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Covering and Protecting
Your Elections

Tools to detect misinformation, protect yourself and your data online, and connect with voters

Where we’re headed

The SPJ Training Program will be traveling to the following cities in September and October to deliver this FREE training in-person to area journalists:

Sept.September 5

Austin, Texas @ ONA18 Conference
JW Marriott Austin
Sept.September 13-15
Details/Register [ONA18 website]
Note: This training is open to ONA18 attendees only.

Las Vegas
Sept.September 18

Sept.September 25
Lenfest Institute for Journalism

Baltimore @ Excellence in Journalism Conference
Hilton Baltimore
Sept.September 27-29
EIJ18 website
Note: This training is open to EIJ18 attendees only.

Columbus/Dublin, Ohio
Oct.October 2
Ohio University-Dublin

Milwaukee, Wisc.
Oct.October 2
Marquette University

Madison, Wisc.
Oct.October 4
University of Wisconsin-Madison

St. Paul

Oct.October 4
Twin Cities PBS

Oct.October 11
Arizona State University

Chicago @ LION Summit
Columbia College Chicago
Oct.October 11-13
Details/Register [LION website]
Note: This training is open to LION Summit attendees only.

Oct.October 12
Florida International University (North)
Note: Two separate trainings — one in English, one in Spanish — will be available at this stop.

Mt. Hood, Ore. @ JAWS CAMP
Mt. Hood Oregon Resort
Oct.October 12-14
Details/Register [JAWS website]
Note: This training is open to CAMP attendees only.

Washington, D.C.
Google D.C. office
Oct.October 16

Morgantown, W.Va.
Oct.October 19
West Virginia University

Oct.October 22
Denver Press Club

Lincoln, Neb. @ MobileMe&You
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Oct.October 25
Details/Register [MobileMe&You website]
Note: This training is open to MobileMe&You attendees only.

Louisville, Ky. @ College Media Association convention
The Galt House Hotel
Oct.October 25-28
Details/Register [CMA website]
Note: This training is open to CMA convention attendees only.

Los Angeles
USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
Mar.March 29, 2019
Details/registration coming soon

Helping voters get the full story

During election season, misleading news reports can sway opinions. Digital attacks can take important websites offline, silencing information when voters need it most. Journalists need access to accurate information, and a clear understanding of how to break down complicated topics with data. These are areas where Google tools and workflows can provide real value.

The SPJ Training Program, in association with the Google News Initiative, is offering free training on a wide range of Google tools and workflows that can help you engage your audience, research and report information around the elections, and use data visualizations in powerful new ways.

What we’ll cover

Verification & Fact Checking
This workshop will show you time-saving methods to verify the authenticity and accuracy of images, videos and reports that you find in social media and elsewhere online. With content developed in collaboration with First Draft News, this workshop will assist in tools and workflows to help verify questionable content, so that you don't fall for hoaxes, rumors and misinformation — especially in the important election periods.

Safety & Security
Safety and security online is important for all users, but especially for journalists in the field conducting sensitive, difficult, and sometimes dangerous reporting. According to a recent study of more than 2,700 newsroom managers and journalists from 130 countries, at least half of those surveyed don’t use any tools or methods to protect their data and information online. Attend this workshop to learn how to protect yourself and your news organization from hacking, phishing, malware, other digital attacks and censorship — for the upcoming election season and beyond.

Data Journalism
This workshop will help you unlock the powerful world of data journalism to tell deep, insightful stories. You’ll learn to find, analyze, interpret and visualize data in compelling new ways — and help your audience gain a deeper understanding of election data and campaigns.

Journalism Ethics
The Society of Professional Journalists believes ethical journalism ensures the free exchange of information that is accurate and fair. This workshop will highlight important principles that are the foundation of ethical journalism while encouraging their use by all people in all media — during election season and every day:

– Seek Truth and Report It
– Minimize Harm
– Act Independently
– Be Accountable and Transparent


Contact Lou Harry via email or by phone at 317-920-4786.

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