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First Amendment Award


2013   Human Rights Defense Center
2012   Mike Hiestand, Student Press Law Center
2011   Burlington (Vt.) Free Press; Mark Prendergast, Stars and Stripes
2010   Herschel Fink, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, Detroit; Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald; David Cuillier, the University of Arizona School of Journalism
2009   NewsOK.com, Detroit Free Press and Marjie Lundstrom and Sam Stanton, Sacramento Bee
2008   Toni Locy and Illinois First Amendment Center
2007   John Seigenthaler, Sr.
2006   Tom Curley, The Associated Press
2006   Miguel Morales, Kevin Mimms and The Campus Ledger staff
2005   Judith Miller, The New York Times
2005   Mark Felt
2005   The New York Times
2004   Beryl Howell, Stroz Friedburg LLC
2003   American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
2002   Vanessa Leggett
2001   Bruce Orwin, attorney
2001   Laura Cullen, yearbook adviser, Kentucky State University
2001   The Independent Florida Alligator
1998   Carolyn Carlson Founder, Campus Courts Task Force
1998   Howard and Connie Clery and S. Daniel Carter, Security On Campus, Inc.
1994   Mark Goodman and the Student Press Law Center, Washington, DC
1993   The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas
1992   William Hirschman, reporter, The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Kansas
1992   Circuit Judge Laurence C. Gram, Jr., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1992   Daniel Patrinos, operations editor, Milwaukee Sentinel
1990   Peter Sussman, editor, San Francisco Chronicle
1990   Dannie Martin, federal inmate
1990   Justice Lloyd Doggett, Texas Supreme Court
1990   KAET-TV, Phoenix, Arizona
1990   Justice Frank X. Gordon, Jr., Arizona Supreme Court
1990   Dennis Barrie, director, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
1990   Traci Bauer, student, Southwest Missouri State University
1989   William Brennan, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
1989   Ed Jones and the Virginia Press Association
1989   Ralph L. (Bill) Axselle
1988   Jon Ducan, litigation lawyer, Chicago Headline Club
1988   Barbara Schleck, broadcast journalist, Chicago Headline Club
1988   Louis E. Ingelhart, professor emeritus, Ball State University
1987   James Patrick Brody, attorney, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1987   Edmund J. Rooney, assistant professor, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
1986   The Press-Enterprise, Riverside, California
1986   Dean Hill Rivkin, law professor, University of Tennessee
1986   Tony Mauro, Supreme Court reporter, USA Today
1985   The Clarion-Ledger and the Jackson Daily News, Mississippi
1985   Talbot D'Alembert, dean of the law school, Florida State University
1984   Senator Robert Packwood of Oregon
1984   Alfred H. Knight III, attorney, Nashville, Tennessee
1983   Brown and Bain, legal firm, Phoenix, Ariz.
1983   Frank Snepp, author
1983   Bruce Sanford, SPJ/SDX First Amendment counsel
1982   The Missoulian, Missoula, Mont.
1982   Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont
1982   Jean Otto, chairperson, board of directors, First Amendment Congress, Inc.
1982   Richmond Newspapers, Inc., Richmond, Virginia
1982   Bernie Wynn, Arizona First Amendment Coalition, Phoenix, Ariz.
1981   WCBS-TV, New York City
1980   Allen Neuharth
1980   Retired U.S. Representative John E. Moss
1980   Richard M. Schmidt, Jr., general counsel, ASNE
1980   FOI Center and its director, Paul L. Fisher, University of Missouri
1980   Milton B. Chilcott
1979   Scottsdale, Arizona Daily Progress and publisher Jonathan Marshall
1977   Charleston, West Virginia Gazette
1977   Great Falls, Montana Tribune
1976   Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune
1976   Media of Nebraska Committee
1976   Daniel Schorr
1976   The Fresno Four
1976   Raymond Spangler
1976   William Farr
1975   Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
1975   Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Please note: SPJ discontinued this award in 2013. For active competitions honoring similar efforts, please visit the pages for SPJ's Sunshine Award and Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award.

The First Amendment Award honored individuals and organizations for extraordinarily strong efforts to preserve and strengthen the First Amendment.

The SPJ board of directors selected honorees for the First Amendment Award based on recommendations from the national SPJ Freedom of Information Committee.

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