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Region 1 Mark of Excellence Awards winners announced


Lou Harry, SPJ Manager of Publications and Awards, 317-920-4786, lharry@spj.org
Ashlynn Neumeyer, SPJ Communications Coordinator, 317-361-4133, aneumeyer@spj.org

INDIANAPOLIS — The Society of Professional Journalists recognizes the best collegiate journalism in Region 1 with 2020 Mark of Excellence Awards winners.

SPJ’s Region 1 comprises Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. First-place winners will compete at the national level among other regional MOE winners from the 12 SPJ regions.

National winners will be notified in the late spring and will be recognized at SPJ’s national conference.

MOE Awards entries are judged by professionals with at least three years of journalism experience. Judges were directed to choose entries they felt were among the best in student journalism. If no entry rose to the level of excellence, no award was given. Any category not listed has no winner.

School divisions are based on student enrollment, including both graduate and undergraduate: Large schools have at least 10,000 students and small schools have 9,999 or fewer students.

The list below details all Region 1 winners. If you have any questions regarding the MOE Awards, contact Manager of Publications and Awards Lou Harry by email or 317-920-4786.

This list reflects the spelling and titles submitted in the award entries. New MOE categories were added this year for COVID-19 and video game reporting.


Breaking News Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Harvard, MIT sue immigration authorities - by Michelle G. Kurilla, Camille G. Caldera, Harvard College
Finalist: Yale Athletics reverts to Phase 0 after COVID-19 cluster emerges - by Eugenio Garza García, James Richardson, Yale University

Breaking News Reporting (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: Campus clubs organize historic March for Action on Alden Street - by Daniel Priest, Springfield College
Finalist: COVID stats under wraps at Rider - by Stephen Neukam, Rider University

General News Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Between 2 worlds: How Syracuse’s racist housing policies created a racial divide - by Marnie Muñoz, Syracuse University
Finalist: Racist Fiji messages are part of a long history of anti-Black violence protected by brotherhood - by Dia Gill; Valeria Escobar, Columbia University
Finalist: NU’s Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment policy fills gaps left by federal Title IX overhaul - by Maya Homan, Northeastern University

General News Reporting (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: A community reacts to the killing of George Floyd - by Jordan Wolman, Gabi Falk, Em Thampoe, Mannan Mehta, Lehigh University
Finalist: How @blackatspringfieldcollege uncovers realities of racism on campus - by Irene Rotondo, Springfield College
Finalist: Students mental health impacted by pandemic - by Sofia Rositani, Southern Connecticut State University

In-Depth Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Nowhere to go - by Nick McCool, Anoushka Dalmia, Noemi Arellano-Summer, Sophia Brown, Boston University
Finalist: What happened to NYPD officers who were charged with misconduct? They were promoted or paid more - by Stephanie Lai; Raeedah Wahid, Columbia University
Finalist: Penn Med's frontline health care workers praised for courage, yet denied COVID-19 tests - by Lindsey Perlman, University of Pennsylvania

In-Depth Reporting (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: Trauma behind the curtain: Allegations uncovered, investigation launched, professor leaves Rider - by Stephen Neukam, Rider University
Finalist: Record investigation points to recent existence of underground frat - by Irene Loewenson, Williams College
Finalist: New information emerges in James Peterson scandal - by Jordan Wolman, Nicole Walker, Lehigh University

Feature Writing (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Inside the conservative media outlet feeding Harvard students to Fox News - by Malaika K. Tapper, Harvard College
Finalist: How Temple’s class of 2020 celebrated graduation from home - by Madison Karas, Temple University

Feature Writing (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: ‘We never realize what we have until we have it no longer’ - by Joey Fox, Rebecca Tauber, Williams College
Finalist: ‘A voice for the voiceless’: Amanda Kulas makes sure student-athletes never felt the way she did - by Kristian Rhim, Springfield College
Finalist: Drumline works to empower and motivate - by Desteny Maragh, Southern Connecticut State University

Sports Writing (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: The ‘inescapable’ effect of off-campus athletics - by Staff, Columbia University
Finalist: A Decade of Delay and Decay at Trinity’s Swimming Pool - by Matt McCann, Trinity College Dublin
Finalist: Shadow of greatness: After two years without a 22, Chase Scanlan will continue the historic tradition - by Arabdho Majumder, Syracuse University

