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Welcome to the Society of Professional Journalists' Diversity Toolbox. The toolbox offers essays and links to resources that will help you broaden the perspectives and voices in your work. Journalists who want to improve their reporting will find valuable help throughout these areas of the site.

We highlight diversity in our mission statement because we believe it is essential to excellence and high standards in reporting.  We incorporate diversity in our code of ethics because we believe journalists must make every effort to describe all aspects of the human experience, that we must avoid the stereotyping and limited vision that corrupt accuracy. Comprehensive and fair news coverage is essential to an informed public and to democracy itself.

Journalism is often a rushed business. Good reporters must continually find new sources. And~seeking the truth~requires searching for truths and viewpoints that may not be apparent in every newsroom. We hope you'll use this source book often, and we hope you'll add your own suggestions to it to create an even better tool.


Dedicated to Charles Jackson: Editor, teacher, mentor, and stalwart for diversity

Funded by the SDX Foundation

Project Director: Sally Lehrman

Thanks to all who helped put this resource together, especially the following:

Rainbow research
Tracy Jan
Sue Landsittel
Amanda Lam
Karina Ioffee
Lisa Daniels
Janine Sutherlin
Connie Murray
Sara Millman
Michelle Jeffers
Sara Dunn
Ann L. Kim
Dale Eastman
Eric Young

Technical help
Randy Reddick
Mauro Alvarez
Robert Harlow

Office space
Center for Investigative Reporting
Stanford University
Center for the Integration and Improvement of Journalism
The Grotto, San Francisco
Mac McKerral
Greg Jones

Moral and other support
Tom Ballantyne
Gordon D. McKerral
Reginald Stuart
Kyle Niederpruem
Al Cross
Venise Wagner
Peter Sussman
SDX Board (1998-2002)
SPJ Board (1998-2002)
Julie Grimes
New York Deadline Club
Eric Brazil
David Carlson
Paul McMasters
Paul Davis
Catherine Davis
Tammi Hughes
Dori J. Maynard
Steve Chin
Felix Gutierrez
Greg Lewis
SPJ NorCal Board
SPJ Diversity Committee

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