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54th Annual Green Eyeshade Awards Finalists


The Society of Professional Journalists today announces the finalists for the 54th Annual Green Eyeshade Excellence in Journalism Awards.

The awards, co-sponsored by the SPJ Atlanta Pro Chapter, recognize outstanding print, television, radio and online journalism of working journalists in the 11 southeastern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. A complete list of finalists follows.

Winners will be announced at the Green Eyeshade Awards Banquet on April 10 at the Sheraton Colony Square Hotel in Atlanta. In addition to category winners, Best of Print, Best of Television, Best of Radio and Best of Online winners will be announced. The overall best of show winner will be presented The Green Eyeshade Award and a $1,000 prize.

Click for complete banquet details.

Awards Finalists

Print (Daily): Deadline Reporting
• The Staff, The Orlando Sentinel, “The Columbia Disaster”
• Leon Alligood, Christian Bottorff, Kelli Hewett, Claudette Riley, and Margo Rivers, The Tennessean, “Tornado Coverage”
• The Staff, The Charlotte Observer, “The Crash of Flight 5481”

Print (Daily): Non-Deadline News
• Ronnie Greene, The Miami Herald, “Fields of Despair”
• The Staff, The Lexington-Herald Leader, “Prescription for Pain”
• R. Robin McDonald, Fulton County Daily Report, “Bank Robbing Without a Gun”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Non-Deadline News
• Eric Alan Barton, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), “Shipped Off”
• Bob Moser, The Intelligence Report, “Disposable People”
• Michael Hudson, Southern Exposure Magazine, “Banking on Misery”

Print (Daily): Features
• Tommy Tomlinson, The Charlotte Observer, “Michael Kelly’s Obstacle Course”
• Elizabeth Leland, The Charlotte Observer, “She’s Driven”
• Michael Browning, Palm Beach Post, “Michael Browning: A Collection of Work”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Features
• Marilyn Sadler, Memphis Magazine, “Lasting Impressions”
• Susan Eastman, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), “Death and Doubts”
• Felicia Feaster, Creative Loafing, “Girl Disconnected”
• Kathy Glasgow and Lissette Corsa, Miami New Times, “Murdered in Havana”

Print (Daily): Sports Reporting
• Thomas Murphy, Neal McCready, and Tommy Hicks, Mobile Register, “Woman in Price Room Caused Concern”
• Brian Bennett, The Courier-Journal, “In the Money”
• Rick Stroud, St. Petersburg Times, “A Key Dismissal”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Sports Reporting
• Edmund Newton, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), “They shoot Up Horses, Don’t They?”

Print (Daily): Sports Commentary
• Peter Kerasotis, Florida Today, “Sports Commentary Collection”
• Gary Shelton, St. Petersburg Times, “Gary Shelton Collection”
• Karen Crouse, The Palm Beach Post, “Karen Crouse: A Collection”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Sports Commentary
• Tristram Korten, Miami New Times, “The Last Deep Dive”
• Bob Norman, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), “Scalpers Blues”

Print (Daily): Business Reporting
• Stella M. Hopkins and Sarah Tribble, The Charlotte Observer, “The Rush Overseas”
• Denise Becker, Tom Steadman, Taft Wireback, and Scott Michels, News & Record, “The Unraveling”
• George Talbot, Mobile Register, “eGO Cycle: The Story of an Idea”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Business Reporting
• Cynthia Barnett, Florida Trend, “Squeezed”
• Kirk Nielsen, Miami New Times, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Loft World”
• Trevor Aaronson, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), “The Grant Slammer”

Print (Daily): Investigative
• Joe Mozingo and Manny Garcia, The Miami Herald, “Lavish Lifestyle at Teacher’s Expense”
• Jim Adams, Michael Clevenger, R.G. Dunlop, Alan Maimon, Jason Riley, and Andrew Wolfson, The Courier-Journal, “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied”
• John Kelly, Matt Reed, and Todd Halvorson, Florida Today, “Shuttle Columbia Investigation”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Investigative
• Cynthia Barnett, Florida Trend, “Home Sick”

Print (Daily): Editorial
• Mac Thrower, The Paducah Sun, Selected Editorials
• Jack Reed, St. Petersburg Times, “Jack Reed Collection”
• Quin Hillyer, Mobile Register, “Alabama’s Tax Plan”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Editorial
• Terry Hollahan and Scott Shepard, Memphis Business Journal, “Convention Losses”