Sports Writing (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: Kevin Baggett opens up about social justice - by Shaun Chornobroff, Dylan Manfre, Rider University
Finalist: How Rider’s first true legend came to Lawrenceville - by Shaun Chornobroff, Rider University

Editorial Writing
Winner: The Daily Orange Editorial Board - by Editorial Board, Syracuse University
Finalist: Demand fair tuition; Life at a distance; Call her by her name - by Quran Hansford; Stephen Neukam; Jason Mount, Rider University
Finalist: The Crimson Editorial Board - by Editorial Board, Harvard College

General Column Writing (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Hanwen Zhang's Yale daily opinion column - by Hanwen Zhang, Yale University
Finalist: Not for sale - by Guillermo S. Hava, Harvard College
Finalist: Camille Daniels columns - by Camille Daniels, Syracuse University

General Column Writing (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: McKenzie Ward columns - by McKenzie Ward, Framingham State University

Sports Column Writing
Winner: Anthony Decicco columns - by Anthony Decicco, University at Buffalo

Best All-Around Student Newspaper (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Columbia Daily Spectator editions - by Staff, Columbia University
Finalist: The 102nd Board of The Heights - by Staff, Boston College
Finalist: The Temple News - by Staff, Temple University

Best All-Around Student Newspaper (Small) 1-9,999+ Students
Winner: Miscellany News, pandemic newsletters - by Staff, Vassar College
Finalist: The Brown and White, All the Lehigh News First - by Staff, Lehigh University


Non-Fiction Magazine Article
Winner: Worn down by wellness - by Elena DeBre, Yale University
Finalist: A gentlemen's agreement - by Andrew W.D. Aoyama, Harvard College
Finalist: Two gay chinese dads. One long and winding trip to fatherhood. - by Zeyi Yang, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Best Student Magazine
Winner: The Apocalypse Issue - by Staff, Temple University
Finalist: Femme Noire - by Staff, Syracuse University
Finalist: EST Magazine - by Rachel Freeman, Lillian Brown, Brianna Jacobs, Mattie Townson, The King's College


Breaking News Photography (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: Supporting Trump - by Noah Riffe, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: George Floyd protests come to Temple Main campus - by Jeremy Elvas, Temple University
Finalist: Kitchen mess - by Noah Riffe, The Pennsylvania State University

Breaking News Photography (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: March for Action on Alden - by Joe Arruda, Springfield College

General News Photography
Winner: Police take a knee to show solidarity at peaceful protest - by Ben Levitt, Mercer County Community College
Finalist: A COVID-19 homecoming drive-in - by Donald Halsing, Framingham State University

Feature Photography
Winner: Hemp Harvest Festival buzzes with freedom - by Emily Kenny, Syracuse University
Finalist: Their night to shine - by Jordan Pietrafitta, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: Night at the Black River Drive-in - by Lauren Miller, Syracuse University

Photo Illustration
Winner: Portraits of vape users - by Jordan Larson, Syracuse University
Finalist: Dizzying reaction - by Nico Boyd, The Pennsylvania State University

Sports Photography
Winner: Men’s lacrosse grinds out second-half comeback for massive win in defensive showdown - by Zoe Davis, Syracuse University
Finalist: Squash tournament - by Owen A. Berger, Harvard College
Finalist: Our last ski season together - by Gavin Liddell, Syracuse University

Data Visualization
Winner: The Ivy League was late to respond to COVID-19. Data shows international universities did better - by Staff, Columbia University
Finalist: Uncertainty looms as student jobs are disappearing during the great lockdown - by Jason Kao, Charlotte Li, Eve Washington, Columbia University
Finalist: The Vaping crisis - by Singdhi Sokpo, Syracuse University


Radio News Reporting
Winner: Race relations in the country and community on minds voters say in your election blueprint - by James Corrigan, Syracuse University
Finalist: Is COVID-19 forcing displacement in low-income areas? - by Nora Thomas, Fordham University

