EIJ ’11: Wish you were there!

Excellence in Journalism 2011 is now history! Thank you to everyone who attended, spoke, exhibited, performed and volunteered their time. Because of you, the event — a joint effort by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio Television Digital News Association — was an incredible success.

If you couldn't join us, this collection of streaming media (free to all SPJ members) and Working Press coverage is the next best thing.

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Super Session with CNN's Soledad O’Brien

Description: Soledad O’Brien, CNN anchor, special correspondent and author, served as the opening Super Session speaker for the Excellence in Journalism 2011 Conference in New Orleans.

The host of “In America,” Soledad sat down with retired ABC News senior Washington correspondent John Cochran to discuss and share her first-hand experience on telling stories of underreported communities and the challenges that go along with it.

O’Brien is a multiple award-winning journalist who has covered major events, from Hurricane Katrina and the South Asian tsunami, to the war in Iraq. In her critically-acclaimed documentaries, “Black in America” and “Latin in America,” she covers topics that affect millions of Americans.

Listen to or download audio (17.7 MB, 47:54)

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Super Session with Andy Carvin

Description: Andy Carvin covered events such as earthquakes, assassination attempts and the Arab Spring uprisings.

The kicker? For all of those events, he was in the U.S. and provided coverage through Twitter.

Posting on the social media site began as a hobby for Carvin. More than 97,000 tweets later, the hobby has evolved into a profession: senior strategist for National Public Radio.

Carvin, who has held the position since 2006, spoke to a crowd Tuesday in the Rhythms Ballroom about his social media coverage of the uprisings in the Middle East and Africa.

Listen to or download audio (23.5 MB, 1:03:13)

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Keynote with CBS News Chairman and 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager

Description: CBS News Chairman and 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager delivered the keynote address at Excellence in Journalism 2011.

Fager became the first chairman of CBS News in February 2011, after re-shaping its flagship broadcast, 60 Minutes, into an editorially more vibrant and news-conscious program that regularly makes Nielsen’s Top 10 and wins unprecedented amounts of awards. His efforts to improve the hit program online have also made the 60 Minutes brand a hit on the Internet and the model of successful electronic journalism in the digital age.

In his new role, he continues to oversee 60 Minutes, while executing his plan to transfer that success to all of the news division’s platforms, on television, radio and the Internet.

Listen to or download audio (22.4 MB, 59:53)

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Ten Tips Every News Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Description: Professional journalists are increasingly launching news websites in communities across the country. To be successful, they need a new skill set that encompasses more than just journalism. Are you ready to launch a local news startup? Or do you want to grow an existing site? Explore what it takes to run a site of your own and get additional resources to help you before, during and after launch.

Speaking: Jan Schaffer, executive director, J-Lab

Listen to or download audio (22.3 MB, 1:01:41)

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Just Who Do You Think You Are? Launch Your Personal Brand

Description: Who are you, really? You’re a journalist?! But nowadays there are so many types of journalists. Are you a writer? Reporter? Producer? Editor? Blogger? Photographer? All of the above? In a time when there’s no shortage of journalists, it’s more important than ever to create your personal brand. You’ll be subject to Google searches, Facebook frisks, LinkedIn screenings and Twitter inspections. Branding will help set you apart from your competition. You’ve heard employers ask you to describe yourself. We'll show you how to pull your brand together by building a portfolio site that sells YOURNAME.com.

Speaking: Lara Salahi, associate producer/reporter, ABC News; Deb Wenger, trainer, SPJ Newsroom Training Program

Listen to or download audio (21.9 MB, 59:24)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

Social Media: Building Page Views, Viewers and Revenue

Description: Make social media work for your newsroom, business or organization. This is a can't-miss for those looking to develop or refine their social media strategy with particular attention to how social media can increase page views, viewers and revenue. Plus, get the scoop on the latest social media technologies and how you can put them to work right away.

Speaking: Kim Wilson, founder, SocialNewsDesk; Josh Rickel, Mass Relevance

Listen to or download audio (22.4 MB, 1:00:36)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

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How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App

Description: As Web technology moves into the mobile realm, journalists need the skills to seamlessly integrate into this new technology. See how to build your own iPhone app and find out how easy it can be to create a mobile version of your website/news feed/podcast. NO technical expertise required!

Speaking: Jeff Cutler, social media journalist

Listen to or download audio (21.7 MB, 59:11)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

Creating Multiplatform Stories

Description: Learn to take advantage of the strengths of each platform to create your own multiplatform stories. Become your own "team coverage." Find out how to get viewers, readers and surfers to watch, read and surf your content. Whether you're a Jack (or Jill) of all media, or work with a team of journalists from other platforms, bring your story ideas and let's explore how you can turn them into multiplatform stories when you head back to your newsroom.

