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2023-24 SPJ Chapter Annual Report Guidelines and Submission Form

Due: July 19, 2024 • Covers period from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024

Offline/email alternative

As an alternative, you also may download this annual reports template file [Microsoft Word .docx format, compressed into a ZIP file], fill it out offline, and submit it via email. Because the annual reports form is a long one, you may prefer to do it this way so that you can fill it out pieces at a time and eliminate any likelihood of connection errors.

SPJ professional and student chapters are asked to report on their activities each year to satisfy SPJ bylaws and to be considered for chapter awards. You can find the form below.

SPJ’s 12 regional coordinators use these answers to select Chapters of the Year, as well as Circle of Excellence winners. Campus chapter reports should be filled out by a chapter member, not the adviser.

Each answer under “Chapter Activities” should be no more than 200 words. Programs should not be listed in multiple sections. Please include links or media coverage to elaborate on activities.

All annual reports should be submitted online (the form appears below) or via e-mail using the Word document (blue box, right). If you have questions about the report or cannot meet the filing deadline, contact membership, or contact your regional coordinator.

SPJ Chapter Annual Report Submission Form

Thank you for submitting this information about your chapter. This helps us to ensure your chapter completes the minimum requirements as a recognized SPJ Chapter, entitling your chapter to be considered in good standing. Depending on your status with SPJ, you may need to submit several required documents (IRS Forms, Income/Expense Report, 12 months of bank statements, chapter bylaws, etc.). We also want to know about your chapter’s successes for award consideration and to collect best practices of our SPJ chapters. You may need to collect information on events and activities to submit them here. We recommend that you read through the entire form before beginning this process. On average, it will take you about 20 minutes to complete the form.