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Diversity Committee
On both chapter and national levels, SPJ provides an open forum for the discussion of diversity issues in journalism. This committee's purpose is to promote a broader voice in newsrooms across the country and expand the depth and quality of news reports through better sourcing. Its ongoing project is the compilation of experts — primarily women, gays and lesbians, people of color and people with disabilities — through the Society's Diversity Source Book. The Society's relevance to its member is based on inclusiveness.

Rainbow Diversity Sourcebook
Submit Source

Searching the Sourcebook
To search, check one or more of the topic boxes, then scroll down to the bottom and click “search.”

You can limit your original search by state, “minority voice” or other choices — but the more you limit the search, the fewer results you will get.

If you know the name or organization of the source you are seeking, fill in any of the “personal information” blanks.

See the Diversity Toolbox for essays on how to make your work more inclusive and for comprehensive links to other resources.

Diversity Committee Chair

Sandra Gonzalez

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Rainbow Diversity Sourcebook
Request for proposals

Contact information

Organization or university:
Mobile Phone:

Program Information

Please describe your plan for the project, including:
— Analysis of sourcebook needs
— Specific plans for update
— Frequency of updates
— Time frame (one, two or three years)

Please suggest any new expertise areas or existing areas that need more attention.

Please describe the educational and/or research component of the project.

Please describe the promotion and awareness component of the project.

What process will you use to maintain the Sourcebook's continuity and transferability?

Please include a proposed timeline for the project.

Please include an itemized budget for the project.

Please include an evaluation plan, including numerical goals for sources.

Please include a brief bio that touches on qualifications for this project.

Why are you interested in participating in this project?

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