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2006 Mark of Excellence
National Winners and Finalists

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2006 Regional Winners

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Breaking News Reporting
National Winner: Sean Rose, University of Kentucky, “Crash kills 49”
• National Finalist: Chris Coletta and Joseph R. Schwartz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “1 dies in fall from dorm”
• National Finalist: Nicole Kelley, University of Kansas, “March’s Madness”

General News Reporting
National Winner: Viridiana Pacheco-Isaac, Phil Jones and Robert Moreno, Southwestern College, “A Line in the Sand”
• National Finalist: Brandon Butler and Ryan Holeywell, The George Washington University, “Locked Out: Lawsuit Sheds Light”
• National Finalist: Michele Brown, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, “Living with HIV”

In-Depth Reporting
National Winner: Manuel Valdes, University of Washington, “A Journey of Survival: The Oaxaca Connection”
• National Finalist: Vladimir Kogan, University of California, San Diego, “Violation Exceptions Routine in Campus Food Politics”
• National Finalist: Pueblo Today Staff, Colorado State University-Pueblo, “Methademic: Is Methamphetamine Destroying America?”

Feature Writing
National Winner: Isabelle Roughol, University of Missouri-Columbia, “Acceptance or Exclusion?”
• National Finalist: Whitney Coleman, University of Oklahoma, “Bald Brothers”
• National Finalist: Melissa Domsic, Michigan State University, “Portraits of Perseverance”

Sports Writing
National Winner: Jenifer Langosch, University of Missouri-Columbia, “Playing On”
• National Finalist: Amy Brittain, Louisiana State University, “Her Toughest Match”
• National Finalist: Heather Mangan, South Dakota State University, “Meet the Berrys”

Editorial Writing
National Winner: Thomas Keating, Northern Arizona University, “Political Commentary”
• National Finalist: The Daily Cardinal Editorial Board, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Cardinal View Editorials”
• National Finalist: Marc Dotson, Southern Utah University, “Commentary on Campus-Related Events”

Editorial Cartooning
National Winner: Terrence L. Nowicki, Jr., Western Washington University, “Editorial Cartoons”
• National Finalist: William Chester Warren, Wake Forest University, “Political Cartoons”
• National Finalist: Eric J. Garcia, University of News Mexico, “Daily Lobo Cartoons”

General Column Writing
National Winner: Caitlin Cieslik-Miskemen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “A Trio of Columns”
• National Finalist: Audra Taylor, Duquesne University
• National Finalist: Sean Wardwell, Texas State University , San Marcos

Sports Column Writing
National Winner: Leo Rommel, Rider University
• National Finalist: Michael Phillips, University of Kansas
• National Finalist: Chris Delotell, University of Kentucky, “UK Football”

Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
(published at least 4 times per week)

National Winner: Staff, University of California, Los Angeles, “The Daily Bruin”
• National Finalist: Staff, Indiana University at Bloomington, “Indiana Daily Student”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Oregon, “Oregon Daily Emerald”

Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper
(published less than 4 times per week)

National Winner: Staff, North Idaho College, “The Sentinel”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Nevada, Reno, “The Nevada Sagebrush”
• National Finalist: Staff, Auburn University, “The Auburn Plainsman”



Magazine Non-Fiction Article
National Winner: Meghan Piercy, University of Montana, “Manhunt for a Terrorist”
• National Finalist: Nicole Knight, University of La Verne, ‘Making a Contest a Career”
• National Finalist: Christina Ruffini, Texas Christian University, “Evolution or Revolution”

Best Student Magazine
National Winner: Staff, Texas Christian University, “Image Magazine”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Montana, “The Unabomber in Montana: Ten Years After”
• National Finalist: Staff, Indiana University at Bloomington, “INside Magazine”



Breaking News Photography
National Winner: Luanne Dietz, Tim Hussin, Jeremiah Wilson and Celia Tobin, University of Florida, “A Killer’s End: Danny Rolling’s Execution in Pictures”
• National Finalist: Stephen Spillman, Texas Christian University, “Up in Smoke”
• National Finalist: Joseph Hollak and Andre Riggs, California State University, Fresno, “Shots fired near campus”

General News Photography
National Winner: Mark Malijan, Western Washington University, “Die-In”
• National Finalist: Amy Martin, Northern Arizona University, “Proposed immigration laws ignite fiery protests and student walkouts”
• National Finalist: Mall Pollitt, University of Central Florida, “Violence Hits”

Feature Photography
National Winner: Tyler McKean, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, “Girl looking at baby lamb”
• National Finalist: Brandon Quester, Arizona State University, “Two sisters, two lives”
• National Finalist: Carl Kosola, The Pennsylvania State University, “Heat of a Lion”

Photo Illustration
National Winner: K.A. Macdonald and Nina Mehta, Indiana University, “Internet Junkies”
• National Finalist: Alexander Koyler, University of Florida, “Competitive Eating”
• National Finalist: Ali Haupt, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, “Eye”

Sports Photography
National Winner: Peter Strong, Oregon State University, “Beavers bring home national title from Omaha”
• National Finalist: Megan McHattie, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, “Swimmer Breathing”
• National Finalist: Russell Scoffin, Southwestern College, “Goooooal!”



