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SPJ will not induct any Fellows of the Society in 2024, but the award will return in 2025. Learn more about this decision here.

2023 Fellows of the Society
Richard Drew
Marvin Kalb
Soledad O’Brien
Dana Priest
Lesley Visser

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Gallery: Fellows of the Society

Put faces to the names and learn all about the extraordinary journalists who have received SPJ’s highest honor.

Past Honorees

Erwin Canham, editor, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston
Barry Faris, editor-in-chief, International News Service, New York City
Harry J. Grant, chairman of the board, The Milwaukee Journal

Palmer Hoyt, editor & publisher, The Denver Post
Frank Luther Mott, dean, School of Journalism, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
James G. Stahlman, publisher, Tennessee Nashville Banner

Howard Blakeslee, science writer, The Associated Press, New York City
Walter Lippmann, editorial columnist, New York Herald-Tribune
Benjamin McKelway, editor, Washington, D.C. Star

Irving Dilliard, editorial page editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Edward R. Murrow, commentator, CBS, New York City
Alberto Gainza Paz, publisher, La Prensa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

James S. Pope, executive editor, Louisville, Kentucky, The Courier-Journal
James B. Reston, Washington, D.C. correspondent, The New York Times
Louis B. Seltzer, editor, Cleveland Press

Hodding Carter, editor & publisher, Greenville, Mississippi,
Delta Democrat-Times
William B. Henry, commentator, NBC, Washington, D.C.
Basil L. Walters, executive editor, Knight Newspapers, Chicago

Kent Cooper, executive director, The Associated Press, New York City
Virginius Dabney, editor, Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch
DeWitt Wallace, founder & editor, Reader’s Digest, Pleasantville, N.Y.

Paul Bellamy, editor emeritus, The Plain Dealer
Harold L. Cross, author & legal counsel, Skowhegan, Maine
Walter Humphrey, editor, Fort Worth, Texas Press

Luther Huston, Washington, D.C. staff, The New York Times
George Thelm, correspondent, Chicago Daily News
Ward A. Neff, president, Corn Belt Dailies, Chicago

Frank Bartholomew, president, United Press Associations, New York City
J. Montgomery Curtis, director, American Press Institute, Columbia University, New York City
Tom Powell, Jr., editor & publisher, Anamosa, Iowa Eureka and Journal

J. N. Heiskell, president & editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Willard M. Kiplinger, editor, Washington, D.C. Letters and Changing Times
Eric Sevareid, Washington, D.C. news staff chief, CBS

Houston Waring, editor, Littleton, Colorado Independent and Arapaho Herald
Byron Price, executive, The Associated Press, New York
Hal O’Flaherty, foreign correspondent, Chicago Daily News

Isaac Gershman, managing editor, City News Bureau, Chicago
Bernard Kilgore, president, The Wall Street Journal, New York
Frank Stanton, president, CBS, New York

Lyle C. Wilson, vice president and Washington, D.C. general manager, United Press International
James A. Stuart, editor, The Indianapolis Star
William Theodore Evjue, editor & publisher, The Capital Times, Madison, Wis.

Alan J. Gould, executive editor, The Associated Press, New York
Joseph C. John, editor, Suffolk County News, Sayville, Long Island, New York
David Lawrence, editor, U. S. News and World Report, Washington, D.C.

James Strohn Copley, chairman, The Copley Press, San Diego, Calif.
Paul Miller, president, Gannett Newspapers, Rochester, New York; president The Associated Press
Sol Taishoff, president, publisher & editor, Broadcasting Publications, Inc., Washington, D.C.

