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The Independent Journalist Blog: Latest Posts
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– Freelancers need to make a living, too
– Look outside the box to establish relationships with editors
– Dealing with rejection
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Freelance Community Chair

Michael Fitzgerald
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) Michael Fitzgerald has freelanced for nearly 10 years, writing for publications and Web sites including the Boston Globe Magazine, BNet, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc., the New York Times and Yahoo! His most recent awards were 2nd place finishes in the American Society of Journalists and Authors’ 2009 Outstanding Article awards in the Business and Technology and Trade categories. His Web site is

Anna Pratt, vice chair
Freelance Directory Profile

Freelance Community Officers

Hazel Becker
Freelance journalist
Washington, D.C.
Freelance Directory Profile

Crai Bower
Bio (click to expand) Award winning travel and lifestyle writer Crai S Bower contributed over 100 articles in 2010 for more than 20 publications and online sources. He is the travel commentator for NPR-affiliate KUOW and American Forces Radio and was featured in “Seattle 100: Portrait of a City.”

Carol Cole-Frowe
Freelance journalist
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) Carol Cole-Frowe is a full-time freelance writer and veteran journalist specializing in profiles, environmental, science, business and health reporting. She is an award-winning journalist who has written or edited at several daily Oklahoma newspapers, the Oklahoma Gazette and The Associated Press. She also is president of the Oklahoma Pro chapter.

Dana Neuts
Freelance Journalist
P.O. Box 6231
Kent, WA 98064
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) picture Dana Neuts is a freelance journalist, author, writer and editor as well as the publisher of, a hyperlocal blog focused on Kent, Washington. Her work has appeared in numerous local, regional and national publications including AARP Bulletin, The Seattle Times, Northwest Travel, 425 magazine and South Sound magazine. She is a member of the Western Washington Pro Chapter of SPJ, and is currently serving as SPJ president. To learn more about Neuts, visit

David Sheets
Freelance editor, media consultant
Bio (click to expand) David Sheets is a former newspaper journalist in St. Louis with more than 25 years' worth of experience at daily publications in Missouri, Illinois, Florida and Nevada. He is immediate past-president and board member of the St. Louis Pro Chapter.

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
Freelance journalist
Rochester, N.Y.
Freelance Directory Profile
Bio (click to expand) Ruth E. Thaler-Carter ( has been a full-time freelance writer, editor and desktop publisher since 1984. She is chapter coordinator, national newsletter editor and workshop presenter for the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA); member of the SPJ and American Copy Editors Society freelance committees, among other association memberships; author and publisher of “Get Paid to Write! Getting Started as a Freelance Writer”; and author of “Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business.”

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Tools for Freelancers
Links and Resources

The American Society of Journalists and Authors Contracts’ Watch performs a watchdog service to keep freelancers abreast of markets with less-than-favorable contracts for writers.

Media Bistro is dedicated to anyone who creates or works with content, including editors, writers, television producers, graphic designers and book publishers in industries including magazines, television, radio, newspapers, book publishing, online media, advertising, PR, and graphic design. Its mission is to provide opportunities (both online and offline) for you to meet each other, share resources, become informed of job opportunities and interesting projects, improve your career skills, and showcase your work.

National Writers Union
National Writers Union has been on the cutting edge of the fight against all-rights and work-for-hire contracts. It fought the introduction of these contracts at major newspapers and magazines throughout the United States in the case of Tasini vs. The New York Times. NWU also offers a grievance service, health insurance and press credentials for its dues-paying members.

Tax Guidelines for Freelancers
Tax Tips For Small Businesses is an indispensable reference that offers clear, concise, uncomplicated and immediately useful advice on how to sidestep pitfalls and take maximum advantage of frequently missed, perfectly legal opportunities that can save many thousands of dollars.

Indemnification Clauses
How to Deal with Warranty and Indemnification Clauses []

Copyright, work for hire, and other rights issues
Copyright, work for hire, licensing, fair use, public domain, permissions, rights clearance, contract negotiations, rights grabs, and the like []

Freelancing, contracting, telecommuting
Surviving and thriving as a creative entrepreneur []

Writers’ Market Online
Find out what publications are buying manuscripts, the fees available and up-to-date contact information for editors at all manner of consumer, trade and specialty publications. Although there’s also a print reference published annually (and available in the reference section of your local library), the online version provides software for tracking submissions and the most current information for a reasonable subscription.

Freelance Success
Freelance Success provides nonfiction writers with in-depth information to make more money from your work — top-paying market information, interviews with top editors, tips on managing your business, access to tools and databases, advice on using technology, links to other writer confabs and inside dish on the writing business.Subscription is $89/year

Absolute Write
Classes, market listings, articles, editorial services, forums and writers' directory for professional and beginning writers of freelance, screenplays, plays, nonfiction, poetry, songs and more.

Writing World
Tips, articles, columns, newsletters, links, guidelines, classes, and more for writers of all genres.

Featurewell Syndication Worldwide
An electronic marketplace for the global publishing industry. This website provides editors with the opportunity to purchase and republish top quality journalism. For writers, this is a great opportunity to resell work in another market. Check it out!

ASJA Writers Conference
A good lineup of panels that are perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals. This conference also offers good sessions for those interested in writing books.

Shaw Guides: Guide to Writers Conferences & Festivals
Information about upcoming conferences, workshops and festivals around the country with links to sponsoring organizations. Searchable by region and month.

U.S. Copyright Office Forms
Contains PDFs of forms and simple instructions for registering your copyright.

at-Largely: Journalists and News Sites
List of investigative reporting sites that accept freelancers.

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