Print (Daily): Criticism
• Hal Boedeker, Orlando Sentinel, “Collection of Work”
• Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Portfolio of Work”
• John Kessler, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Collection of Work”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Criticism
• Felicia Feaster, Creative Loafing, “Collection of Work”
• Faith Dawson, New Orleans Magazine, “Arts & Letters”
• Michael Mills, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), “Collection of Work”

Print (Daily): Humorous Commentary
• Frank Cerabino, The Palm Beach Post, “Frank Cerabino: A Collection”
• Dan Ruth, The Tampa Tribune, A Collection of Work
• Mark Lane, Daytona Beach News-Journal, “Footnote”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Humorous Commentary
• Andisheh Nouraee, Creative Loafing, “Don’t Panic”
• Bill Wellborn, Memphis Business Journal, A Collection of Work
• Tim Nicholas, The Clinton News, “Diet Advice”

Print (Daily): Serious Commentary
• Leonard Pitts. Jr., The Miami Herald, “In My Opinion”
• Mike Thomas, Orlando Sentinel, A Collection of Work
• Eliot Kamenitz, The Times-Picayune, A Collection of Work

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Serious Commentary
• Bob Norman, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), A Collection of Work
• Chuck Strouse, New Times (Broward/Palm Beach), A Collection of Work
• Mark R. Howard, Florida Trend, A Collection of Work

Print (Daily): Photography
• Benjamin Krain, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Portfolio
• Alan Spearman, The Commercial Appeal, “Diagnosis: Dire”
• Toni Sandys, St. Petersburg Times, “Journal of an F Year”

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Photography
• Jim Stawniak, Creative Loafing, Various Work

Print (Daily): Editorial Cartoon
• Dana J. Summers, Orlando Sentinel, A Collection of Work
• Chan Lowe, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, A Collection of Work
• Jeff Parker, Florida Today, A Collection of Work

Print (Weekly/Monthly): Editorial Cartoon
• Ed Hall, DBR Media Syndicate / Artizans Syndicate, A Collection of Work
• John Backderf, Miami New Times, “FTAA Map”
• Brad McMillan, Memphis Business Journal, “A Collection of Work”

Television (Markets 101 and above): Deadline Reporting
• Ben Roberts and Richard Coleman, WALB-TV, “Ft. Gaines Miracle”
• Kathryn Simmons, Dawn Hobby, Mathew Palmer, Sam Smith, and Richard Coleman, WALB-TV, “Camilla Tornado”

Television (Markets 1-100): Non-Deadline Reporting
• Mike Holfeld, Joe W. Morrison Jr., Brent Singleton, and Tim Arnheim, WKMG-TV, “Signature Bonds”
• Jackie Barron, Jim Hockett, and Kathryn Bonfield, WFLA-TV, “Medicaid Mess”

Television (Markets 1-100): Non-Deadline Reporting
• Don Dare and George Mitchell, WATE-TV, “Safe Housing-Denied!”

Television (Markets 101 and above): Non-Deadline Reporting
• Ben Roberts and Eric Stern, WALB-TV, “Journey of Hope”

Television (Markets 1-100): Feature
• Cynthia Smoot and Jeff Simmons, WTVT-TV, “Throwaway Pets”
• Don Dare, George Mitchell, and Aaron Ramey, WATE-TV, “‘M’ Rated Video Games”

Television (Markets 101 and above): Feature
• Melissa Kill and Sam Smith, WALB-TV, “Everyday Hero”

Television (Markets 1-100): Sports Reporting
• Hamilton Northcutt, Michael Britt, and Dan Hodlick, Georgia Public Broadcasting, “Georgia Business Report: Tour de Georgia”
• Michael Cable, Doug Uhrich, and Deilia Ray, WHNS-TV, “The Big Picture”

Television (Markets 1-100): Business Reporting
• Mike Holfeld, Joe W. Morrison Jr., Tim Arnheim, Chad Breedlove, Paul Giorgio, Eileen Gilmer, and Brent Singleton, WKMG-TV, “Wrecks in Disguise”
• Steven Cooper, Terri Spitz, and Scott Schroeder, WKMG-TV, “Stolen Jobs”

