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Quotes from SPJ leaders on today’s White House press conference



Lynn Walsh, SPJ National President, 614-579-7937, lynn.k.walsh@gmail.com
Jennifer Royer, SPJ Communications Strategist, 317-361-4134, jroyer@spj.org

INDIANAPOLIS – The following quotes from Society of Professional Journalists leaders may be used in stories regarding today’s White House press conference and/or the mainstream media survey sent out this afternoon by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

Lynn Walsh, Society of Professional Journalists national president: “When President Trump continues his anti-media, anti-press rhetoric, tip-toes around questions from journalists and chooses not to provide support for information he shares, the American public is the biggest loser. The public is entitled to ask the White House, Mr. Trump and other government officials and employees questions, whether the topics are something they feel are newsworthy or appropriate. Journalists fill the role for the public by working every day to hold them accountable, ask about policies and question facts, figures and information being shared by the government. Journalists will continue to do their jobs to hold this administration and all government officials accountable so the public can have the information it is entitled to.”

Andrew Seaman, SPJ Ethics Committee chair: “President Trump's treatment of journalists at today's press conference and his new email to supporters asking for their evaluation of the ‘mainstream media’ is more evidence that he believes the press is at war with the White House. In reality, journalists are just fulfilling their jobs of holding our nation's power brokers accountable to the American people. As they have for hundreds of years, journalists will continue to be a pillar of democracy by ethically and thoroughly reporting on the presidency. The Society of Professional Journalists will have their backs.”

Gideon Grudo, SPJ Freedom of Information Committee chair: “Even with a billion-response-survey summary calling the media ‘failing,’ American journalism will continue to prove with every passing day that a free press holds the government accountable. Even the angriest and most hugely accusatory fingers from those at the top of levels of our government will not -- and will never -- change that. Though Trump may try to curtail the public's trust in the press, thus diminishing the freedom it has in communicating with the public, he will ultimately fail.”

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