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Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award

Deadline for nominations: April 17

This Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award, made annually, honors a collegiate journalism educator and recognizes outstanding teaching ability, contributions to journalism, journalism education and contributions toward maintaining the highest standards of the profession.

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2023 Honoree
Jill Martin
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Past Recipients
2022   Dorothy Bland, University of North Texas
2021   Amara Aguilar, University of Southern California
2020   Stephen G. Bloom, University of Iowa
2019   Melinda McAdams, University of Florida
2018   José Luis Benavides, California State University, Northridge
2017   Robert Buckman, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2016   Jeff South, Virginia Commonwealth University
2015   Robert Hernandez, University of Southern California-Annenberg
2014   Sue Burzynski Bullard, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2013   Mike Foley, University of Florida
2012   Mitch Eden, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Mo.
2011   Asra Q. Nomani and Barbara Feinman Todd, Georgetown University
2010   Richard Hendrickson, John Carroll University
2009   Max Branscomb, Southwestern College
2008   Lydia Chavez, University of California, Berkeley
2007   Ralph Izard, Louisiana State University/Ohio University
2006   Gaylon E. (Gene) Murray, Grambling State University
2005   Lisa Birkley, Highlands High School
2004   Steven Pasternack, New Mexico State University
2003   Sue Kopen Katcef, University of Maryland
2002   Marcel Dufresne, University of Connecticut
2001   Roger S. Simpson, University of Washington
2000   Gary Rice, Southwest Texas State University
1999   Bailey Thompson, University of Alabama
1998   Dr. John Marlin Shipman, Arkansas State University
1997   Sam Freedman, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
1996   Merrill Bankester, Troy State University
1995   Clifford Rowe, Pacific Lutheran University
1994   David McHam, Southern Methodist University
1993   George Kelly, East Tennessee State University
1992   Professor James Gordon, Bowling Green (Ohio) State University
1991   Professor Dwight Teeter, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
1990   Rev. James W. Whalen, College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota
1989   Dr. Robin Glassman, Southern Connecticut State University
1988   B. Kelly Leiter, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
1987   Warren Agee, University of Georgia
1986   John J. Clarke, Ohio State University
1985   John Bremner, University of Kansas
1984   Benjamin Baldwin, Northwestern University
1983   George S. Hage, University of Minnesota
1982   Russell N. Baird, Ohio University
1981   Paul A. Atkins, West Virginia University
1980   Edwin Emery, University of Minnesota
1979   Floyd G. Arpan, Indiana University
1978   Edmund C. Arnold, Virginia Commonwealth University
1977   Edward Bliss, Jr., American University
1976   R. Neale Copple, University of Nebraska
1975   J. Edward Gerald, University of Minnesota
1974   John Hohenberg, Columbia University
1973   DeWitt C. Reddick, University of Texas
1972   Alvin E. Austin, University of North Dakota
1971   Ralph O. Nofziger, University of Wisconsin
1970   John L. Hulteng, University of Oregon
1969   Chilton R. Bush, Stanford University
1968   Mitchell V. Charnley, University of Minnesota
1967   Curtis D. MacDougall, Northwestern University
1966   A. L. Higginbotham, University of Nevada


Anyone teaching in the field of journalism on the college level is eligible.


Nominations can be submitted by students, former students, colleagues and department heads, as well as professionals in the field. SPJ membership is not a requirement for eligibility. Nomination form shall be accompanied by a CV, letter(s) of recommendation from dean/department head as well as letters of support from students that address the nominee’s contributions and service to journalism education. Materials should reflect why the nominee is deserving of this national recognition. Self-nominations are permitted.

Winner Announcement and Presentation

Winners will be announced in July.


All entries should be submitted no later than April 17.

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Contact SPJ Headquarters at 317/927-8000 or e-mail: awards@spj.org

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