Speaking: Victoria Lim, reporter/anchor, Bright House Sports Network

Listen to or download audio (25.1 MB, 1:09:03)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

Transformational Newspaper: Newspapers in 2011

Description: During the period June 15, 2010 to July 15, 2011, Valid Sources, a non-profit organization formed to identify and promote excellent, ethically-balanced journalism, visited 50 U.S. newspapers — one in each state. Their goal was to assess the status of newspapers and learn how newspaper companies are re-positioning themselves to survive and compete in the digital age. What were the key findings from this yearlong reporting venture? Hear how newspapers are rethinking their operating methods; reorganizing their newsrooms; refocusing their coverage; and revising job descriptions for current and future employees.

Speaking: Paul Steinle, president, Valid Sources; Sara Brown, Ph.D., secretary/treasurer, Valid Sources

Listen to or download audio (23.3 MB, 1:03:55)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

Get Active! New Ways to Listen, Learn and Engage Your Audience

Description: Join this fast-paced social-media session. Learn how to employ a variety of "active listening" techniques to research and develop better pieces. Then see the best tools for collecting content. Finally, hear how easy it is to leverage social tools to connect with and engage viewers and readers. Bring your notebook and prepare to get active!

Speaking: Jeff Cutler, social media journalist

Listen to or download audio (22.2 MB, 1:00:28)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

Records of Disaster

Description: Find out more about government documents for covering hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, fires, oil spills and other mayhem. Learn what public records are available to help you better cover disasters in your community, whether it's deadline reporting or following the aftermath.

Speaking: Mark Schleifstein, environment reporter, The Times-Picayune; Michael Morisy, co-founder, MuckRock.com; Sheri Fink, doctor and 2010 Pulitzer winner

Listen to or download audio (21.9 MB, 1:00:23)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

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More Than 140 Characters

Description: Using Twitter, Facebook and any other sort of social media is more than updating your status. It's engaging your audience and creating a relationship. Learn from very experienced and respected social media leaders how you can not only embrace new media, but also how you can use it to create new experiences.

Speaking: Ryan Osborn, director of social media, NBCU; Amy Wood, news anchor, WSPA-TV; Kara Matuszewski Sassone, web producer, WBZ-TV

Listen to or download audio (22.2 MB, 1:00:33)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

Ethics for Entrepreneurs

Description: Many journalism brain trusts believe the way to save journalism is to turn more and more of the profession over to entrepreneurs who will create new business models for sustainability. However, how can one successfully manage the roles of business owner and ethical journalist? Should CEO mean chief executive officer or chief ethical officer? Explore the inherent conflicts to owning and operating a business from both the business and journalistic perspectives.

Speaking: Kevin Smith, chairman, SPJ National Ethics Committee; Ariella Cohen, co-founder and staff writer, The Lens, New Orleans; Mark Briggs, author, “Journalism Next,” “Journalism 2.0” and “Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to Build What’s Next for News”

Listen to or download audio (24.5 MB, 1:07:21)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

How to Build What’s Next for News

Description: See what the future of journalism will look like based on some of the more promising ventures currently finding success. It’s an explosion of journalism, just in different forms. People are using social media, data and mobile more and more for journalism, which is finding new success fueled by entrepreneurial passion.

Speaking: Mark Briggs, author, “Journalism Next,” “Journalism 2.0” and “Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to Build What’s Next for News”

Listen to or download audio (18.5 MB, 50:41)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

“I See Opportunities”: Journalism Skills Needed Virtually Everywhere

Description: So many digital tools, so many ways to use them. What are the future trends online and how can newsroom leaders, journalists and educators capitalize on them? Be present for an engaging, entertaining and interactive look at ways you can tell better stories, create positions and leverage the foundations of journalism in the virtual arena. Many argue "we can't afford it." In today's world, "we can't afford" not to embrace change. Come get your money's worth and leave with options and optimism.

Speaking: Dr. Sybril Bennett, associate professor, Belmont University

Listen to or download audio (24.1 MB, 1:06:18)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

20 Tips Your Editor Won't Tell You

Description: Newspaper writers are like paramedics: Always on call, never knowing what you might find around the next corner. Learn how to capture the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people and find stories everywhere you go. Come away with at least three story ideas.

Speaking: Lane DeGregory, features writer, St. Petersburg Times

Listen to or download audio (27.8 MB, 1:16:31)

Additional coverage [RTDNA.org]

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