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SPJ Ethics Week

April 29 - May 3, 2019

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Ethics in the News

Coverage of journalism ethics — the challenges, the missteps, the best practices and more — during one of the industry's most volatile times.

The New York Times will fly you around the world for $135,000. Is that a problem? []

L.A. Times Now Offers Vacations With Its Journalists — for a Fraction of What New York Times Charges []

CNN’s Russia story retraction and the danger of relying on one anonymous source []

Why CNN was accused of Blackmail over HanAssholeSolo Story []

CNN 'extremely unethical' with Reddit user, but was it blackmail? []

CNN Is Standing By Its Controversial Reddit User Story []

CNN Story About Source of Trump Wrestling Video Draws Backlash []

The Ethics of Leaks []

Providence Journal identified its own anonymous source, Will police officer sue? []

Virtual Reality and Journalistic Ethics: Where Are the Lines? []

Puerto Rico’s Situation Is Not up for Debate [SPJ Blogs]

Reporting on Disasters [SPJ Blogs]

As Trump slams media, an Indiana lawmaker has drafted a bill to license journalists []

‘I’m a year ahead of Trump on this’: Indiana Republican wants journalists to register with police []

Lawmaker wants licensing requirements for journalists []

Indiana lawmaker drafts bill that would require journalists to be licensed by police []

Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas Wants to Create “First Amendment Licenses” for Journalists []

Indiana pol wants to license journalism as if it was a gun []

Undercover reporting used by the ethically challenged []

Fake Quotes in Campus Newspaper? Reporter Quits Before Hearing []

If Bernie Bernstein Existed, He’d Be a Terrible Journalist []

Video: The Balance Between Necessary and Excess [SPJ Blogs]

Sinclair’s mandates threaten independent, local journalism [Quill]

Sinclair’s ‘teachable moment’ raises even more questions [Quill]

How not to report on mass shootings []

Morning Record: How should the new media cover white nationalists? []

Ethics: Clarifying terrifying terms [Quill]

The Three Missteps of ABC News [SPJ Blogs]

Journalists Must Be Held Accountable [SPJ Blogs]

Journalists Must Speak up for Colleagues [SPJ Blogs]

Newsroom ethics discussions don’t have to be uncomfortable [Quill]

LA Weekly's new owners are still a mystery, and people are demanding answers []

A Mysterious Company Bought LA Weekly And Just Gutted Its Staff []

Angelenos, alt-weekly journalists still in the dark regarding who actually owns the L.A. Weekly []

What Happened to 'LA Weekly'? []

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette moves Trump's 'shithole countries' quote at behest of conservative publisher John Block []

The Power of Words [SPJ Blogs]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial on racism draws fire from foundations and dozens of former staffers []

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publisher refuses to print in-house criticism of ‘Reason as racism’ editorial []

A film critic was suspended for allegedly buying fake Twitter followers. Justified or overreaction? []

Navigating Conflicts of Interest []

Sam Nunberg’s live interviews were strange and uncomfortable. Should he have been on TV at all? []

CNN spent more time on Sam Nunberg ‘scandal porn’ than mainstream media peers []

On-Air Interviews — A Complex Equation [SPJ Blogs]