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Freelance Community Chair

Michael Fitzgerald
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) Michael Fitzgerald has freelanced for nearly 10 years, writing for publications and Web sites including the Boston Globe Magazine, BNet, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc., the New York Times and Yahoo! His most recent awards were 2nd place finishes in the American Society of Journalists and Authors’ 2009 Outstanding Article awards in the Business and Technology and Trade categories. His Web site is

Anna Pratt, vice chair
Freelance Directory Profile

Home > Tools for Freelancers > Members > Freelance Directory > Jennifer Pinkowski

Freelancer Details
Jennifer Pinkowski

Specializes in: Profiles, Travel, Outdoor, Science, Photography

Contact Info
284 Clinton St.
Brooklyn, NY  
Phone: 917-797-8892
Web Site

Work has previously appeared: National Daily Newspaper, Daily Newspaper, Community Newspaper, National Magazine, Local/Regional Magazine, Trade Magazine, Online Newsmagazine, Online Trade Magazine, Newsletter, Web Log

Versatility is my specialty. As a journalist and photographer, I rely on both dusty-old-book research and in-the-thick-of-it reporting to tell compelling stories. I've traveled around the world to cover subjects as diverse as 16th-century chemistry labs; trekking in Kashmir; performance art in Hanoi; arm wrestling in southern China; the creamy glory of Turkish raki; the Nazi destruction of Warsaw; and third-world zoos. As a content writer, I craft jargon-free content for nonprofit, financial, education, and consumer-goods clients. And as a copy editor, I make sure others do the same. Specialties include travel, science and nature, culture, archaeology and history, social issues, and books.

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