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Robyn Davis Sekula is President of the Louisville Pro Chapter of SPJ. She is a Twitter addict, iPhone-a-holic, writer, speaker and social media consultant. She has spoken frequently at regional SPJ conferences and in 2012 at the national Excellence in Journalism Conference. She spent most of her pre-freelance career as a newspaper reporter, working as a crime and courts reporter in North Carolina, a business editor in Missouri and as a reporter at Business First in Louisville, Ky. She primarily consults with organizations and business in public relations, communications plans and social media strategy. You can find her web site at, follow her on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, add her on Instagram, and, of course, add her on Yo (user name itsRobynwithay).

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Why I’m a Member
2010 Ted Scripps Leadership Institute Participants

“Membership in the Society of Professional Journalists allows me an opportunity to network with my peers, learn and benefit from their knowledge, and share my own personal experiences in the industry. Particularly in this environment, a cohesive organization like SPJ offers hope and support for journalists.”
— Tom Haraldsen, Utah Headliners Chapter

“If one thing is certain in this life, it’s that not much is certain. But Society of Professional Journalists offers certainty in an uncertain world and an uncertain field. While the future of journalism is uncertain, SPJ cements the certainty of values and standards to young journalists.”
— Caitlin Giddens, Baylor University

“As a second-generation member I began reading Quill from an early age. Later, it was a no brainer when I was invited to join SDX (as it was then) as a senior at the U. of Missouri. My membership allowed me to keep in touch with the journalism community through the years, and now I’m enjoying the challenge of helping build a new chapter in New Mexico.”
— David L. Brown, New Mexico Pro Chapter (Joined 3/27/61)

“The Society of Professional Journalists not only sets a standard for ethical journalism but reflects my personal values — honesty, transparency, open communication, minimizing harm, public education and acknowledging and correcting your own mistakes. As an SPJ member, I better myself through personal and professional connections within the organization.”
— Madeline Novey, Colorado State University

“I am a member of SPJ because of the opportunity it gives to students to meet and learn from distinguished professional journalists. SPJ provides the opportunity to meet and interact with other journalism students from across the country, and is a channel to improve one’s present and future.”
— Ashlan Williams, Lipscomb University

“I have stayed involved in SPJ because of all of the opportunities given me. I have gotten a chance to attend regional and national conferences and learn all about current trends in journalism. I have also helped bring greater awareness for the First Amendment at IU through SPJ.”
— Elvia Malagon, Indiana University (Bloomington)

“Why am I a member of SPJ? That’s easy. College can seem so structured that sometimes you wonder if what you learn in class is even applicable to the ’real world.’ SPJ is that liaison between ’I need to memorize the First Amendment’ and ’Why the heck does the First Amendment matter to me?’”
— Julianne Feller, Ithaca College

“SPJ reaches out to all forms of journalism. No form of journalism is separate and everyone is welcome. We all have something that we can learn from everyone and it is a national organization where everyone is looking out for everyone. It feels as though I am in my own community of professionals before I even graduate.”
— Andrea Sauer, West Virginia University

“When The College at Brockport created the SPJ chapter I am now part of, I found a basis for the most important aspects of journalism that can’t be learned in a classroom. It is a comfort to know that the field I chose to focus on is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the business. In SPJ there is a sense of community for all journalists who value and uphold the same standards of excellence.”
— Julia Fina, The College at Brockport

“SPJ stands behind a Code of Ethics that champions objective journalism. This Code and the network of professional journalists and students involved in SPJ provide passion and support to a changing, uncertain industry. SPJ has enabled me to expand my knowledge of journalism beyond the classroom and newsroom. With this knowledge, I am able to face the unpredictability of the media job market with confidence.”
— Ashley Hemmy, University of Florida

“In this economic era, joining SPJ is one of the few places where an investment will pay off. I joined to expand training opportunities for me and my staff plus build camaraderie among journalists in Northwest Arkansas.”
— Ray Minor, Northwest Arkansas Pro

“I’m a member of SPJ because I believe in the code of ethics and thought it would be a good way to make contacts to further my career.”
— Laurent Bonczijk, Greater Oregon Pro Chapter

“The same reasons I list to students interested in joining the chapter are the reason I joined SPJ. The three reasons are meeting professionals, networking with other student journalists and résumé-building.”
— Evan Tokarz, University of South Florida

“I believe in democracy. I believe that in a world where capitalism has more of a say in government than the people that government serves, someone has to take notes, write the stories and provide a platform for discussion. I am a member of SPJ because I believe in journalism and the pursuit of the truth.”
— Amanda Womac, East Tennessee Pro Chapter

“Because I am a professional journalist. Yes, I can be a journalist without being a member, but it’s hard to claim to be a professional without supporting the professional trade association that fights for journalism.”
— Lucy Chabot Reed, South Florida Pro Chapter

“With every e-mail, seminar and conference from SPJ I am provided an opportunity to advance my knowledge, network and career in journalism. I am a member of SPJ because it makes me a better student, employee and most importantly journalist.”
— Jerriann Sullivan, University of Central Florida

“Why SPJ? Because I believe good journalism doesn’t just happen without effort — and a free, ethical press is a cause worth fighting for. No other organization works to encourage and defend journalistic principles with a broader base of journalists the way SPJ does."”
— Dylan Schlossberg, Lyndon State College

“I’m a member of SPJ because the group puts the important elements that make up journalism in a college campus context. It’s crucial that students learn the importance of free speech and journalism early on, and in a style that makes sense to them. SPJ does this.”
— Katherine Lymn, University of Minnesota

“I am a member of SPJ because it holds endless opportunities for those involved. I am a college student and being involved in SPJ has given me connections and career opportunities that I didn’t think I would have. SPJ is in high respect for Journalists around the world. And being part of the group I think gives you a great advantage that you can’t pass up.”
— Tamara Hastings, Southeast Missouri State University

“While I’ve learned so much from my journalism professors, my biggest introduction to the real world of journalism came through SPJ. As a freshman with an undecided major, the connections I made with local journalists through SPJ made me sure that I wanted to someday call myself a journalist.”
— Meghan Frick, Appalachian State University

“Membership in the Society of Professional Journalists allows me to connect with my peers and gives me a sense of community within my profession.”
— Clay Holtzman, Western Washington Pro

To read more about the Ted Scripps Leadership Institute, follow this link.

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Society of Professional Journalists
Eugene S. Pulliam National Journalism Center
3909 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
317/927-8000 | Fax: 317/920-4789

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