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Alexander Schumacker

Specializes in: Arts, Government, Health/Wellness, Religion/Spirituality, Science, Spirit Science

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Somewhere between intuition and research the simplest of knowledge comes together for fluid movement through points of view. Every person has developed themselves from experience and circumstance. People learn how to empathize through wisdom, and the search for ultimate truth. To be truly objective, one must forgo circumstance in them-self, and accept it in others. Journalist's are responsible for holding themselves, and society, to better standards of rational understandings of the modern world.
I am AJ Schumacker and I am a musician, singer-songwriter. There's no greater joy in my life than to share. My values of altruism, and the self-motivated learning experience, force me to provide the key elements of any given topic, for others to believe in the ideas I express through their own realization. I have personally studied politics, and human development for the betterment of my worldview and soul.
I believe in animism which involves understanding a wide berth of scientifically-based knowledge, encompassing the phenomena of existence.
My writing capabilities, and willingness to study allow me to expound on any topic that has basis in fact.
It's my duty to share my wisdom, knowledge, and methods of research with as many people as possible. I believe some of my understandings can change the world.
Society doesn't want half-truths, they want ideas that they can resonate with. When people have the need to attain knowledge, they find it in the tiniest phenomena represented in our world. It clicks when it makes sense.
The most complicated facts of the universe occur in combinations manifested in our world.
Simplicity, consolidation, and truthfulness allow life-long learners to find the answers to anything they put their mind to.

Much Love!

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