Radio News Reporting
National Winner: Adam Rhew, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Apex Chemical Fire”
• National Finalist: Christopher Eckert, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Hunger Cleanup”
• National Finalist: Melanie Chapman, Marshall University, “We Are Marshall Movie Premiere”

Radio Feature
National Winner: Eric Schaffer, University of Maryland, “Shakespeare”
• National Finalist: August Skamenca, University of Missouri-Columbia, “Tornado’s Emotional Burden”
• National Finalist: Kiera Feldman, Brown University, “Reading the Romance”

Radio In-Depth Reporting
National Winner: Scott Detrow, Fordham University, “Treating the Rainbow Nation: AIDS in South Africa”
• National Finalist: Sean Powers, University of Missouri-Columbia, “The Stem Cell Amendment”
• National Finalist: Katey Welhouse, University of Maryland, “Cocaine: The forgotten drug?”

Radio Sports Reporting
National Winner: Kenny Pordon, Fordham University, “Breaking Down Barriers: The Jackie and Pee Wee Story”
• National Finalist: Justin Karp, Arizona State University, “DBacks Organist”
• National Finalist: Josh Rosenthal, University of Maryland, “Pumped Up”

Radio Newscast
National Winner: Staff, Brigham Young University, “Live Morning & Afternoon News on Classical 89”
• National Finalist: KBIA Staff, University of Missouri, Columbia, “Newscasts: Mornings”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Illinois-Urbana, “Daily Illini Newscasts”



Television Breaking News Reporting
National Winner: Candace Thornberg, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, “Fatal Plane Crash”
• National Finalist: Bonny Ghosh, University of Maryland, “Beltway Accident”
• National Finalist: August Skamenca and Victoria Van Vliet, University of Missouri-Columbia, “Clinton Building Collapse”

Television General News Reporting
National Winner: Jackie Congedo, University of Maryland, “Seasonal Workers”
• National Finalist: Joy Howe, University of South Carolina, “Missing Sex Offenders”
• National Finalist: Alexander Doletschek, Ohio University, “Halloween Safety”

Television Feature
National Winner: James Connolly, California State University, North Ridge, “San Fernando Sidewalks”
• National Finalist: John Romero and Geoff Sawtell, Metropolitan State College of Denver, “Brandon Wise”
• National Finalist: Ted Land, University of Illinois at Urbana, “Couch Surfing”

Television In-Depth Reporting
National Winner: Julie Bercik and Justin Kier, Kent State University, “The $87,000 Hire”
• National Finalist: Gabe Ferguson, University of Montana, “Butte Reborn”
• National Finalist: Natalie Caula and Megan Albright, University of Florida, “Danny Rolling Execution”

Television Sports Reporting
National Winner: Lynn Olszowy, Northwestern University, “Fairness in Football”
• National Finalist: Ben Brune, Colorado State University, “Colorado Ice Tryouts”
• National Finalist: Nicholas Johnson, University of North Dakota, “Slacker Yoga”

Television News Photography
National Winner: Enrico Meyer, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, “Student Sandbaggers”
• National Finalist: Ian Schwartz, Arizona State University, “Papago Park Development”
• National Finalist: Amber Bushnell, University of Montana, “Wilderness and Civilization Program”

Television Feature Photography
National Winner: Sam Salzwedel, Arizona State University, “Donut Peddler”
• National Finalist: Enrico Meyer, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, “Energy Drinks”
• National Finalist: Matthew Sampson, University of Montana, “Omelette Guy”

Television Sports Photography
National Winner: Jordan Wall, University of Florida, “Gators Make BCS Championship Game”
• National Finalist: Brian Allen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Late Night Recap”
• National Finalist: Elias Johnson, Arizona State University, “Special Wrestler”

Television Newscast
National Winner: Carolina Week News Crew, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Carolina Week”
• National Finalist: UTVS News Crew, St. Cloud State University, “UTVS News”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Florida, “WUFT News”



Online News Reporting
National Winner: Indiana Daily Student Staff, Indiana University at Bloomington, “IU Mourns”
• National Finalist: Matthew Byrnes, University of Miami, “Florida Global Warming”
• National Finalist: Jennifer Fu, Nick Sekkas and Damon Curry, University of Maryland, “Final Auction? Tobacco Industry Wanes in Maryland”

Online Feature Reporting
National Winner: Carrie Snyder, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, “Something Fierce”
• National Finalist: Ljiljana Ciric and Michael Lisi, Arizona State University, “Children of the Borderlands”
• National Finalist: School of Journalism, University of Montana, “The Unabomber in Montana: Ten Years After”

Online In-Depth Reporting
National Winner: JMC 425 Online Media, Arizona State University, “Autism Arizona”
• National Finalist: Medill News Service, Northwestern University, “Power Trips: Congress Hits the Road”
• National Finalist: Matthew Goble and Patrick Shehan, University of Kansas, “Drought Affects Kansans”

Online Sports Reporting
National Winner: James Schmehl, Arizona State University, “NFL pros return to class”
• National Finalist: James Pinick and Andrew Baker, University of Kansas, “Evolution of KU Cheerleading”
• National Finalist: Travis Stewart and Stephen Spillman, Texas Christian University, “Houston History: Kicker finds redemption”

Online Opinion and Commentary
National Winner: Jason Plautz, Northwestern University, “Why you should care”
• National Finalist: Isabelle Roughol, University of Missouri-Columbia, “New Orleans’ Recovery”
• National Finalist: Chris Sheppard, Arizona State University, “Coming Home from Iraq”

Best Affiliated Web site
National Winner: Staff, Arizona State University, “ASU Web Devil”
• National Finalist: Staff, The Pennsylvania State University, “The Daily Collegian Online”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Texas at Arlington, “The Shorthorn.com”

Best All-Around Independent Online Student Publication
National Winner: Staff, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, “Horizonlines.org (Vol. 5)”
• National Finalist: Staff, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, “Extreme Alaska: Surviving the Cold Rush”
• National Finalist: Provoke Staff, Ithaca College, “Provoke: Our Medicated Society”