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SPJ Students Community

Welcome to the new student community of the Society of Professional Journalists! This presence is part of our work to examine innovations and issues in student journalism.

All SPJ student members are invited to join the community. If you're interested in joining, you can do so right here.

Questions? Ideas? We're happy to hear both. Contact Campus Representatives Jordan Gass-Poore or Brett Hall.

Campus Copy Blog:

Eastern Kentucky University combines class and club

Eastern Kentucky University used time in its Media Ethics class to revise the Code of Ethics. The leaders of the SPJ chapter at the school guided the discussion while the class participated. The group came up with these journalism fails. To see what they changed in the code, check here. To host this event at your school, use the information and starter guides in this post. >Continue reading Eastern Kentucky University combines class and club

Students and Educators: Let SPJ help guide the way

The job of a journalism educator is more demanding than ever before. But you are not alone, and SPJ is here to help.

The Society of Professional Journalists understands that changes in the industry have forced educators to rethink and revise curricula. They are being asked — or required — to help students learn about everything that’s new while still teaching the reporting and writing skills that serve as the foundation of journalism. Institutions of higher learning are breaking their budgets to keep up with new software, new hardware and new gadgets. The job of a journalism educator is more demanding than ever before.

Just know that you are not alone. And the Society of Professional Journalists is there to help.

Become a Collegiate Institutional Member

Becoming a Collegiate Institutional Member in SPJ is one of the easiest ways your school can demonstrate to students (and parents) its commitment to producing the best journalists possible. For just $400 a year, your school can join SPJ as a Collegiate Institutional Member and receive the following benefits.

The Campus Copy: SPJ’s Student Journalism Blog

Articles for Students
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Quill: Member Profile: April Dudash
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SPJ News: Ohio University named SPJ Campus Chapter of the Year
Quill: Ten with Kara Swisher

Student Research Guidelines: How SPJ can help students

SPJ is more than happy to help student journalists. We welcome research questions as students pursue studies inside and outside the classroom. We offer a variety of resources and professional experts that are available, but try as we may, our services are not available 24/7/365 — specifically those of our hard-working volunteer experts and committee members. While we recognize those limitations, we will do all we can to assist students. In order to gain that assistance, we ask that students please follow these three guidelines.

SPJ's Campus Media Statement

Our student media are designated public forums and free from censorship and advance approval of content. Student media are free to develop editorial policies and news coverage with the understanding that students and student organizations speak only for themselves. Administrators, faculty, staff or other agents shall not consider the student media's content when making decisions regarding the media's funding.

Show the Love: SPJ’s Campus Media Statement Program

The Society of Professional Journalists is asking college administrators to show their love for a free student press by taking a vow that includes these three magic words: “designated public forum.” Continue Reading

It’s never been easier. Join SPJ with low monthly payments!

Become part of the nation’s largest, most broad-based journalism organization for just a few dollars a month. Complete details inside.

Become part of the nation’s largest, most broad-based journalism organization for just a few dollars a month with our new AutoDues billing option. It’s designed to make all the benefits of membership easily fit into anyone’s budget with a low, automatic payment that gives you access to everything SPJ offers — networking, training, advocacy and more.

SPJ AutoDues gives you the ability to pay both national and local chapter dues with low, monthly payments. Donations to SPJ or the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation may be bundled in as well.

Get all the details — including how you can sign up today — right here.

FOI step-by-step guides

If you're unfamiliar with FOIA laws or just need some guidance, we can help.

FOI for students
FOI for pros

Unfamiliar with FOI laws? Need help submitting a records request? Request denied and don’t know what to do now? Just overwhelmed in general and need a place to start?

The Society of Professional Journalists seeks to maintain constant vigilance in protecting the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and of the press and encouraging a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely. If you're unfamiliar with the laws or just need some guidance, these guides — for pros and students — can help.

FOI for students: A step-by-step guide
FOI for pros: A step-by-step guide

Programs in a Box: Slice 'n' Dice

Grab a slice and let the pros dice. That's right, it's Slice 'n' Dice, a program that brings together students and professionals for networking, résumé critiques and grub.

Grab a slice and let the pros dice. That's right, it's Slice 'n' Dice, a program that brings together students and professionals for networking, résumé critiques and grub. We've got everything you need in the "virtual" box, including directions, flyers and a sign up sheet. There are even some nifty table tents to spruce up the place. All you need to do is bring in the pros and order some pizza.

Also check out: Journalism Movie Night

About Programs in a Box

Is your campus chapter in need of a simple, cost efficient program to draw in members or just have fun? If so, we can help!

Because we understand that sometimes the clock just moves too fast and budgets are just too small, we've recently created Programs in a Box to help you implement a successful program with little planning and little cash.

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