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Michael Fitzgerald
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Bio (click to expand) Michael Fitzgerald has freelanced for nearly 10 years, writing for publications and Web sites including the Boston Globe Magazine, BNet, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc., the New York Times and Yahoo! His most recent awards were 2nd place finishes in the American Society of Journalists and Authors’ 2009 Outstanding Article awards in the Business and Technology and Trade categories. His Web site is

Anna Pratt, vice chair
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Freelancer Details
Beth Elderkin

Specializes in: Arts, Profiles, Government, Entertainment, Health/Wellness, Lifestyle, Travel, Education, Technology, Religion/Spirituality

Contact Info
San Carlos, CA  
Web Site

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Work has previously appeared: Unpublished, Daily Newspaper, Community Newspaper, Local/Regional Magazine, Local Television, Local Radio, Online Newsmagazine, Newsletter, Web Log

A home-schooled middle child who played King’s Quest V instead of Spin the Bottle: Sounds like a typical nerd. San Diego State Outstanding Graduate in journalism Beth Elderkin is a fun, engaging and skilled multimedia journalist who’s proud to be a nerd. Beth has reported on just about anything, be it university harassment policies, military affairs, U.S./Mexico border relations, CSU faculty protests, current affairs in journalism, vegetarian wine pairings or mobile iPad gaming. That’s because she’s studied just about anything. Beth started community college at 13, learning about everything under the sun: digital photography with Adobe Photoshop, video editing and production with Final Cut Pro, publishing using Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, computer-assisted news reporting with Microsoft Excel, French translation, medieval British literature, modern dance and others. Currently, Beth freelances in Northern California and writes game reviews for iPad Insight, featured on Flipboard.

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