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October 22, 2020

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“Fake news! Fake news!”

You hear these words being screamed on the TV and see them on your social media timelines nonstop these days. But what does this phrase really mean, and how can you be sure you’re not helping spread false information from less-than-credible sources?

Don’t be part of the problem. Find tools and tips here on how to identify everything from satire to opinion pieces to ethical news. You’ll be one of the most media-savvy consumers — and sharers — of information among all your followers and friends in no time!

Tools for Fact Checking

Not sure the story you just read is true? Want to be armed with facts at your next family gathering so you can set Uncle John straight on what your candidate stands for? Or do you simply enjoy making sure the sources you receive your information from are accurate and ethical?

Here’s a list of fact checking resources to keep handy. Refer to them often — and encourage your friends to do the same.

Associated Press: Understanding the Election

AP’s role in U.S. elections
How AP counts the vote
How AP calls races
How AP uses polling
AP VoteCast methodology
Video with Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace: Understanding the election: Why this year is different
Video with Election Decision Editor Stephen Ohlemacher on how we declare winners
Video with Deputy Managing Editor David Scott on how we count the vote

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