator and historian, among other descriptions. To those advisers we met in D.C., and to those we're looking forward to meeting and talking with soon, we say thanks for introducing collegiate journalists to the principles of SPJ. Your work now will improve and protect our profession for years to come. Advisers, don't hesitate to contact SPJ for assistance. Pros, if you'd like to speak or help at a campus chapter in your area, let us know.

Career development. The 2007 SPJ Convention & National Journalism Conference in Washington, D.C., will include free advice from the pros on embarking on a fruitful job search. Résumé and clip critiques from an expert who knows a thing or two about what employers are seeking also will be offered. Small group discussions on a host of career development topics will help job seekers prepare for today's competitive workplace. Don't wait. Get the advice you need while getting the early bird discount (which ends Aug. 27.)

Go Tar Heels. About 50 journalists and SPJ leaders spent an afternoon in Chapel Hill, N.C., earlier this month learning ways to improve their work and make their jobs more interesting and fun. Journalists from the area and SPJ volunteers led open discussions about hyper-local news coverage, time management and new business models for journalism. During a show-and-tell session, the group examined gadgets - cameras, recording devices and software - one journalist uses to produce her work. This program worked because it built on the expertise of journalists in the area and in the room. Look around your own newsrooms for people who are doing something interesting or innovative and ask them to share how they're doing it and why. You'll be surprised what you find, and you might learn a new skill or two in the process. The North Carolina program was sponsored by SPJ and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Shield loss. A federal judge yesterday ordered five journalists to identify the government officials who anonymously provided information to them about an investigation of Steven Hatfill, the scientist who was identified as "a person of interest" in the 2001 anthrax attacks. Get the latest details on the LDF Shield.

Black enough?. National Diversity Committee member Holly Edgell discusses her recent disappointment with a reporter who asked Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., if she was "black enough" to deserve the African-American vote at this year's National Association of Black Journalists convention. Read Holly's thoughts in Who's News, SPJ Diversity Committee's blog.

News Gems. SPJ Member Jon Marshall profiles the best in American Journalism each day on his blog, News Gems. Read up and get inspired. Suggest feature ideas to Jon by e-mailing him.

Take the lead. Generation J Committee member Sonya Smith says young journalists need to take the lead to ensure a bright future for journalism. Get her perspective and add your own thoughts to her discussion.

Dreams vs. Reality. For many recent college grads, landing the ideal job can be a challenge. SPJ Member Dale Denwalt II offers considerations for job searching and finding the perfect fit.

August Quill. The August edition of Quill magazine is available online. SPJ National President Christine Tatum writes about the touchy subject of journalism certification. Other highlights include preparing students for the newsroom, the benefits of international media partnerships and a guide to the 2007 SPJ Convention & National Journalism Conference.

Chapter cash. SPJ will invest $5,000 to fund local chapter programs during 2007-2008. Your chapter could receive up to $500 for a program or activity. All fully chartered SPJ chapters in good standing with the national organization are eligible to submit a grant proposal. Eligible chapters must have a 2006-07 annual report on file with the national office. Grant proposals are due by midnight, Sept. 28. All proposals must be submitted online. Questions? Contact Heather Porter via e-mail or at (317) 927-8000, ext. 204.

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