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Robyn Davis Sekula is President of the Louisville Pro Chapter of SPJ. She is a Twitter addict, iPhone-a-holic, writer, speaker and social media consultant. She has spoken frequently at regional SPJ conferences and in 2012 at the national Excellence in Journalism Conference. She spent most of her pre-freelance career as a newspaper reporter, working as a crime and courts reporter in North Carolina, a business editor in Missouri and as a reporter at Business First in Louisville, Ky. She primarily consults with organizations and business in public relations, communications plans and social media strategy. You can find her web site at, follow her on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, add her on Instagram, and, of course, add her on Yo (user name itsRobynwithay).

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Why I’m a Member

David Joachim, New York Times
A matter of values (and value)

I joined SPJ 15 years ago to make contact with people who could help me get started in journalism. I stay in SPJ because those contacts are now my friends, and we do important work together.

David Joachim is the business weekend editor at The New York Times, and he writes for several sections of the paper. Before he joined The Times in 2005, he spent a decade in the technology press, most recently as group editor for six magazines published by CMP Media. He is also the immediate past president of the Deadline Club, the New York City chapter of SPJ.

He has been a member of SPJ for 15 years, because it is the one place where he can rant about press freedoms, and people will actually listen. It reminds him that he became a journalist not for the riches but to be a part of an important component of our democracy, and he sees the society's programs as vital to the profession.

More information is at

We share a central philosophy about the importance of protecting free expression in a democracy. We speak in shorthand, which I'm sure is annoying to any civilian who enters our airspace during a heated discussion. It comforts me to know that when I get excited about something, my SPJ friends are also excited; when I worry, they worry; when I am outraged, they are outraged.

I use e-mail to pass along a lot of news about the news. (I am forever in your debt, Mr. Romenesko.) I try to be economical about it, but I don't succeed at that very often. It's easy to overdo it when I know that the person (OK, people) on the receiving end will share my interest. Usually I don't even bother to preface the article with something like, "I thought you would be interested in this because..." No explanation is needed. They just know.

My newsroom is as frantic as anyone's, and sometimes I get so busy that I disappear from the SPJ radar. During those times, I take comfort from knowing that even though I am disengaged, a passionate and dedicated group of people who share my values is hard at work, making sure that journalists like me are not prevented from doing our job.

SPJ keeps me in tune with the industry, and it has brought me friends for life. I owe SPJ a whole lot more than it owes me.

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Society of Professional Journalists
Eugene S. Pulliam National Journalism Center
3909 N. Meridian St.
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