Radio Feature
Winner: Chess parlor sees an uptick in popularity after ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ - by Holly DeMuth, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
Finalist: For Native Americans, changing the narrative around Thanksgiving is personal - by Ashley Rodriguez, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
Finalist: OCC students celebrate graduation In drive-thru commencement - by James Corrigan, Syracuse University

Radio In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Together: An audio documentary on Latino immigrants in South Jersey - by Ralph Quidone, Adam Clark, Rowan University
Finalist: How many ways can Onondaga County vote? - by James Corrigan, Syracuse University
Finalist: No WiFi + no service = no school - by Megan Burney, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Radio Sports Reporting
Winner: SU's fight for social justice - by Jenna Fink, Syracuse University

Best All-Around Radio Newscast
Winner: Newsline: January 30, 2020 - by Staff, Hofstra University
Finalist: Ithaca Now: July 19, 2020 - by Staff, Ithaca College
Finalist: The Rowan Report - by Staff, Rowan University


Television Breaking News Reporting
Winner: Trolley accident - by Greg Bradbury, Syracuse University

Television General News Reporting
Winner: The quietest of gamedays - by Ricky Sayer, Syracuse University

Television Feature Reporting
Winner: Biden at SU - by Ricky Sayer, Syracuse University
Finalist: Tourism spooked by a pandemic - by Mark Scaglione, Ithaca College
Finalist: Pregnancy during a pandemic - by Cameron Gregory, Penn State University

Television In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Lack of minority coaches: Where does pennsylvania stand? - by Ariel Simpson, Penn State University
Finalist: Pandemic impact on Ithaca Airport and air travel - by Mark Scaglione, Ithaca College
Finalist: ICTV Reports: Passion versus pandemic - by Madison Moore, Ithaca College

Television Sports Reporting
Winner: Sports during the COVID-19 pandemic - by Dan Passante, Ithaca College
Finalist: Stephen Beattie: Penn State basketball’s ‘Glue Guy’ - by Jack Hirsh, Penn State University
Finalist: Allergic to outside - by Josh Starr, Penn State University

Best All-Around Television Newscast
Winner: Hofstra votes live 2020 - by Staff, Hofstra University
Finalist: News Live at 6: February 26, 2020 - by Ally Heath, Gabrielle Caracciolo, Carmella Boykin, Syracuse University

Best All-Around Television News Magazine
Winner: SU faculty under pressure - by Ricky Sayer, Rob Flaks, Erin Lyons, Katie Goralski, Syracuse University
Finalist: ICTV reports Nov, 5, 2020 - by Madison Moore, Jack Culkin and Quinten Hernandez, Ithaca College
Finalist: WEBN-TV Boston LIVE 2020 election special - by Sarah Ashmore, Sophia Giordano, Emerson College


Online News Reporting
Winner: The Struggle of special ed - by Cai Pigliucci, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
Finalist: Students at elite area high schools draw attention to race on campus - by Shivani Reddy, Temple University
Finalist: COVID-19: How Philadelphia restaurant workers are dealing with Unemployment - by Claudia Estrada, Christopher Malo, Temple University

Online Feature Reporting
Winner: Coronavirus turned me into a caregiver - by Samir Dominguez, City College of New York
Finalist: A humble community leader - by Sajina Shrestha, City College of New York
Finalist: Behind the curtain - by Ellen Powers, Muhlenberg College

Online In-Depth Reporting
Winner: High stakes: The risks and rewards of legalizing marijuana - by Staff, Syracuse University
Finalist: How the media, statistics twist the story of suicide on campus - by Claire Miller, Syracuse University
Finalist: The American dream hides somewhere along the U.S.-Mexico border - by Alex J. Rouhandeh, Syracuse University

Online Sports Reporting
Winner: How sports culture undermines athletes long after they graduate - by Madeleine Davison, Syracuse University
Finalist: The old freshmen - by David Eckert, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: Varsity athletes bubble up from concentrated pockets across U.S., internationally - by Dohyun Kim, Harvard College

Online Opinion & Commentary
Winner: What a New Yorker in 2020 has in common with a sculptor during the Black Death - by Liza Vandenboom, The King's College
Finalist: COVID and the college experience - by Shrishti Mathew, Allison Ingrum, Megan Cooper, Syracuse University
Finalist: Hannah Madden's opinion pieces - by Hannah Madden, Simmons University

