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  • Who reviewed your financial statements?

    (All chapters MUST appoint three members each year to review bank statements; reconcile checks and check registers against bank statements; review receipts; and examine expenses. Do not include chapter officers in the audit group.)

  • Please note that all chapters must:

    — File a Form 990 if considered a subordinate of SPJ nationally. Please attach that form (if required) using the upload tool below.

    — Submit a report detailing income and expenses.

    — Submit bank statements. Please attach statements for the 12 months ending (or closest to) April 30, 2020 using the upload tool below.

    — Provide bylaws. Please attach current bylaws using the upload tool below.

    Note: If you are unsure if your chapter is a subordinate chapter with the IRS, please contact Caroline Escobar at cescobar@spj.org.

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