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Michael Fitzgerald
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) Michael Fitzgerald has freelanced for nearly 10 years, writing for publications and Web sites including the Boston Globe Magazine, BNet, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc., the New York Times and Yahoo! His most recent awards were 2nd place finishes in the American Society of Journalists and Authors’ 2009 Outstanding Article awards in the Business and Technology and Trade categories. His Web site is

Anna Pratt, vice chair
Freelance Directory Profile

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Freelancer Details
Paul Grayson

Specializes in: Profiles, Business, Education, Technology, Science

Contact Info
American Industrial Magic, LLC
390 4-Mile Rd. S.
Traverse City, MI  
Phone: (231) 883-4463
Web Site

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Work has previously appeared: Unpublished, National Daily Newspaper, Trade Magazine, National Television, Online Trade Magazine, Newsletter

What did Mark Twain learned about writing while sailing on riverboats? I went to sea for 16 years to find out. Off watch we gathered on the hatch cover and listened to the best story tellers spin long well told yarns. After a while I joined the rotation and told stories too. At first they were passable, but with much practice I began to be able to hold a listeners attention for longer stretches of time. Having an audience starved for entertainment and unable to escape the confines of the ship helped. Surprisingly sea-stories, at sea, are rarely about seafaring. They are more often about home, where ever that might be. My specialty is taking a complex engineering subject and translating it into conversational English.

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