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Text ENCOURAGE (to give to the SDX Foundation), DEFEND (Legal Defense Fund) or ADVOCATE (First Amendment Forever Fund) to 243-725 to give now. You can also donate online here, or call 317-920-4785 to give by phone.


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Show you are SPJ proud by making a gift on the 4.26 Day of Giving. We need your help to reach our goal of 108 gifts, in 24 hours, to celebrate 108 years of improving and protecting journalism.

Give to the programs that matter to you! Whether you want to defend press freedom, train journalists, inspire the next generation or advocate for an open government, your donation will make a huge impact on the future of journalism.

Be 1 of 108 with a gift on 4.26!

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Help us celebrate 108 years of improving and protecting journalism with 108 gifts!

Help us double our goal with 216 gifts!

Peer Challenges

If you are interested in launching a Peer Challenge, please complete this quick web form here. After submitting the form, we will get your challenge code added to the site right away. (No need to wait for that to happen — start challenging your peers using your code right away!)

Throughout the day, participate in fun challenges that make your gift go even further. Compete to help your group claim the top spot on the Peer Challenge Leaderboard (below).

Peer Challenges can be centered around anything — your chapter, your school, your newsroom, your friends/family or anything in between — and the creativity is all up to you. Have fun with it!

Peer Challenge Leaderboard

Code Gifts Raised Description

BACKFREEDOMS 1$ 100000000Anyone who donates at least $20 will get a super awesome SPJ/SDX First Amendment T-shirt that is about to go to press. On the front: "I back the First Amendment." On the back: the First Amendment, complete with five magnificent freedoms.

FLORIDA 0$ 0SPJ Florida will match 1:1 the first $250 in donations from Florida journalists and supporters of journalism. SPJ Florida challenges other chapters to do the same.

ENCOURAGE 0$ 0When 20 gifts are contributed to the Sigma Delta Chi (SDX) Foundation, the supporting foundation of SPJ, the board members of the SDX Foundation will contribute $4,800.

Thank you to all of our generous donors!

See a complete list of our 4.26 Day of Giving donors here.

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Not sure where to give? What's your passion?


The Sigma Delta Chi (SDX) Foundation, the supporting foundation of SPJ, promotes ethical journalism and supports training and education for all journalists. Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible. Learn more about the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation

Click here to donate online or text ENCOURAGE to 243-725 to donate to the SDX Foundation.


The Legal Defense Fund supports litigation that enforces public access to government records and provides financial assistance for legal support to aid in defending the freedom of speech and press guaranteed by the First Amendment. Learn more about the Legal Defense Fund

Click here to donate online or text DEFEND to 243-725 to donate to the Legal Defense Fund.


The First Amendment Forever Fund is a sustained war chest, an endowed fund, to guarantee someone is always fighting for press freedom. It isn’t getting any easier to fight for press freedom. If we don’t do it, who will? Learn more about the First Amendment Forever Fund

Click here to donate online or text ADVOCATE to 243-725 to donate to the First Amendment Forever Fund.

If you want to use Text2Give to contribute to a Peer Challenge, please email khunt@spj.org with the code that should accompany your donation.


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