Television (Markets 1-100): Investigative
• Mark Douglas, Eric Hulsizer, Tony Marra, and Forrest Carr, WFLA-TV, “Hospital Secrets”
• Tony Pipitone, Darran Caudle, Tim Arnheim, and Brent Singleton, WKMG-TV, “Fake Law Firm”
• Tony Pipitone, Darran Caudle, and Brent Singleton, WKMG-TV, “Armed and Dangerous”

Television (Markets 101 and above): Investigative
• Kathy Morris, KAIT, “Treasured Trash”

Television (Markets 1-100): Criticism

• Pamela Roberts, Rhett Turner, Hamilton Northcutt, Brian Wilson, Phil Proctor, Dan Hodlick, and Shane Keating, Georgia Public Broadcasting, “Verrocchio’s David at the High”

Television (Markets 1-100): Documentary
• Keith Cate and Carlos Albores, WFLA-TV, “Before the Badge”
• Gerald Bryant, Mike Klein, Clem McIntosh, Mitch Zastrow, and Brian Wilson, Georgia Public Broadcasting, “Georgia Valor”

Television (Markets 101 and above): Documentary
• Ben Roberts, Dawn Hobby, Eric Stern, Richard Coleman, Matt Marshall, and Thomas Jones, WALB-TV, “Road to War”

Television (Markets 1-100): Photography
• Carlos Albores, WFLA-TV, Selected Footage
• Michael Egger, WFLA-TV, Selected Footage
• Mitch Zastrow, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Mitch Zastrow Composite: Animal Reproduction

Television (Markets 101 and above): Photography
• Paul Lamison, WFLA-TV, Selected Footage

Radio (Markets 1-100): Deadline Reporting
• Scott Jagow, WFAE, “Pillowtex Shutdown”
• Larry Schooler, WFDD, “Darryl Hunt is Released”
• Rusty Jacobs, WUNC Radio, “Marine Funeral”

Radio (Markets 1-100): Non-Deadline Reporting
• Leoneda Inge, Rusty Jacobs, Leda Hartman, WUNC Radio, “Changing North Carlina Economy”
• Jaime Bedrin, WFAE, “Prenatal Care in the Carolinas”
• Bobbie O’Brien, WUSF-FM, “Hell on Earth”

Radio (Markets 1-100): Feature
• Rusty Jacobs, WUNC, “Preparing for War”
• Leda Hartman, WUNC, “Quiet Triumph”
• Scott Jagow, WFAE, “Scott’s Summer Adventure”

Radio (Markets 101 and above): Feature
• Emmy Slaughter, WUFT-FM, “Fallen Cowboy”
• Cari Gervin, WUGA-FM, “Zoom Bait”
• Josh James, WUKY-FM, “The Mahin Ashki Story”

Radio (Markets 1-100): Sports Reporting
• David Brower, WUNC Radio, “WUSA All-Stars”
• Bobbie O’Brien, WUSF-FM, “Parade of Champions”
• Charles Edwards, Robin Tricoles, and Mary Kay Mitchell, Georgia Public Radio, “UGA Athletic Scandal”

Radio (Markets 1-100): Business Reporting
• Bobbie O’Brien, WUSF-FM, “Gotta Pay to Play”

Radio (Markets 1-100): Investigative
• Scott Jagow and Amy Quinton, WFAE, “Identity Theft Investigation”

Radio (Markets 1-100): Documentary
• Scott Jagow and Amy Quinton, WFAE, “Identity Crisis”
• Larry Schooler, WFDD, “Friend or Foe: The New Vietnam War”

Radio (Markets 101 and above): Documentary
• D. Cameron Lawrence and John gregory, WEKU-FM, “Sisters in Pain”

Online: Deadline Reporting
• Holden Lewis, Laura Bruce, and Lucy Lazarony, Bankrate, Inc., “Fed Alert”

Online: Non-Deadline Reporting
• Scott Lapierre and Laura Ayo, The Knoxville News Sentinel, “Crash Course”
• Katherine Elkins, Jennifer Falor, and Adam Howell, Journalnow.com, “Murder,Race, Justice: The State vs. Darryl Hunt”
• The Staff, Tampa Bay Online (TBO.com), “Sex in the City”

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