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Patsy Yusten

Specializes in: Profiles, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel, Education, Photography, Graphic Design

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Through the years as a single parent-preceded by the usual dysfunction of childhood (unless you're Beaver Cleaver), an infrequent writing burst appeared in my journal. Hampered slightly by depression, combined with creative excuses (some 'borrowed' from students), getting focused didn't/doesn't always happen for me. The past few months have tested my ambition, or lack thereof, as I find myself instantly jobless after 24 years invested in education as a high school English teacher.
The college BA came shortly after the birth of my third child and featured language arts and journalism concentrations in secondary education. Current teaching endorsements in 7-12 language arts, speech, theater/drama and journalism. BA+45 hrs. Attended 11 different colleges and universities. Wrote articles for local daily newspaper and worked as copy editor long ago. From small schools in SD to large schools in IA, teaching has fed my ego and the need to make a difference in the lives of students. After college I thought I could change the world. After some really long days on the job, I decided changing the world one kid at a time might be less controversial and more effective! But, that was the time in my life when I was a pessimistic optimist. My disposition has changed slightly to become an optimistic pessimist.
Fast forward 25 years and maybe I'd like to be a writer when I grow up. I guess the fantasy of getting rich on a TV game show just ain't happenin'. With the support of my fam-including my biggest fan, two-year-old granddaughter Anna, I stare at the keyboard and wonder how to write again. Getting through to the other side of cheesy cliches about Anna's innocence and cuteness is way more difficult than even the cynical PJ anticipated. (And, there's a pet peeve. Please don't refer to yourself in third person. It appears so self-absorbing or self centered or selfish. Okay, it's just stupid. Don't do it!). Tiny spurts of competence come through during sleep deprived nights aided by RLS, arthritic pain and psychological stress. My goal is to ease away from self-destructive habits, read more, complain less and attend workshops and conferences hoping to catch that 'flair' I once mastered as a writer.
Here's the official list: married w. three children. third marriage as well, believe third time is a charm! live in Ankeny, IA. husband of 14 years teaches science at metro alternative high school. oldest daughter cancer survivor. granddaughter with life-long health problem. illegitimate offspring of a 17-year-old mother way before it was the thing to do. details. details. sob. sob. support and promote the philosophy of 'do onto others as you would have them do onto you" or "live and let live" yadda, yadda or whatever phrase sums up the point that I do not want an old, white, self-professed, misguided 'Christian', male politician telling me (or any other woman) what to do with my body and/or imposing his anal (pun intended) personal agenda into the private lives of others who did not seek his earthly unqualified advice. (Breathe).
In other words my mantra: 1. Don't judge. 2. Don't hate. 3. Don't allow your life to be influenced by judgmental haters.
That's about it. Plus, I love popcorn, spending time with the fam, watching Baby Anna, MN Twins baseball, living in Polk County Iowa and, of course, writing rambling fragments.

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