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Anna Pratt, chair
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Bio (click to expand) As a staff reporter-turned-freelance journalist, Anna Pratt, who lives in Minneapolis, Minn., has ventured into garbage houses, spent the night in a homeless shelter and witnessed a fistfight in a church basement, all for various stories. Her byline has appeared in the Star Tribune, The Line, the Southwest Journal, the Minnesota Independent and several suburban and community papers, web publications and broadcast media in the Twin Cities. Pratt is active with the Society of Professional Journalists' freelance community and she serves as the treasurer for the award-winning Minnesota Pro Chapter of SPJ.

Michelle Donahue, vice chair

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Freelancer Details
Maria Campbell

Specializes in: Arts, Entertainment, Travel, Photography, Live Shows/Event Photography

Contact Info
333 East 30th Street
New York, NY  
Phone: 646-369-6437
Web Site

Links to Work Samples
Link #1

Work has previously appeared: Online Newsmagazine, Web Log

Gothic Goddess Media is exclusively an ARTIST ON ARTIST WEB COMMUNITY and WEB DAILY. At first I began it as a Web Monthly Magazine, but realized that the format did not work for what I was trying to achieve for this site. Then I made it into a Web Daily, but the content still did not match my goals. I realized that what I really wanted was an Artist on Artist publication, and after much research, finally came upon the solution: An Artist on Artist Community as well as publication. The site is fun for artists who want to collaborate with Gothic Goddess Media in some way and expand their (and our) exposure or horizons. People who love goth and industrial art, culture, literature & music. Off the beaten path, independent-minded, sophisticated, and above all OLD SCHOOL! Here, it’s all about the artists and THEIR influence (or potential influence) on the Goth/Industrial scene. How does our art make everyone feel? How can we make ourselves heard? OR, how can we make ourselves heard more? How can we find ways of surviving the current economic crisis? The list goes on and on…The heart of Gothic Goddess Media, however, is in my digital art/photography and other forms of expression depicted here. I am not interested in merely capturing a clean, traditional photo. My goal is to capture the essence of an artist(s) and his/her/their work on the digital canvas. I approach my photography/digital art as a painter approaches his work - the camera’s digital capture starts as an empty canvas open to experimentation and interpretation, not just another opportunity to point and shoot what’s in front of me. It is difficult to explain, and not all understand what I am trying to achieve… I subsequently decided to add an “Inspirations” section… Podcasts, interviews, reviews, and other such editorial are also meant to get me and my fans closer to and better appreciate artists and their work. I started a SOLO podcast recently to establish a more “intimate” connection with everyone.

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