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April 24-29, 2023

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SPJ is excited to celebrate Ethics Week, April 24-28! This is a time to share why journalism ethics matter, explain how you report ethically and show your support of ethical reporting and ethical journalists.

Please share SPJ events, webinars and resources on social media and with anyone you think may be interested. Encourage your friends and colleges to join SPJ to show their commitment to ethical journalism. Make a donation to SPJ in support of our ethics training programs and advocacy for ethical journalism. Submit your own events to SPJ’s events calendar and tag us on social media.

Below are sample social posts to share ahead of and during Ethics Week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. You’ll also find Twitter and Facebook headers and pre-made graphics to show your followers that you are celebrating Ethics Week. Plus, you can also share the “why journalism ethics matter” graphics from SPJ ethics leaders.

Join me and SPJ to celebrate #SPJEthicsWeek! We need ethical journalism — and journalists who work each day with the profession’s highest standards in mind — for democracy and society to thrive.

The SPJ Code of Ethics states that ethical journalism is truthful, compassionate, independent and transparent. Celebrate #SPJEthicsWeek, April 24-28.

SPJ believes that ethical journalism is vital to the public and the health of the nation’s democracy. Do you? Share why you think ethical journalism matter during #SPJEthicsWeek!

Ethical journalism is at a disadvantage in today’s world. The public also grows more and more distrustful each day of all sources of information. Help show why media trust matters during #SPJEthicsWeek.

The past few years have been unusual to say the least. National and world events continue to keep the discussion of journalism ethics at the forefront. Learn more about journalism ethics and why they matter during #SPJEthicsWeek!

Ethical journalism is more important than ever in a world where there are endless sources of information and people are deliberately misled by entities with hidden agendas. Learn to spot #FakeNews during #SPJEthicsWeek.

While people in the United States may disagree on many subjects like politics and which college has the best football team, there should be no debate that ethical journalism is vital to the health of the nation and its democracy. #SPJEthicsWeek

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