Robert U. Brown, publisher and editor, Editor & Publisher, New York
Turner Catledge, executive editor, The New York Times
Vermont Royster, editor, The Wall Street Journal, New York

David Dietz, Cleveland, Ohio Press
Mark Foster Ethridge, lecturer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Wes Gallagher, general manager, The Associated Press, New York

James L. Kilgallen, Hearst Newspapers, New York
Ralph McGill, publisher, Atlanta Constitution
Charles A. Sprague, editor and publisher, The Oregon Statesman

Julian Goodman, president, NBC, New York
Eugene C. Pulliam, president, Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. and Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc.
J. R. Wiggins, editor, The Washington Post

Earl J. Johnson, editor and vice president, United Press International
John S. Knight, editor chairman, Knight Newspapers, Miami, Fla.
Theodore H. White, reporter and author, New York

Herbert L. Block (Herblock), editorial cartoonist, The Washington Post
Arthur Krock, retired Washington, D.C. correspondent, The New York Times
Kenneth MacDonald, editor and publisher, Des Moines, Iowa The Des Moines Register and Tribune

Walter Cronkite, CBS New correspondent, New York
John H. Johnson, president, Johnson Publishing Company, Chicago
William H. (Bill) Mauldin, editorial cartoonist, Chicago Sun-Times

Katharine Graham, publisher, The Washington Post
John M. McClelland, Jr., editor and publisher, Longview, Washington The Daily News
Howard K. Smith, commentator, ABC News, New York

George Gallup, founder and chairman, American Institute of Public Opinion
Mary McGrory, columnist and staff writer, Washington Star-News
Roger Tatarian, former editor and vice-president, United Press International

Benjamin C. Bradlee, executive editor, The Washington Post
John Chancellor, NBC News, New York
Harry Reasoner, ABC News, New York

Louis M. Lyons, retired curator, Nieman Foundation for Journalism
I. F. Stone, editor, I. F. Stone’s Weekly
Richard L. Stout, The Christian Science Monitor

David S. Broder, correspondent, The Washington Post
James Jackson Kilpatrick, columnist
Mike Wallace, correspondent, CBS News

William F. Buckley, Jr., columnist
Charlotte Curtis, associate editor, The New York Times
Peter Lisagor, Washington, D.C. bureau chief, Chicago Daily News

Pauline Frederick, international affairs analyst, National Public Radio
Lee Hills, chairman of the board, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc.
Lowell Thomas, newscaster, commentator and author

Eugene Patterson, editor, president and CEO, St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg Times; and president, Congressional Quarterly
Jack Landau, law columnist, Newhouse Newspapers; director, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Richard Salant, president CBS News, New York

Walter Mears, chief, The Associated Press, Washington, D.C. bureau
Dan Rather, co-editor, CBS News “60 Minutes”, New York
Art Buchwald, syndicated columnist, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Washington, D.C.

Clayton Kirkpatrick, president, Chicago Tribune
Clark Mollenhoff, professor of journalism, Washington and Lee University
Red Smith, sports writer, The New York Times

Charles Kuralt, CBS News, New York
Allen H. Neuharth, chairman and president, The Gannett Company, Rochester, New York
Richard M. Schmidt, Jr., general counsel, American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, D.C.

David Brinkley, analyst, ABC News, Washington, D.C.
William Farr, reporter,
Los Angeles Times
William Shawn, editor,
The New Yorker

David Halberstam, journalist and author Elmer W. Lower, dean, University of Missouri School of Journalism and former president, ABC News
Carl Rowan, syndicated columnist

John Seigenthaler, editorial director, USA Today; editor and publisher, The Tennessean
Anthony Lewis, columnist, The New York Times
Marlene Sanders, correspondent, CBS News

A. M. Rosenthal, executive editor, The New York Times
Helen Thomas, White House chief, United Press International
Keith Fuller, former president and general manager of the Associated Press

Ted Koppel, news anchor, ABC News
Eugene L. Roberts, Jr., executive editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Paul Conrad, editorial cartoonist, Los Angeles Times

Kay Fanning, editor, The Christian Science Monitor
David Tennant Bryan, chairman of the board of directors of Media General, Inc.
Frank Bourgholtzer, former foreign correspondent, NBC News

Louis Boccardi, president and general manager, Associated Press
Ellen Goodman, associate editor, columnist, The Boston Globe
John Quinn, executive vice president, Gannett Company, Inc.

