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Freelance Community Discussion Board: Newest Posts
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Freelance Community Jobs Board: Newest Listings
– Cybersecurity Law Reporter
– Energy Reporter
– Freelance Journalist

Quill: Stories About Freelancing
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Freelancer Directory: Newest Freelancers
– Brickman, Laura (Location: NY)
– Touney, Janice (Location: IA)
– Penrod, Emma (Location: UT)
– Ross, Lynn (Location: PA)
– Papp, Jozsef (Location: GA)

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SPJ Freelance Community

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Welcome to the Freelance Community!

We are SPJ's largest and most active community, with events and programs throughout the year and nearly 150 members.


What are “communities,” in SPJ terms? SPJ authorized members to form communities in 2014, as a means of engaging groups of journalists with similar interests or circumstances in SPJ-sponsored activities. The Freelance Community was one of the first to form and was the largest of the seven groups as of March 2017.

Does the Freelance Community have officers? The Community has a leadership structure akin to that of chapters. We have a chair (or president), vice chair, secretary, membership coordinator, events coordinator, resources coordinator, and two at-large board members. Meet our board members here.

How are the officers chosen? We hold online elections in the fall each year.

Does the Freelance Community charge dues, like some chapters do? At this time we have decided not to charge dues.

I’m already in the Freelancer Directory — does that mean I’m automatically a member? Not necessarily. The Freelancer Directory started listing SPJ members who freelance long before communities were authorized, so many independent journalists profiled in it did not have the option to join at that time.

Do I have to be listed in the Freelancer Directory to be a member of the Freelance Community — or vice versa? No, these decisions are independent of each other. Any SPJ member can have a profile in the Directory.

What other resources does the Freelance Community provide? We publish On Your Own: A Guide to Freelance Journalism, which is updated several times a year. Our Community hub on lists freelance job openings, and we are compiling and updating a list of fellowships, grants, contests, awards, and courses of interest to independent journalists. We also sponsor the SPJ Freelance Community Facebook group, and we tweet at