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SPJ Leads | 9/13/2007
Don't miss Woodward and Bernstein


By Christine Tatum
SPJ President
Assistant Features Editor/Online Features Editor, The Denver Post

FLOWER POTS GET THEM EVERY TIME. SPJ signaled that it wanted to reunite legendary investigative reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward — and its wishes have been granted! The two men, whose journalism blew open the Watergate scandal and forced President Nixon's resignation, will appear at SPJ's upcoming national conference. Don't miss this thoughtful discussion, which will be moderated by veteran Washington broadcaster Bob Schieffer of CBS News. When: 1:30-2:30 p.m., Sat. Oct. 6 Where: Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Ave., NW, Washington, D.C..

D.C. OR BUST. If you're already planning to join us, great! But if you haven't booked your trip to SPJ's biggest event of the year, well, please rethink your plans. SPJ is providing four days packed with journalism instruction. You'll find half-day workshops and Super Sessions featuring journalists such as Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak; USA Today Editor Ken Paulson; Washington Post Executive Editor Len Downie and Leila Fadel, Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers.

We're also going to have plenty of fun! Check out the many special events that will be swirling around the conference. Speed dating, anyone?

STEP UP ALREADY! SPJ's national committees do tremendously good work. They spearhead or shepherd some of the Society's most important projects — and they could always use new energy and ideas. The national president appoints committee chairpeople and committee members. If you're interested in serving, please contact Executive Director Terry Harper by Oct. 1. Please provide the name of the committee on which you would like to serve, a brief explanation of why you would like to serve, your contact information and a copy of your résumé. President-elect Clint Brewer will respond to all applicants.

SPEAKING OF CLINT. SPJ's president-elect this week witnessed Tennessee's first execution by electric chair since 1960. Brewer, who is executive editor of The City Paper in Nashville, served as a media witness. His name was drawn in a lottery conducted by Tennessee's department of corrections.

SALUTE! This time of year, the Society of Professional Journalists gives some of its highest honors.
— Carl Bernstein, Muriel Dobbin, John Markoff and Ken Paulson have been named fellows of the Society, the highest honor SPJ bestows upon a journalist for extraordinary contributions to the profession.
— Chuck Stone, a retired professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the journalist to whom prisoners confessed instead of speaking to Philadelphia police, is the winner of the Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award.
— Broadcast journalist Claudia Peschiutta of SPJ's Greater Los Angeles Pro chapter is winner of the Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Professional Member Award.
— Ashlee Clark, a 2007 graduate of Western Kentucky University, is winner of the Julie Galvan Outstanding Graduate in Journalism Award.
— Rick Brunson of the University of Central Florida is winner of the David L. Eshelman Outstanding Campus Adviser Award.
— Ralph Izard of Louisiana State University is winner of the Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award.

LOOMING DEADLINE. If you have less than three years of professional experience, SPJ's Reporters Institute is for you. This three-day crash course will prepare you to report using the latest technology while maintaining the highest standards of responsible journalism. You'll meet peers from across the country, news industry leaders and faculty from the Poynter Institute. Space is limited to 35 participants, and the deadline to apply is Sept. 21.

CHAPTER CASH. SPJ will invest $5,000 to fund local chapter programs during 2007-2008. Your chapter could receive up to $500 for a program or activity. All fully chartered SPJ chapters in good standing with the national organization are eligible to submit a grant proposal. Eligible chapters must have a 2006-07 annual report on file with the national office. Grant proposals are due by midnight Sept. 28. All proposals must be submitted online. Questions? Contact Heather Porter at (317) 927-8000, ext. 204 or


— POLITICAL ASSISTANCE. This week, SPJ's Generation J bloggers want to know which resources are most helpful to journalists covering campaign finances. Share your tips and tricks.

— SO THAT'S THE PROBLEM. Career coach Ross Macpherson explains why great people have not-so-great careers.

— STRONG CONNECTION. Looking for some advice? Have something to share? To sell? Want to know if others are experiencing similar issues in their newsrooms? Check out Generation J's Soapbox — and post today.

— SHOW OFF. If you're a j-student who can blog with the best of them, join the team that is responsible for SPJ's student blog, Contact SPJ President Christine Tatum at

— TECHNOLO-J. Get in touch with journalism's technical side. Check out a blog that will help you learn in a hurry what all of this new media stuff is about. This week, KamalWallace of reminds journalists that they shouldn't forget to request video that falls within the realm of public information.

SHAZAM! President Christine Tatum appeared at an SPJ meeting in Tennessee this week. From her home. In Denver. Video-conferencing technology isn't new — but it is new for SPJ. And it has the power to help this organization do amazing things. Would you like for Christine to speak or to deliver journalism instruction at an SPJ event? She's always game for a video conference. Contact her at

NEW ATTITUDE. Emily Sweeney, president of the New England chapter and a staff writer at The Boston Globe, wrote:

"I recently launched a Web site that isn't related to SPJ but might be of interest to our members. It's a fun little side project of mine called Journalist Fight Club, and it's basically a compilation of my favorite journalism video clips. These are clips from journalism movies, live news broadcasting blunders and music mashups that I've found on YouTube. I'm always looking for more clips to add to the site, so let me know if you have any requests."

In honor of Woodward and Bernstein, hit the site to watch the video mashup of "All the President's Men" and the Beastie Boys.

And Emily: Christine Tatum requests that you add Merry Miller's disastrous interview of actress Holly Hunter. It's one for the books.

NEW LOOK. Check out the newly redesigned Web site of SPJ's New England Pro chapter.

GOING GLOBAL. Norma Green, a professor at Columbia College Chicago and member of SPJ's International Journalism Committee, attended the inaugural World Journalism Education Conference in Singapore. Read her interesting travel report.

BALANCING FAITH AND WORK. Minority Christian journalists will convene at the World Journalism Institute in New York City on Nov. 2-3. The conference will include newsroom tours, networking and sessions led by prominent journalists, including Judith Howard of The Denver Post; Leema Thomas of Newsday; NAHJ President Rafael Olmeda and Deswood Tome of Navajo Nation. Register online.

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