Janet Chusmir, executive editor, The Miami Herald
Bob Schieffer, Washington correspondent, CBS News
James D. Squires, executive vice president and editor, Chicago Tribune

Loren Ghiglione, editor, The News, Southbridge, Massachusetts
Georgie Anne Geyer, columnist, Universal Press Syndicate
Bernard Shaw, Washington anchor, CNN

Peter Arnett, correspondent, CNN
Lesley Stahl, correspondent, “60 Minutes”
Dick Leonard, Nieman professor of journalism, Marquette University

Michael G. Gartner, president, NBC News
Bob Greene, assistant managing editor, retired, New York Newsday
Geneva Overholser, editor, The Des Moines Register

Albert Fitzpatrick, assistant vice-president, Knight-Ridder
Bob Chandler, editor The Bulletin, Bend, Oregon; laid groundwork to change the name from the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation to the Society of Professional Journalists
Connie Chung, CBS News

Jane Pauley, NBC News
Garry Trudeau, syndicated cartoonist
Carole Simpson, ABC News

Christiane Amanpour, Correspondent, CNN
Brian Lamb, C-SPAN
William Raspberry, The Washington Post

Herb Caen, columnist, San Francisco Chronicle
Jay T. Harris, chairman and publisher, San Jose Mercury News
William Headline, vice-president, CNN

Jack Nelson, chief Washington correspondent, Los Angeles Times
Tom Snyder, talk show host, CBS News
Linda Wertheimer, National Public Radio

Howard H. (Tim) Hays, formerly of the Riverside Press-Enterprise

Burl Osborne, president of the publishing division of the A.H. Belo Corp.
Mara Liasson, White House correspondent for National Public Radio
Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism

Diane Rehm, National Public Radio and WAMU radio host
Leonard Pitts, syndicated columnist, Miami Herald
Nat Hentoff, syndicated columnist and widely recognized advocate for the First Amendment

Dori Maynard, The Maynard Institute
Bruce Brugmann, The San Francisco Bay Guardian
David Shaw, Los Angeles Times

Leonard Downie Jr., executive editor, The Washington Post
David Handschuh, photographer, New York Daily News
Robert Kaiser, associate editor and senior correspondent, The Washington Post

Hodding Carter III, president/CEO John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Stetson Kennedy, author, historian and retired journalist
Cynthia Tucker, editorial page editor for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tom Curley, president/CEO The Associated Press
Anne Garrels
Bob Woodward

2005 Read press release
Linda Deutsch, The Associated Press
Bill Kovach, Committee of Concerned Journalists
Philip Meyer, Knight Chair in Journalism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2006 Read press release
Sandy Close, Bay Area Institute/Pacific News Service
Ben Bagdikian, Columbia Journalism Review
Reginald Stuart, Knight Ridder Newspapers

2007 Read press release
Ken Paulson, USA Today
Muriel Dobbin, Baltimore Sun
Carl Bernstein, The Washington Post
John Markoff, The New York Times

2008 Read press release
Albert P. Smith, Jr.
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Tim Russert

2009 Read press release
Stanley E. Hubbard
Austin Kiplinger
Nelson Poynter

2010 Read press release
Sydney Schanberg
Ernie Pyle
Bob Steele

2011 Read press release
Dick Goehler
Grover Cleveland Hall
Lane DeGregory

2012 Read press release
Bob Edwards
DeWayne Wickham

2013 Read press release
Al Martinez

2014 Read press release
Michele Norris

2015 Read press release
Lucy Dalglish
Mickey H. Osterreicher

2016 Read press release
Jerry Ceppos
Laura Prather
Don Van Natta Jr.

2017 Read press release
Gerald F. Seib
Stephen Shepard
Lawrence Pintak

2018 Read press release
Chuck Todd
Robert J. Rosenthal
Judy Woodruff

2019 Read press release
Terry Anderson
Maria Ressa
Nick Ut
Jamal Khashoggi

Fellow of the Society
for extraordinary contribution to the profession

Deadline for nominations: April 17, 2024

This recognition honors journalists who have made an extraordinary contribution to the profession. Honorees must agree to attend the SPJ Conference.


Nominations are open to anyone in the journalism community.


Nominations should be accompanied by a letter(s) of recommendation that addresses the nominee’s contributions and/or service to the profession and why the nominee is deserving of this national recognition. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Winner Announcement and Presentation

Winners will be announced in July.


All entries should be submitted no later than April 17, 2024.

For More Information

For more information contact SPJ Headquarters at 317/927-8000 or via e-mail: awards@spj.org

Complete Gallery:
Fellows of the Society