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Not your typical mentor match-up

On behalf of the Generation J Committee I would like to invite you to participate in the new SPJ mentor program. This is not your typical mentor match-up, so get ready!

Generation J has been working with SPJ to revamp the program to create more opportunities for open communication between more people from all journalism mediums and levels of experience. We are very excited to be utilizing Facebook to create a social conversation that is easy and convenient to keep up with and will be beneficial to both the mentors and the mentees.

The Facebook group allows for Q&A style conversations, longer chats and even instant communication. We hope you will join us in gaining feedback and advice from industry pros while sharing your journalism knowledge at the same time!

Lynn Walsh, Chair Lynn.K.Walsh@gmail.com @LWalsh on Twitter

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Mentor Match-up

New journalists often want advice and perspective from news veterans who understand much of what they’re going through. And let’s face it: News vets could certainly learn a thing or two from their younger colleagues.

How does the group work?

1. SPJ members are invited to join the group as a mentor or mentee.

2. Follow the directions to the left to find out how to join.

3. Once you’ve been approved for the group, post away!

4. Mentees are free to post questions they have and to answer questions posted by other mentees.

5. Mentors will respond to questions asked and also pose questions of their own to create discussion.

6. The group can also be used to facilitate get togethers with mentees and mentors in your area.

7. This is a private Facebook group. Postings are not viewable by non-members or the public Facebook community.

SPJ’s Mentor Page Facebook Group aims to promote great journalism by introducing journalists of different experience levels and interests. The group is designed to create a networking opportunity for journalists to share ideas, experiences and goals. It is not intended to be a job placement tool.

Participating journalists are encouraged to utilize the SPJ Mentor Page Facebook Group often to share ideas and learn a thing or two. Post questions or responses to ones that have already been asked. Mentors will rotate on a quarterly basis so new perspectives will always be added to the mix.

The SPJ Mentor Page Facebook Group is open only to SPJ members with post-graduate, or higher, membership status. The group is not open to student members. Those interested in joining the group as a mentee should fill out the inquiry form.

Those interested in being a mentor to the group should have at least five years of professional journalism experience. Please contact Jennifer Royer via email if you are interested in serving as a mentor to the group.

Generation J
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