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Home > Excellence in Journalism 2014 Call for Programs and Ideas > Call for Programs > Submission Form

Sept. 4-6, 2014 | Nashville, Tenn.

Excellence in Journalism 2014 Call for Programs Submission

Use this form to submit specific program proposals with topic, content, and suggested speaker (even if yourself): Example:

— Title: "Social Media Ethics"
— Sample Description: Two-to-three sentence description.
— Suggested speaker: Name/title of proposed speaker

If you would prefer to submit general conference topics (e.g. ethics, FOI, social media) and speakers you'd like to see, without specific program titles or descriptions, you may do so here.

Sorry, the deadline to submit proposals has passed.

Daytime Phone:

Program Objectives

Complete this sentence, "Following your program participants will be able to..."




Entry-level (0-3 years)
Mid-level (4-7 years)
Senior-level (8+ years)

Program Track Category

Please indicate the category (or categories) which your program could be labeled. The examples listed below are not all-inclusive; please do not feel limited by the examples provided.

The Craft: Beginner

The Craft: Advanced

Digital/Social Media: Beginner

Digital/Social Media: Advanced

Newsroom Leadership/Management

Ethics, First Amendment, Diversity, Freedom of Information

Breaking News, Hot Topics, Current Events

Other (please specify)

Program Title and Description

Program Title:

If your proposal is selected, this is the description that will be used for publication:

Program Participant(s)
Who would be involved and what would their role be?

Other Info
Include any additional information about your program here.

Terms of Agreement

By submitting this form, the Program Coordinator agrees to the following:

— To supply handouts to the attendees.
— All program participants understand the need to register and pay for the conference by the registration deadline, unless attending only for their session. In that case a complimentary session speaker registration option is available (meals are not included).
— All program participants acknowledge that all travel and hotel costs are his/her responsibility.
— As the Program Coordinator, I understand that I will be the contact person for the RTDNA/SPJ staffs regarding this program and it is my responsibility to forward all communication to any other program participants.

Complete this form and click the continue button to review your submissions.

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