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Anna Pratt, chair
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) As a staff reporter-turned-freelance journalist, Anna Pratt, who lives in Minneapolis, Minn., has ventured into garbage houses, spent the night in a homeless shelter and witnessed a fistfight in a church basement, all for various stories. Her byline has appeared in the Star Tribune, The Line, the Southwest Journal, the Minnesota Independent and several suburban and community papers, web publications and broadcast media in the Twin Cities. Pratt is active with the Society of Professional Journalists' freelance community and she serves as the treasurer for the award-winning Minnesota Pro Chapter of SPJ.

Michelle Donahue, vice chair

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Freelancer Details
L'Oreal Battistelli

Specializes in: Profiles, Government, Lifestyle, Education

Contact Info
9121 Atlanta Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA  
Phone: 714 362-7239

Links to Work Samples
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Link #3

Work has previously appeared: Community Newspaper, Trade Magazine, metro daily newspaper

Palma Dicrece told stories that recounted a lifetime-hers, in fact, and the lifetime of her great family. Her father, she’d say with pride, studied for the priesthood in Italy and spoke many languages. He decided to leave Italy for America, she’d say, because of the opportunities here. Pauline, as she was later renamed at Ellis Island upon her arrival in the United States, was sister to 14 and “dirt poor.” Potatoes were a staple in their diet, she’d say, but it was a staple in everyone else’s at that time. She “never felt poor,” she always added, and she “never lacked for love.” Grandma to me, she passed on her lineage and mine orally over the 83 years of her lifetime through chit chat with friends and family on holidays, Sunday visits with my grandfather and me and quite moments shared between us one-on-one. Other stories like this one nurtured my passion for story-telling. Stories about grandma playing on a baseball team as a young Italian girl, riding motorcycles as a teen and cutting her hair when she became a young woman when long was stylish and short was “not acceptable” created a craving in me to write. They developed a desire in me to capture a listener’s attention through written detail, intimacy and emotion-to convey the uniqueness in grandma that made her special and the uniqueness I uncover in everyone that crosses my path in the coverage of a story. I’m frequently asked how I became a journalist and my response is always the same: “By discovering the journalism field, I discovered myself;” I uncovered my passion for story-telling. I realized my desire for intimacy with the English language and I uncovered my yearning to unite people through stories and photographs - to unearth the silent heroes that live among us, the people like grandma who live beyond society’s boundaries and more importantly, beyond their own. My experiences to date have provided me with it a host of opportunities to further develop my reporting and photojournalism skills and fine-tune my agility with the English language. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from many mentors whose paths I’ve crossed throughout my journey and I continue to seek additional expertise in the multi-media field. Today the field of journalism is rigorous and daunting however it offers tremendous opportunity to expand one’s knowledge of the world and the uniqueness of the societies within it. I consider myself an enthusiastic traveler into the new frontier and seek continued enrichment. Because my quest is personal, I’m seeking a place of high purpose and great service and co-workers with high ideals. My quest to become a journalist has come at great cost and sacrifice but it’s taught me, among myriad lessons, three truisms: follow my heart, believe in my passion and lead by example. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to offer my services. Hopefully, I’ve provided you with a glimpse into my passion, an indication of my tenacity and a preview of my talent. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards, L’Oreal A. Battistelli

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