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Freelance Community Discussion Board: Newest Posts
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Freelance Community Jobs Board: Newest Listings
– Features reporter
– Vermont News Reporter
– Freelance Writer

Quill: Stories About Freelancing
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Freelancer Directory: Newest Freelancers
– Gorman, Denis (Location: NY)
– Rose, Allison (Location: FL)
– Lindenmuth, Kaylee (Location: PA)
– Bolin, Sara Beth (Location: AL)
– Segall, Peter (Location: CA)

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Whether you're looking for freelancers or have a lead to share with your fellow freelancers, all posts for paid freelance opportunities are welcome. Please include a brief description of the job, its requirements and any pertinent contact information. Fields marked with an asterisk are required; all other fields are optional.

Note: If you are hiring to fill a full-time journalism job, please post your notice here.

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SPJ Freelance Community

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