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State FOI Law Alert: Rollbacks, Updates

FOI Alert Volume 6 Issue 3 (2000-2001)

With some state legislatures done for the year and others still working on legislation, what trends have emerged? Unfortunately, most of the news is not good for journalists and other FOI advocates. SPJ has been among the leaders in calling attention to the most egregious legislative proposals, including Florida’s "instant law" on autopsy photographs and Indiana’s bill exempting lawmakers from open records laws. However, they are just two examples.

For a good perspective on what’s happening nationwide, check out Greg McDonald’s report on the Web at stateline.org. The specific address:


Has your legislature ever tried to exempt itself from access laws? Indiana’s did, although Gov. Frank O’Bannon thwarted the attempt with a much-welcomed veto. The issue may reach a conclusion by mid-June as lawmakers consider whether to override the veto.

For the latest:


Meanwhile, the New Jersey legislature had been heading toward landmark FOI reform. Now, however, the issue has hit a logjam.

For more on that story:


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