Best Use of Multimedia
Winner: Changed men seek changed sentences - by Staff, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
Finalist: Changing stigma around coils, kinks, curls of natural hair - by Madeline Powell, Syracuse University
Finalist: Building recovery in solo cup land - by Sam Berlin, Amber Morrison, Madison Snyder, Syracuse University

Best Affiliated Web Site
Winner: Dollars & Sense - by Staff, Baruch College, CUNY
Finalist: The Ithacan - by Staff, Ithaca College
Finalist: The Harvard Crimson - by Staff, Harvard College

Best Independent Online Student Publication
Winner: The 61 Percent Project - by Staff, Syracuse University
Finalist: HarlemView - by Staff, City College of New York


Broadcast Feature Videography
Winner: A fiddler in Fayetteville - by Sam Gelfand, Syracuse University

Broadcast Sports Videography
Winner: Project dad - by Julianna D'Urzo, Lindsay Eastwood, Peyton Smith, Syracuse University

Online/Digital News Videography
Winner: Free Fridge movement offers free food - by Susan Thorson, City College of New York
Finalist: Students, faculty rally outside Crouse-Hinds - by Casey Tissue, Syracuse University
Finalist: George Floyd protesters march in Syracuse - by Ricky Sayer, Syracuse University

Online/Digital Feature Videography
Winner: Victoria's foil - by Brett Forrest, Brian Ryu, Columbia University
Finalist: Back from the brink - by Dustin Jones, Columbia University
Finalist: Syracuse senior confronts inherited trauma through painting - by Patrick Linehan, Syracuse University

Online/Digital Sports Videography
Winner: Chasing the dragon - by Cole Strong, Syracuse University
Finalist: Penn State golf seniors moving forward after lost season - by Jack Hirsh, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: The creator's game - by Julia Skeval, Adam Klepp, Justin Glowacki and Jakob Konwiser, Syracuse University

Video Game Reporting

Video Game Reporting
Winner: Online party games provide connection during quarantine - by Sabastian Fernandes, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Finalist: Esports becomes more mainstream - by Mydia Alonso, Temple University
Finalist: With the world powered off, esports becomes a way to reboot communities off-campus - by Elizabeth Karpen, Columbia University

Immersion Journalism

Immersion Journalism
Winner: Tour Cornell's research facility where New York's hemp industry takes root - by Sonny Cirasuolo and Amanda Paule, Syracuse University
Finalist: The modern day gladiator - by Staff, Syracuse University


Winner: Intractable: The rat problem - by Peter Senzamici, Theresa Gaffney, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
Finalist: Taking flight with the Bayport Aerodrome Society - by Joe Adelmann, Hofstra University
Finalist: The Bias: Is it too late now to say sorry? - by Arno Pedram, Isoke Samuel, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

COVID-19 Coverage

COVID-19: Newspaper, Magazine and Online Coverage (Large) 10,000+ Students
Winner: COVID-19 running wild in Minnesota prisons - by Amudalat Ajasa, Hofstra University
Finalist: COVID-19: Data shows coronavirus hit Philadelphia’s browner, poorer neighborhoods hardest - by Colin Evans, Temple University
Finalist: COVID-19: Hourly restaurant workers discuss being hit hard by the pandemic - by Lauren Savana, Temple University

COVID-19: Newspaper, Magazine and Online Coverage (Small) 1-9,999 Students
Winner: The Simmons Voice COVID coverage - by Staff, Simmons University
Finalist: Three stories of COVID-19 survival - by Brian Amigh, Mercer County Community College
Finalist: From competition to COVID - by Ashley Wall, Framingham State University

COVID-19: Video Coverage
Winner: Appalachian arts community finds hope - by Callaway Turner, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: Paralympics postponed - by Josie Chen, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: Survival is an art - by Sophie Putka, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

COVID-19: Digital (Still) Photography
Winner: Caring for Mr. Frantz - by Lexi Elder, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: A new normal - by Lily LaRegina, The Pennsylvania State University
Finalist: Facing reality - by Serena Bolitho, Mohamed Hadarra, Mercer County Community College

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