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SPJ Ethics Week

April 29 - May 3, 2019

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Ethics in the News

Coverage of journalism ethics — the challenges, the missteps, the best practices and more — during one of the industry's most volatile times.

OPINION: Perception of bias: The media and the Mueller report [Quill]

Is news without names the new normal? [Quill]

How The New York Times maintains its credibility [Quill]

OPINION: Journalism ethics: Keeping an arm’s length relationship with sources []

News coverage of high profile suicides sparks debate about journalism ethics []

How MPR News covered the Keillor harassment story []

CNN correspondent discusses fake news, ethics of journalists as part of lecture series []

Restoring Faith In Common Facts: Experts Say It's Complicated []

OPINION: How and when to break your off the record promises []

Jessica Mendoza will work for the Mets and ESPN. Is that a conflict of interest? []

Sloppy social, correct corrections, targeted takedowns: What keeps standards editors up at night []

Journalism needs to practice transparency in a different way to rebuild credibility []

OPINION: The 'Ethical Calculus' Behind NPR's Decision To Air A Presidential Speech []

OPINION: Reporters covering underprivileged communities face pressure to pay sources []

OPINION: Helping corrections catch up to mistakes in a social media world []

OPINION: With the press under assault, the stakes are too high for journalists to fail on basic ethics []

Experts question TV station's role in Orlando police hostage negotiation []

News outlets mostly avoided publishing the video of the New Zealand attacks []

OPINION: The case for an ‘About’ page on news websites []